Monday, May 31, 2010

Tulip Time!

Earlier this month Hannah and I spent some time outside enjoying our tulips. They're almost as tall as she is! She enjoyed the flowers but the grass and dirt was another story. She was not impressed by either!

I love the many faces of XiaoFen that the camera captured this day!!

Getting brave and touching the dirt
Oh no mommy - help me! I touched the dirt!

Taking time out to sign 'birdie'
Hi Mommy!!

That's All Folks!!
Off to clean my seat!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


As Hannah is wearing more piggies in her hair these days, this is a pretty common sight in the mornings. She looks so cute with her post piggie bed head!

Also, since she enjoys feeding herself she sometimes dines in just her diaper to ease with the clean-up afterwards and also lessen the stained clothes.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An Absolutely Glorious Weekend!!

We celebrated the Victoria Day weekend here in Canada this past weekend which meant Monday was a holiday. Our regular 'Montreal Gang' got together but with the addition of the babies this year we switched it up and met for one night in middle ground and it was great! I'm sure you're not surprised that all the pics of our time together are of the babies. Oh how our priorities have changed in such a wonderful way.

We saw a lot of this happening. The babies lined up playing but each playing individually. This happened most of the time....unless they were trying to steal one of their friend's toys when their back was turned!

Hannah also took advantage of one of her little friends leaving their sippy cup unattended. Looks like this mommy should begin looking for a sippy cup for her.

As always we had a great time with wonderful friends! How neat it was to see Hannah and Daphne playing together once again.

All too soon it was time to gather our stuff together and head home.

Hannah and I were home only a couple of hours when Sharon and I talked and she invited us to their trailer up north. I quickly took dirty clothes out of our suitcase and replaced it with some clean ones and we were on the road again. Hannah did really well, especially since this was her 2nd 2 hour drive in the same day!

A funny thing happened on our way up north. We were playing a Mickey Mouse CD when I heard her clapping. I thought she was clapping to the music but when I looked in the rear view mirror I could see her little arms stretched above her head and she was signing 'cookie'. Heh! Guess she noticed mommy was snacking on Arrowroot cookies and though she'd like one too! Of course I was only too happy to oblige! A rare treat to have a snack in the car. She also learned how to make Mickey dance to the music. Every-single-day I am amazed at what she knows and what my little sweetie can do!!

Fun at Nana and Papas! LOL~ Can you tell who was the centre of attention?

First campfire

A new treat for Nana and Hannah...sharing bottle time

Napping in her new stroller. Found this for a great price on Kijiji last week. It's great up north on the gravel roads and I know it will get lots of use this summer both at Nana and Papa's trailer as well as Grandma and Grandpa's cottage.

Taking pictures with Victoria

Meals on the deck are the best!

Playing with my travel toys

This one was taken to remind me later on how tiny my little girl really is. She can stand up between the bunks....for now!

All too soon it was time to tidy up and head home. Here she is 'helping' Nana vaccuum the trailer.

We were sorry to leave but I'm sure we'll be back there soon! Summer in Muskoka is wonderful!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Florida Trip - Just For Fun Pics

Some of my favourite pics from our Florida trip.

Hannah in front of the door to our room at the Pop Century Resort. I hope to make it a tradition to take a picture of her in front of the door each time we're there.

Showing off her Tinkerbell shades.

Enjoying a cookie in our hotel room.

Auntie Doris pretending to be Dale.

The girls chatting in their strollers...

...and on the monorail. Sometimes we were sure that they knew what each other was saying and it was too cute to listen to them 'talk'.
Chillaxin in the pool
Showing off her paper tearing skills in the food court. (Mommy cleaned it all up before we left but it's a great way to entertain her for a long time while we finished eating.)
Hannah trying on a Mickey Hat

Oh so cute! See ya real soon Mickey!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Florida Trip - Day 3 - Part II

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

After our character breakfast, D and I decided to head back to our resort and enjoy some pool time with our girls.

All that swimming makes little girls hungry!

We had lunch at the Pop Century food court, headed back to the pool for more splashing fun and then did a little shopping at a Carter's outlet and Walmart. There is just more selection in the US so Doris and I had fun buying clothes for our sweeties.

For supper we picked up Mr. D after his conference tried to go to the Olive Garden one final time and this time it worked out!! 3rd times a charm. We enjoyed a delicious dinner and once again the girls were oh so adorable and so good! They are both a treat to take out to dinner...even though Hannah's table manners might leave a little to be desired...not! :o) Check out the cuteness!!

Sadly it was time for good-byes as Hannah and I would be flying home the next day. Neither D nor I do good-byes well and there were tears shed but we were both oh so thankful for this gift of time that we had to share together with our amazing daughters. As much as we've been friends for years I know that we became even closer that week. Love ya D!

On our way back to the hotel Hannah and I stopped by Downtown Disney to pick up a last minute souvenir of our trip and then headed back to the hotel.

Hannah fell asleep on the way back to the hotel and I left her in the stroller while I moved around her and packed us up to leave in the morning. When I went to move her into bed around 9:30 I lifted her up and immediately knew she wasn't well. She was burning up and a quick check with the thermometer showed me she was sporting a fever of 39.6/103.2. (We found out later that week that she had another ear infection, probably caused by the teeth she was getting at the time.) I didn't have any Infant Tylenol with me but thankfully the resort store carried it so we went for a walk and picked some up. As per normal, Hannah was still her happy self even though she wasn't feeling 100%.

She slept for a couple of hours but when I took her temperature just before I went to bed it was even higher at 40/104o even though she'd had the Tylenol in her for 2 hours. (This particular batch has since been recalled and I've thrown it out and I wonder if it not bringing her fever down has anything to do with the recall?) I decided to give her a tepid bath even though it was the middle of the night and it did help to bring her fever down until it was time to give her more medicine. Poor little lamb!!

In the morning she still had a slight fever but nothing like what she'd had the night before. More Tylenol and it was time for us to head to the airport. Once again she was a trooper on the flights home and we ended our trip with me deciding where we could go next?! :o)

It was a last minute trip but oh what a successful one it was! Hannah's introduction to Disney is behind Disney trip will be in November and this one will include Magic Kingdom and Epcot. We're going with both sets of her grandparents and I'm already excited about it!!

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