Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Disney 2012–Day 6, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Part II

Deciding we’d pop back to our resort for a quick swim I did something new that worked out wonderfully.  Rather than having to take the stroller back with us which would require folding it on the buses each way and carrying it on and off, I pushed it to the restaurant where we had a supper reservation later in the day, put our backpack with stuff like a change of clothes, sunscreen, snacks, etc. in the bottom and we headed back to the resort a little lighter than normal.  Ah!  Travelling without the stroller if only for a couple of bus rides was a nice treat!  I leave our backpack of stuff below the stroller each time we go on a ride, to a show or in to a meal so I was very comfortable with this.  All important things like room keys, park passes, camera and money are carried in a fanny pack on my waist so the things in the stroller are just extras.  Also, I feel very comfortable leaving my stroller there with great confidence that nothing will be touched.
When we got to the room there was a message from our friends saying that only minutes earlier they’d headed to their pool at Art of Animation for a swim and wondered if we wanted to join them.  (There ended up being 3 families from our gymnastics club all here at the same time.  We all visit together while the kids are in their classes and it was fun to be at Disney together too even though we did most things as individual families.) 
Due to the upcoming time of our supper reservation I wasn’t going swimming and was originally just going to let Hannah play in the splash pad at our resort but instead we headed across the bridge to visit with Kim, Jason and their kiddos.  Hannah wore her water wings and they encouraged me to take some time to myself.   Ahhhhhh!  A wonderful gift.  A 30 minute break in a 10 day stretch of 1 on 1 was a wonderful treat.  I kept walking over to watch them play but it was a nice gift to have a couple of minutes to recharge my Mommy batteries.IMG_7553
Nemo Splash pad.  Fun!IMG_7557
For supper that night Hannah and I had reservations at the 50s Prime Time Cafe.  I’m sure this picture will bring back fond memories for my parents.  Hmmm…remember the olden days when we actually had to walk to the TV to change the station??  A far cry from being able to set my PVR at home sitting in this restaurant in Florida!!IMG_7559
I remember my parents having a table shaped something like this when I was a kid!IMG_7560
Even the tables are 50’s style, many of them featuring black and white TVs showing things like I Love Lucy and Dick Van Dyke.  The food is Mom’s home cooking style and the wait staff are hilarious.  There was one waitress feeding a dad his vegetables choo-choo train style at a table near us !  Heh!  IMG_7562
After supper we went to watch The American Idol Experience which was something new to both of us as and then went to Muppet Vision 3-D which is a favourite of ours.IMG_7577
After leaving the theatre we decided to visit with Mater and Lightening McQueen where we said ‘Hi’ for Hannah’s friend Ben.IMG_7582
By this time our second set of Fastpasses for Toy Story Mania were due (for those who have been to WDW in the past, Disney now honours the return times on FP’s and you must return within the printed 1 hour time frame) so we rode thatIMG_7587
and made our way out of the park.  Another wonderful Disney day under our belts!  I’m LOVING all this one-on-one time with my girlie!!!IMG_7592


  1. What a great day. I'd have no worries about leaving the stroller, but I'd be worried that we would decide we were tired, and wouldn't return to the park. We are terrible for getting back to the room and just crashing out with the heat.

    We really enjoyed American Idol - it feels very different from the rest of the park, as if you have walked into a real tv show.

    1. Like you, that thought crossed my mind Bev. But, since we had supper reservations booked later that evening I knew we'd be back. Also, the call of those Toy Story fastpasses was great, especially since it is Hannah's favourite ride by far!

  2. Sooo much fun! What great memories you are making for both of you!

  3. Playing catch up with my blog reading and what a wonderful trip you're having, so much fun and you did so much. Enjoy the rest of your time and safe travels home.

  4. Question - how did you get to swim in the other pool - you told me there were rules - LOL!!!

    Looks like you had a BLAST!!!!

    1. LOL! You're right Mark, pool hopping is not allowed at Disney. Makes sense as the moderate and deluxe resorts have amazing pools with water slides so they don't want everyone swimming there. We were able to swim in the Nemo pool as guests of our friends who were upgraded to that resort. Nice upgrade!

      They've even gone so far as to enclose the pools at The Art of Animation and you now need a room key to enter the pool area....or a friend with a room key! :o)

  5. I love the Primetime Cafe! It has been a number of years since eating there, but it is one of my favorites! It sounds/looks like you and Hannah are having such a great trip! :)


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