Monday, October 24, 2016

Disney 2016–Day 5, Part 1: Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boutique

(Wed, Sep 14, 2016)

Wednesday morning we started with a special treat for Hannah.  After helping friends book a WDW trip last year they gave us a Disney gift card as a thank you gift.  Not necessary at all but it did offer me the opportunity to let Hannah do something she’s been hoping to do for years: Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boutique (BBB)!

Hannah’s appointment was at 10:30 in the morning which meant we were able to enjoy a rare sleep-in morning before heading over to Disney Springs.

Hannah wanted to be Princess Mulan so she wore the costume we purchased 2 years ago.  She loves this costume and is also going to wear it for Halloween this year.IMG_2369

I can’t believe how much she’s grown in 2 short years!IMG_4891

Then I look like pictures like this and can’t believe how grown up she can look!IMG_2370

When we arrived at BBB we were welcomed by Fairy Godmother in Training Briana.  She asked if we’d ever been to BBB before and we said just once, a few years ago when we were on the Disney Fantasy cruise ship.  She said she used to work on that ship.  Guess what….Briana was Hannah’s Fairy Godmother in Training in 2014!  How wonderful to meet up with her again!IMG_2297

Even though Briana was currently greeting guests as they arrived at BBB, we were able to request that she do Hannah’s makeover again!  Thankfully she was and we were thrilled!

The first thing that happened was that Hannah was taken into a change room where a special guest visited her.  

FGMiT Briana is the sweetest and it was so neat to hear about her time on the Fantasy and how long she’d been at WDW in FL.IMG_2375

I will say I missed the bangs when Hannah’s hair was up like this but she was still adorable and she was in her absolute glory with all the pampering she was receiving!IMG_2378

Who wouldn’t enjoy having their nails painted with little bits of gold?!IMG_2379

Almost finished.  Receiving her Pixie Dust! IMG_2385

Princess Hannah seeing herself for the first time! 

Thank you Fairy Godmother in Training Briana! IMG_2390

Hannah looked beautiful and it was wonderful catching up with you again!IMG_2391

Cinderella offered her carriage for a formal picIMG_2392

Hannah was so excited to have been able to visit BBB!  Thank you SO much Ms. Melanie and family!IMG_2397


Up next: Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Disney 2016–Day 4: Magic Kingdom

(Tues, Sep 13, 2016)

Tuesday we made our way back to the Magic Kingdom.  It was another low crowd day and we were able to visit many attractions with little to no wait.  An unexpected treat this visit!

Hannah chose to ride Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel first.  IMG_2274


We enjoyed a late breakfast of a yummy Nutella and fruit waffle from Sleepy Hollow.  Mmm!IMG_2279

Aladdin’s Magic Flying Carpets is a ride Hannah sometimes likes to ride and other times skip.IMG_2284This year it was a go and she was especially happy when she aimed us at a level that the camel spit water on us.  Smile


After we left Aladdin we enjoyed a treat of a Dole Whip and the fun began as we walked past the pirates.  Hannah loved this!  She had such fun interacting with the pirates and was in her glory!


Saying goodbye to Pirate Britany after about 20 minutes of fun!IMG_2290

Before leaving the Magic Kingdom we watched the new show Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire.  It was great!IMG_2317

Supper that night was one we found last year and we both decided soon into the show last year that it would be a new tradition. It’s called the  Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue.  Before getting to the restaurant we had to race an incoming storm, hoping to get across the water and to the venue before the storm hit.  It was so pretty to be in the sunshine yet see such dark skies in the distance.IMG_2322



We made it to the theatre just moments before the skies opened and thankfully we stayed dry. 

Oh how we enjoy this show!!  I’m not sure what I enjoyed more, the show or watching my girl enjoy herself and hear her giggle uncontrollably!  This sure hit her funny bone!

Her smile lit up our table the entire time we were there!  You can see how much she was enjoying herself.IMG_2348

Enjoying the finale.

Strawberry shortcake for dessert that was absolutely delicious!IMG_2355

We both know that this will be one of our first dinner reservations next September!  If you have an opportunity to take in Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue you won’t leave disappointed!

Tomorrow Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boutique, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Cape May CafĂ©.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Disney 2016, Day 3–Epcot

(Mon, Sep 12, 2016)

We woke ready for another exciting day!  The sun was shining and my little (hiding) princess and I hit the road.  (The picture is a bit fuzzy as it was so humid out that the camera lens immediately fogged up the moment we left the room!  I’d wipe the lens and as fast as I could click the shutter button it had started to fog up again!)IMG_2168

We love the bright cheeriness of Pop Century!  This was our first visit since the children’s splash poolIMG_2167

and bigger pools had been fenced.  The fences were themed beautifully and didn’t alter our view, just our opportunities to swim as now once the lifeguards go off duty the gates are locked and swimming is not allowed.  Sadly this meant we only swam at our resort once the entire trip. Sad smileIMG_2169

On our way to the bus Hannah recreated this pic for me.  IMG_2170

April 2010, 14 months old.  Awe….  Where does the time go???Hannah with Goofy Statue at Pop April 2010, 14 mos

Our day at Epcot!IMG_2221

After riding Soarin’ twice (still a GREAT ride and was a walk-on both times for us!) we made our way to Akershus in Norway for breakfast with the princesses.  Belle was at the Magic Kingdom telling stories so Princess Aurora was greeting guests on her behalf.IMG_2174


Hannah and I were both really excited to see that Mulan had taken time out of her busy schedule to attend breakfast!  It’s rare that she’s here so we were so glad to see her!  She is our favourite princess!!  (Wonder why??)Hannah was sporting her warrior face for this picture. SmileIMG_2178

Other princesses in attendance were Ariel,IMG_2183

Cinderella  (love Hannah’s sweet, peaceful face in this pic!)IMG_2188

and Snow White.IMG_2190

On our way to Test Track Hannah took the opportunity to cool off in one of the cooling locations found around the parks.  IMG_2194

Test Track is Hannah’s favourite ride!  Can you tell? Winking smileIMG_2200


Mickey and friends had moved over to Epcot with us so we took the opportunity to drop in and say hi!IMG_2207



We rode the new Frozen ride and loved it!  After that the lines were short so we popped in for a visit with AnnaIMG_2230

and ElsaIMG_2233

One of the changes this trip was the introduction of insect repellant stations due to Zika Virus.  We made use of these often.IMG_2264

Supper that evening was at one of our favourite restaurants, Coral Reef.  It’s not everyday you get to eat below the water level of a huge aquarium!  IMG_2238

How’s this for a table with a view?!IMG_2240

By far the most amazing thing that happened was this massive ray floating down and resting right beside us!!  We’ve eaten here many times and this is the first time we’ve ever seen this beautiful lady let alone had her join us for dinner!  Look how huge she is!IMG_2253


The entire restaurant started talking when she showed up!  We were there for about another 15 minutes and she stayed there for the rest of our visit.

After supper we took time to do an activity that Hannah really enjoys called Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure.  Using our phone we helped Agent P capture a villain first in Mexico and then after that another villain in Germany.  As we would walk through the countries we would be given clues about where to go next and what to do.  Based on where we were and what actions we took with the phone, different things would happen.  In Mexico she sat on the fountain and after keying in a password, looked up to see a volcano erupting across the pavilion. IMG_2261

In Germany she did something and these steins sang her a song!

We had 8 days in the parks which allowed us time to slow down and do some of these activities that we might otherwise skip.  On our next Epcot day we participated is a really fun scavenger hunt!  More on that in another post.

The end of our first great day in Epcot!IMG_2267


Tomorrow – Magic Kingdom and Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue.

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