Friday, August 31, 2012

Disney 2012–Day 8–Magic Kingdom

Nicole and I had arranged back in the spring that our families would dine with Cinderella and Prince Charming for supper Friday evening.  That morning we called one another and decided to share the day together at the Magic Kingdom.  We met for breakfast in our resort and then made our way to the MK for a day of fun together! 
It was another hot day but Hannah wanted to wear her Cinderella costume (thanks to a kind friend for loaning it to us!) so she did.  I eventually convinced her to change into shorts and a t-shirt until it was time for us to go for supper.  She sure does look adorable though!IMG_7655
We rode Splash Mountain together and this time Hannah enjoyed it much more.  My little miss has a sensitive nose and unfortunately at her height she has the lap bar right in front o her face.  Being that Splash Mountain is a water ride the covering on the bar gets wet constantly and thus smells mouldy.  Poor kid!  The first time we rode it she plugged her nose the entire ride.  This time Mommy took a plastic bag and wrapped it around the bar and she enjoyed it much more.  It’s the little things that count.  Our group of 6 going down the big hill.  Can you hear us screaming?IMG_7657
Just before 5 we boarded the monorail and made our way to the Grand Floridian where we would dine with Cinderella and others at 1900 Park Fare.  All the kiddos dressed for the occasion!IMG_7661
Our one and only group shot of the entire trip.  Oops!  At least it’s a good one!IMG_7662
Hannah loves that there is a kiddie bar at every buffet full of yummy food she can reach herself.IMG_7669
Shortly after we returned to our table Cinderella, her family and Prince Charming arrived.  First to arrive was DrizellaIMG_7672
Little I was there for the dinner too but he preferred to play hard to get!IMG_7675
Followed by Lady TremaineIMG_7683
Cinderella was as beautiful as always and fussed over our princesses and little pirate.IMG_7686
Hannah and Prince CharmingIMG_7692
The final friend to visit our table was Drizella and she was absolutely wonderful!  She was funny, chatty and had all of us laughing.  This is what happened when she asked M her favourite princess.
I think Hannah was imitating Drizella’s smile here.IMG_7696
Later the kiddos had an opportunity to dance with Drizella.  Look at how much fun they had!
Just a cute pic of my little princess.IMG_7698
After supper we hopped back on the monorail and traveled back to the Magic Kingdom for an evening of fun,IMG_7723
We went for a spin on Aladdin’s carpets, on a few more rides and then watched Wishes Nighttime Spectacular in front o the castle.IMG_7727
We boarded our bus and headed back to Pop Century.  Our kiddos at the end of a great day!  IMG_7729We had a wonderful time with you Nicole, Kevvie, M & I!  Thanks for sharing some of your vacation with us.  See you Saturday at gymnastics!


  1. Great updates! Hannah is so cute in her princess dress!

    PS: Thank you so much for your comment on my blog:)

  2. Wow, Catherine, what an incredible trip you've had with Hannah! I've enjoyed following along!


  3. I love the picture of all three kids crashed in their strollers!!!


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