Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Counting Down to ‘Mickey’s House’!

Hannah and I are both excited to be heading to Walt Disney World in a couple of weeks!  Each day she asks when we’re going to Mickey`s House so I decided to help her understand a little better by creating a paper countdown chain.  It was a fun little project to work on together too.IMG_6847

This morning as we began to walk down the stairs she remembered the chain and couldn’t wait to take the first link off.IMG_6853

Last week there was lots of celebrating in our home when we measured her height; something we do the 27th of each month.  Hannah is now officially 40” tall (86th percentile for little girls her age) so she will be able to ride Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Soarin’ and Test Track although Test Track will need to wait for another visit as it’s closed for refurbishment right now.  (She’s also tall enough for Tower of Terror but that won’t be happening for a few years yet if Mommy has any say in it!)  She’s one happy gal as for months she’s been asking if she’s big enough for Splash Mountain yet.  Yes baby girl….you sure are!!!

Mickey….here we come!


  1. So fun! We are doing Disneyland (first time for the whole family!) in s month. Our youngest will be 3 and she's 39"... We'll see about the rides though :)

  2. What a great idea with the paper chain!!

    YAY Hannah for growing! She is going to love all the new rides and experiences that her new height brings her!


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