Monday, August 20, 2012

Meeting an Olympian!

Saturday a gym in the Toronto area was hosting an open house and offering an opportunity to meet one of the girls and coaches from the 2012 London Canadian Olympic Gymnastics Team!  Since Hannah and Ava both enjoy gymnastics so much we thought this would be a neat opportunity for them so we loaded them into the car and travelled to the host gym.  What fun the girls had!
The Canadian team placed 5th in the team competition.  This was a huge accomplishment as they were the first Canadian team to ever make it to the Olympic team finals so to place 5th was awesome!  Way to go girls!!

The gal Hannah was able to meet was Kristina Vaculik. It was pretty neat to meat a real Olympian so soon after watching her on TV!IMG_6999
Coach Elena Davydova was one of the coaches of the Canadian team and they had an opportunity to meet her too.  I love the way Hannah sat so intently watching Elena sign her autograph book.  Elena was the 1980 All Round Gold medalist at the Soviet Olympics, edging out her teammate Nadia Comanechi.  Quite an accomplished gymnast herself, that's for sure!DSC_0089
The competitive girls at the gym also gave a demonstration.  Hannah carefully watched what the girls were doing and I think she was itching to get up there and try it herself.DSC_0102
There was an open gym opportunity and Hannah was so excited that she couldn’t figure out which apparatus to go on first.  She ran from place to place, trying everything out.

Way to go my little gymnast!  I hope you continue to love gymnastics as much as you do now!DSC_0086


  1. So cool! We never saw any of those girls because NBC seemed to only broadcast USA. It got to be a joke! But what fun to meet an Olympic star!

  2. I must admit the Canadian coverage was amazing!! 4am until midnight every day on 4 different stations! It was great to be able to find some of the non-highlighted events like rhythmic gymnastics & synchronized swimming shown in great detail. The Canadian stations also had athletes from various countries into the station and interviewed them as well as the Canadian athletes. Lol -guess there are some perks to only winning 1 gold - we celebrated with whoever won. :o)

  3. What a fun event and great opportunity! Hannah is getting so tall and more pretty each time I pop in and read your blog.

  4. What a great experience for Hannah and thank you again for the autograph you got for Maisie, such a treat.


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