Saturday, August 18, 2012

More Cottage Fun!

Given the rainy forecast Liz and I travelled to the cottage with many inside activities tucked up our sleeves.  Saturday evening we bought out the ingredients to make Monkey Munch and the girls were excited!  Each girl had her own bowl of cereal and plastic bag for shaking with the icing sugar.DSC_0255
When it came time to shake the bags the girls took their job seriously!  They quickly turned their Monkey Munch into Monkey Crumble but it still tasted just as delicious!
For a fun walk down memory lane check out this video taken almost 2 years ago when Hannah made MM for the first time at 18 months of age.  So cute!  I’m surprised at how well she was ‘talking’ at that age!
The little girls enjoyed a movie night together in Liz and Ava’s room while we played Sequence.  It was a new game for me and one that I greatly enjoyed!  I think it will be one to add to my Christmas list.IMG_6935
Sunday dawned bright and sunny so after enjoying a leisurely breakfast we went for a long ride on the Sea-Doo.  My speed lovin’ gal loved it!  (Notice Hannah’s glasses?  She prefers to wear them upside down.  I think it might have to do with her tiny little nose and them just being more comfortable this way.  Cute!)IMG_6937
Today’s matching outfits were these adorable orange and purple numbers.  Thanks again Liz!DSC_0273
Even with a house full of toys the girls found some of the funniest things to play with.  The hot item of the weekend were these plastic clothes pins.  At this point Hannah had clipped them to her t-shirt as a decoration.IMG_6943
After lunch we enjoyed some time outside before packing up the car and heading home.
                                                                     M3 – This one’s for you! Winking smile
Thanks for a wonderful weekend of fun together Liz and Ava!  We look forward to visiting your cottage again!

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