Sunday, June 29, 2014

So Many to Thank!

As we prepared for Hannah’s final days of JK by preparing thank you notes and gifts, I was reminded just how many people share a part of her school day and how important each of them were in making her school days hum along.

In the morning Hannah was with her daycare provider Ange for about 20 mins. as they wait for Hannah’s bus and then went back to her after school.IMG_3904

I tell you, on those windy, –20oC days last winter I felt guilty (and very thankful) for Ange who was willing to wait with Hannah to make sure she was safely on her bus.IMG_3854


The bus took Hannah to school where Mrs. C and Miss H taught Hannah so much!IMG_3896

After school Hannah would go back on the bus to her final daily helper – Miss Marcia. 


Because of the difference in the time from when Ange’s kids get out of school and Hannah’s bus arrived 40 mins. later, I needed to find someone to walk Hannah from the bus drop off to Ange’s.  We met Miss Marcia in October of last year and she has been a huge help to us and I was so thankful for her!  Unfortunately Miss Marcia is moving this summer so once again I will be trying to find someone to walk Hannah to Ange’s beginning in September.  I thought I had a lead on someone but that didn’t work out.  Please pray with me that God will once again provide a person to help us out in this way.  Who knew my biggest child care challenge would be the 5 min walk home from the bus each day?

Thank you to our small daily group of friends who ensured Hannah was well cared for each and every moment from the time I dropped her off until I picked her up almost 9 hours later!  We are thankful for each of you!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Last Day of JK

How could it be that today was already Hannah’s final day of JK??!!DSC_1258

Wasn’t it just yesterday that Mom and I were dropping her off for her very first day of ‘big girl school?

I hadn’t realized how much my sweetie’s face had changed over the year until I saw these pics side by side.  She lost much of her baby face and it’s really matured.  *sigh!*

DSC_1211DSC_1252 - Copy

Hannah had an amazing teacher this year and I cannot express how thankful I am to her for all she taught Hannah!  I had the awesome privilege of helping in Hannah’s classroom 1 morning every 3 weeks and I cherished those mornings!  I was able to see Hannah learning, growing, interacting with her classmates and teachers.  This is an opportunity few parents get and I was so thankful for it!

Mrs. C. taught Hannah and the others how to problem solve rather than solve the problems for them.  She would ask them leading questions that caused them to think about resolutions to problems.  This is a skill Hannah and her classmates will be able to use for the rest of their lives! 

Being in a classroom with 21 4-6 year olds you know things don’t always run smoothly and yet never once did I hear Mrs. C or Miss H raise their voices.  They got their points across in a calm manner that still conveyed the message required.  What a gift to have teachers who knew how to commandeer a situation in a loving, caring manner and calmly resolve a situation.  Another lesson the children learned without really knowing they were learning it!

The skill I’m most excited about Hannah learning from Mrs. C in JK is the beginnings of reading!  It is so exciting to see Hannah pick up books that I have read to her and she begins to read them to herself and then ask for help as needed!  Last week as we drove across the city she read a long book out loud and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!  I love this new world that is opening up to Hannah and Mrs. C is responsible for starting this in her.  Thank you Sharon!!!  Hannah and I now read on a daily basis and not only has her interest grown in reading herself but she is also enjoying me reading our first chapter book to her.  We are enjoying ‘Little House in the Big Woods’ and she asks me to read it to her almost daily.

Hannah and Mrs. C – an amazing teacher who has given Hannah the foundations of learning that she will use for the rest of her life!!

Sharon, Hannah is taking on your love of books and reading and for this and many, many…many other reasons I want to say Thank You! IMG_3888

Hannah was also blessed to have a great Early Childhood Educator (ECE) teacher in her class.  Miss H is a sweet teacher who enhances what Sharon teaches and shares a lot of time with the kids too.  I would often see and hear her working with the children in circle time and encouraging them to share of their experiences and also what they were learning.  The other special part of Hannah’s relationship with Miss H was that she was the one who welcomed her to the school each morning as Hannah arrived on the bus and was the one who cared for her after school until the bus arrived and then made sure she boarded it safely.  Toni, thank you for all you’ve taught and meant to Hannah this year!IMG_3889

Mrs. C and Miss H are an amazing team and Hannah was so blessed to have them both this year!IMG_3896

As I dropped Hannah off this morning I fought the tears and then as I arrived to pick her up at the end of the day they were there again.  Even though Hannah doesn’t realize it at this time, I know that today was a huge day in her little life!  A day when my baby girl went from being a JK to being a JK grad and now ready for SK!!!

I am forever thankful that at Hannah’s school they see consistency as important.  We are both super excited that not only will Hannah have Mrs. C and Miss H for her teachers again next year (Woot!  Woot!!!) but, the 10 other JK kiddos she shared the classroom with her will also be together as the SK children who will guide, share and welcome the new group of JK kiddos who will join there classroom in September!

Have a great summer Mrs. C and Miss H!  We’ll see you in September for another amazing year of learning, growing and experiencing new adventures together!!  We love both of you!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mommy’s Piano Recital

I have been teaching piano for more than 15 years yet this year’s recital stands out.  This year Hannah played in my recital and she played really well!

LOL – I will also say that I have a whole new appreciation for my parents and the team effort of student and parent that practice is.  I’ve heard my fair share of ‘I’m too tired!’ and been faced with a Hannah flopped over the bench for additional effect just in case mommy needed more convincing.  Oye!  Most days she does okay and the drama is minimal and we can complete her practice in 15-20 mins.  Other days…not so much!

All her (OUR) hard work since the fall when she began her lessons with Nana is evident and she is progressing well for being just 5yo.  I want piano to be something enjoyable for both of us.  Most days it is and other days welll…we won’t go there!  Heh – I’m sure any parent who has spent time practicing an instrument alongside their child will understand completely!!  There are times when I sit at her lesson and cheer inwardly (and sometimes even outwardly) when she masters something that she has worked hard on at home!!  Piano is not an easy instrument and Hannah is working very hard!  I love that I have the opportunity to offer this to Hannah and I hope in time she will appreciate it too.

Hannah and her friend Ava (one of my students) waiting for the recital to begin.IMG_3721

Mommy and her little princess.  I let her choose her dress for the recital and I think she made the perfect choice!  IMG_3732

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gymnastics Graduation June 2014

Hannah just completed her 2nd Session of 5 & 6 yo Girl’s Gymnastics and I can see her skills steadily progressing.  It’s not unusual for Hannah o lose interest in an activity after one or two sessions (In our home if you start a session, you finish the session even if you lose interest) but so far gymnastics is  one of the few activities that she’s enjoyed for an extended period of time.  Hannah has been taking recreational gymnastics for 3 1/2 years now and other than taking a break each summer, she attends classes each Saturday morning September through June.

It is neat to see her having fun with the other girls in her class and working on her skills.  Hannah is working hard on slowing herself down and concentrating on her skills.  Love her little face concentrating in this video and the sweet smile even when she needs to climb up and try again. 

My cute little monkey just hanging out.IMG_3738


Hannah with Coach Sydney.  She had her both terms this year and she loved her.  Sydney was a great coach!  Hope she is her coach again in September!IMG_3746 - Copy

Congratulations Hannah!  I love to watch you doing something you enjoy so much!IMG_3741

PS – Hannah’s adorable Minnie Mouse gymnastics outfit was a gift from our friends Liz and her DD Ava.  Thanks so much Liz!  It fits her perfectly and she looks adorable in it!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

S’more Fun Anyone?

Recently Hannah and I shared a wonderful time together with special friends who truly are like family!  The kids get along famously and when they’re together the laughter and chatter abounds!BBQ 1

In the evening we gathered around the fire pit, roasted marshmallows and enjoyed, s’mores, s’mores and more s’mores!


Marshmallow anyone?IMG_3690

Helping out my sweet girl.IMG_3691 - Copy



Our families love spending time together so as the sun set the kids watched ‘Frozen’ and the parents visited some more.  IMG_3685 - Copy

Hannah and I had such a great day!  Cannot wait until we do it again!!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

May’s Picture Montage

I’m enjoying doing these little catch up posts at the end of each month that gives me the opportunity to record pictures and stories that haven’t been included in other posts.

Hannah’s friend from school Meghan came to our home as the girls waited to go to a birthday party.  We snuck in a quick piano practice and it was sweet to see them sharing the bench together.  Hannah played really well for her friend.  We should have her over at practice time more often!IMG_3438

A few friends and I started our month with a girls night out going out for supper and then attending a Stephen Curtis Chapman concert.  What a wonderful evening!IMG_3456

Morning treatsIMG_3465

Sweet notes to Grandma and Nana for Mother’s DayIMG_3468

I used to babysit each of these cousins when they were babies.  Where does the time go?  Such wonderful, godly young men Christopher and Daniel have grown up to be!    IMG_3480

My sweet girl with one of her favourite ‘flowers’IMG_3491

We recycled this old TV.  I knew we needed to have a picture with Hannah so that someday she can tell her kids, ‘When I was a little girl TVs were huge!’IMG_3656

Not a lot this month but….that’s a wrap!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father’s Day Grandpa and Papa!

We celebrated Father’s Day today and had a wonderful time together!

It was a big day as it was Hannah’s first swim in Grandma and Grandpa’s pool this year.  She was pretty excited (as was Mommy) that she could now stand up in the shallow end with her full head above the water!IMG_3755

It was a little chilly so she wasn’t in for long but she still has her first swim under her belt.IMG_3752

After a delicious steak dinner in honour of Father’s Day, Hannah was excited to share her gifts with Grandpa (r) and Papa (l).IMG_3775

Hannah chose matching mugs for Grandma and Grandpa.  Grandma received a Minnie mug like this for Mother’s Day and now Grandpa has the matching Mickey Mug.  My Disney lovin’ girl – no surprises here!IMG_3766

We have a new frozen yogurt store in town so she bought Papa a gift card for there as well as made cute frames for Papa and Grandpa.  Papa, if you’re looking for a little cutie to go to Menchie’s (Hannah calls it Munchie’s) with you and Nana, I’m pretty sure I know who would enjoy joining you.


Grandpa makes out well on Father’s Day as school and daycare both change her gifts so that they’re for Grandpa.  IMG_3804

I am so thankful to Grandpa and Papa as they (and so many other male family and friends) play such an important role in Hannah’s life!    We are blessed and thankful to have each of them in our lives!

We love you Grandpa and Papa!  Happy Father’s Day!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Weekend of Birthday Fun

I celebrated my 40-something birthday last month and together with Hannah we shared an entire weekend celebrating. 

Friday night my parents and niece took us to our favourite Chinese buffet.  Hannah was camera shy for the fist pic. IMG_3658

I tried to have her pose for a pic with Mom and I but her cooperation just wasn’t there.  Oh well, she’s 5 and knows her mind!IMG_3660


Saturday morning when we woke up Hannah said she wanted some time to herself and went downstairs.  I’ll be honest and say that I  had a few moments of disappointment as it was my birthday and my girl chose a rare moment to want time to herself.  Within a short amount of time she called me to come downstairs and excitedly shouted, ‘Happy Birthday Mommy!!!’  Birthday 4Awe!  She had made us breakfast (cereal with chocolate eggs on top of it plus cheese and crackers.  Mmm!)  She had also set up the couch with all her friends and blankets for us to cuddle under.  We snuggled together chatting for more than an hour and it was a precious, memorable time.  She’d also made me a sweet card and filled a bag with some of her Easter eggs and candies that we still have hanging around.  Love her tender, caring heart!! IMG_3664

In the afternoon we picked up our free birthday yogurt (1 bowl, 2 spoons please!)Birthday 2

and then headed to a local park to share some time together.  Heh – I was surprised how small this park seemed.  The last time we were there she was 2 and it seemed so much bigger.  Guess it’s my girl who has grown!Birthday 3

We were invited for a BBQ at a friend’s home that night and it was great to spend time with them.  Hannah enjoying a birthday cupcake.  Thank you Auntie Shell!!  We enjoyed spending the evening with your family.

Birthday 5

We wrapped up the weekend of celebration with a birthday lunch with Nana, Papa and Grandma Dale.


Thank you for a wonderful birthday weekend everyone!  It was perfect from start to finish!!  Thank you for celebrating with me sweet Hannah!  I love you!!IMG_3674

Monday, June 02, 2014

April Wrap-up

I realized that I didn’t do an April wrap-up post to capture the bits and pieces of our month so for our memory book sake I want to do that.

We started the month with a fun day out with my brother and his family at a local bowling alley.  Bowling is neat as the entire family can participate and we have a great time together!  This time the older cousins were busy but the ‘littles’ had lots of fun!

Princess Hannah and Princess Makenna.  Bowling is always better when dressed as Rapunzel!



In April Hannah also finished colouring her Pluto pillow case that she started on our cruise.  She did so well!IMG_3146

My niece Rebecca goes to my old high school and I went to see her in her first musical.  She did great!!  Unfortunately I didn’t get any pics as I couldn’t take any during the show but I was so proud of her!!  While we were waiting to go in to the theatre I spotted my high school grad photo from a bunch of years ago.  LOL!  Check out that big 80’s hair and yikes, teenage skin.  Ick!!IMG_3147 - Copy

Hannah enjoys making breakfast for us and mixing various cereals together.  I think this day she felt she was feeding the neighbourhood with her bowl of cereal!  Needless to say much of it was flushed that morning.IMG_3156

Crocus.  First flowers of the season.IMG_3169

Spontaneous park play with special friends who are like family!IMG_3181


Waiting to see the doctor for her 4yo wellness check-up.  Can you tell she’s comfy going to the doctor? SmileIMG_3200

Hannah’s first homework ever was an optional math contest she could participate in.  I was surprised at the complexity of it considering it was for Junior and Senior Kindergarten students.  She did great though!!  So excited to see my girl growing and learning!IMG_3201

Hannah attended her friend Charlotte’s 5th Birthday party.  Charlotte is the sweet girl in the centre of the pic with purple crown and wine dress.  Happy 5th Birthday Charlotte!IMG_3442

Our final April pic is Hannah hanging out with Joshua after lunch at Nana and Papa’s house one Sunday.  We thoroughly enjoy our lunches together each Sunday!IMG_3448

April is gone and now May is behind us too!  I’ll get May’s wrap-up post up soon.

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