Friday, December 29, 2017

All Set for Santa!

Hannah was hard at work preparing for Santa’s arrival!  She baked cookies for him, added some candy cane popcorn and poured him some egg nog.  She also left this cute note!  (This is where I see her French Immersion schooling coming through. Smile  Spelling will improve with time once English is added later.)

Der Sateu,

tahek you for my geisti.  i hope you liek the eeg neug and coerks and candecne pop courn.  Love Hannah


Dear Santa,

Thank you for my gifts.  I hope you like the egg nog and cookies and candy cane popcorn.  Love Hannah


Before we left to celebrate Christmas Eve with friends she carefully placed 2 baby carrots out for each reindeer as well as spread reindeer food on the driveway to guide Santa to our home. 

She was all set and excited for Santa to arrive!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Day 2017

What a great day!!


I will still say that after over 8 years together I am still in awe and daily blessed and thankful that God created our little family! 


Trying out her new sleep masks. Smile


After enjoying a morning of gift opening, breakfast treats and watching the Disney Christmas special, we headed off to mom and dad’s to join the rest of the family. 

Hannah and Makenna in their matching Christmas dresses.


Kallen joined them


Bec and Keenan


I love this pic of family, mess, smiles, laughter and so much more captured in this one moment in time.


Grandma and Grandpa with 5 of their grandchildren. 


Just wish I’d thought to take a picture of my brothers, SIL and I with mom and dad.  First time we’ve all been together at Christmas in a few years.  Hopefully next year!

It was another wonderful Christmas day and we are blessed beyond measure!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

School Christmas Concert 2017

Hannah’s school offered a ballet option this year and she’s loved it!  It’s such a treat to see my sweet girl spreading her wings and trying something new!


Her class also sang.  LOL – not sure what they sang but it was very pretty and she was having fun!


Friday, December 22, 2017

An Out of the Box Christmas

Hannah was excited to graduate into the ‘big kids’ choir this year and with that came performing an entire Christmas musical.  The kids did great and Hannah was in her glory!!


IMG_5793 - Copy


My little princess didn’t miss a beat when her crown fell off!


Love her beautiful smile!!


Thursday, December 21, 2017

Christmas Pics 2017

Hannah and I had fun taking some pics after we finished trimming the tree.  There were so many I liked that I wanted to share a bunch.

Ummm…can someone tell me when my baby grew up???



Love her silliness!IMG_5782



A couple of us together



Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Tree Trimming 2017

One of our favourite activities each year is trimming the Christmas tree and talking about all of our favourite ornaments and the stories that go with them!

This year was a little crazy at the beginning of December so tree trimming took place over 2 days about a week apart.

Night 1 was beads plus traditional Christmas balls.  Wonky strings of beads have become our new tradition and I love it!


The following week was our favourite part as we pulled out the decorations that Hannah has made over the years or those we’ve purchased to remind us of special people or occasions.

This year Hannah made me a beautiful love note of post-it notes that read, ‘Hannah, Love, Mommy! you love I’ (lol – It may be backwards but read right to left it reads, ‘I love you Mommy! Love, Hannah)IMG_5758

Making sure each part of the tree is properly adorned from top


to bottom.


And last but not least, angel time.


Oh how I love my silly girl!


The finished product!



Monday, December 18, 2017

The Annual Arrival of Bobble Chippey

As regular as clock work, Bobble Chippey made his reappearance the first Saturday in December and this year he arrived with a waffle breakfast in tow.



Let the elf antics begin!

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