Thursday, August 23, 2012

Referral Day Photo Shoot Outtakes

Ah, the infamous photo shoot outtakes.  Right now it normally takes about 15 mins of begging, pleading, bribing, photo shoot fun to get ‘the picture’.  You know the one.  The one where you can finally go, ‘Phew!  Got it! I captured my little angel perfectly!  Nobody will ever guess how long this took when they look at her sweetness.’DSC_0175

But, as anyone who has met my bundle of energy in person knows, the pic above didn’t come without some hmmm…’other attempts’ first.  I give you the outtakes:

‘No thanks.  I don’t feel like holding that picture.’DSC_0113

‘Look Mommy!  I can jump over the picture!’DSC_0119

‘I think I should have been wearing a leaf in my hair’DSC_0124

‘SO Big!’DSC_0127

Note to self:  Saying ‘Sushi’ is not a good replacement for ‘cheese’DSC_0133


‘Are we done yet??’DSC_0146

‘Look how innocent I am!!’DSC_0149

‘Beautiful but, no referral picture comparison’DSC_0161

‘Being silly’DSC_0180

My beautiful, fun loving, excitable, patient-with-Mommy’s-tons–of-pictures. amazing, wonderful Hannah XiaoFen – I LOVE YOU…..just the way you are!!!!!DSC_0138


  1. Those are the best, the absolute best.

  2. Every one of those pictures is darling!! So cute!

  3. Oh my goodness,all those pics are so cute!

  4. Happy referral Day!!! Love the out takes. The last few years I have been picking the outtakes as my printed photos becuase they catch their personalities so well! I love them.

  5. Truly, truly adorable! Hannah is such a little cutie pie! :) You two are such a delightful mother-daughter duo, and I always enjoy seeing your precious pictures and reading about your adventures. Your love for your daughter is beautiful and inspiring. ~Elise

  6. These are so hilarious - outtakes are the absolute best!!!! She is adorable!

  7. So precious.........she will really be a beauty when she is all grown up!

    Anne in AZ


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