Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Future Olympian?

Over the two weeks of the Olympics Hannah and I enjoyed watching many of the events together.  She made me laugh one morning when she looked at me with a twinkle in her eye and an attempted sad face and said, ‘I miss my Mickey Mommy.  But I know, it da Lympics!’  Smile

Often as we’d watch different events Hannah would recreate them in our home.  Stuffed animals were placed on the ground and she leapt over them pretending to be part of the equestrian team.

Running and jumping are favourites at the best of times and there were times that I was sure she’d wear a path in the hall carpet.  Run Hannah run!

Sadly I still need to remind her on a daily basis that our furniture is not a trampoline.  Ugh!  I know it’s a normal 3yo thing for many but oh how I wish she’d remember my request to stop…before I have to ask her for the 5th time each day!  Here is another trampoline reference we are working on!  Heehee!!

Here are a couple of videos sharing some of the fun we had as the Olympics became a part of our daily lives. 

Rhythmic Gymnastics.  I’d purchased this ribbon from the dollar store a few months ago and it had made it’s way to the bottom of the toy box but gained new life when we watched the beauty and grace of rhythmic gymnastics.

It’s no surprise how much Hannah loves the water.  Last week after watching some of they synchronized swimming she wanted to try it in Grandma and Grandpa’s pool.  I just don’t remember the Olympic athletes wearing water wings. Smile

It was also exciting to take Hannah to meet one of the Canadian Olympians yesterday that competed on our gymnastics team in London!  Since Hannah still loves going to ‘nastics’ each week it was extra special to meet a real live Olympian!


  1. I don't know, Maisie still thinks that I'm both a trampoline and a jungle gym. So fun that the girl in your gym competed, someone for Hannah to really look up to.

  2. I love "Mommy's not a trampoline and mommy's not a jungle gym." hee hee..I say that a lot, too!


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