Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Just Busy with Regular Summer Fun

It seems there’s not a lot to blog about right now but I think it’s because we’re just enjoying life, doing regular summer stuff…and loving it!

As I type this it’s the Monday night at the end of a long weekend and Hannah’s enjoying an hour of one-on-one coaching at gymnastics as the rest of her class is away tonight.  I lurve the coach she has this time and honestly, the only reason we’re taking gymnastics in the summer is because of the coach.  She inspires Hannah, cheers her on an at the same time asks for the details out of her.  Hannah responds wonderfully to her too so hopefully this won’t be the last time she has coach Kathy!

Last week Coach Kathy came to me and had to tell me what Hannah had done that made her laugh – once she got over the minor shock!  Smile  Two of the balance beams are about 6” off the ground.  She’d asked the kids to hop across the beam.  While the rest of the class began to hop along the beam Hannah turned 90o and promptly hopped from one beam to the other beam that was about 3’ away!  Heh!  That’s my girl!

Most of our time these days were enjoying the beautiful summer weather and taking full advantage of Grandma and Grandpa’s pool.  We hosted a pool party a couple of weeks ago but sadly since it was at the end of my parent’s holidays and the weather had been hot, hot, hot, the pool was not well…it was green.  Oh so green!!  The day of the party (which was a fun success in spite of the green pool) the mustard algae was dead but dad needed to purchase a special chemical to clump it together so that he could remove it from the pool.  That being said, a few brave souls went in and enjoyed(?) a swim.  Ewww!IMG_6760

A few days later and ahhh….now that’s better!IMG_6766

We’ve spent a lot of time this summer enjoying Grandma and Grandpa’s pool.IMG_6819

Hannah and I are thoroughly enjoying watching the Olympics together and often while we`re watching she mimics what`s on TV.  So fun!  I love 3!!!  Here she was tonight showing off some of her synchronized swimming skills.  I`m guessing it would be easier without water wings but since I wasn`t in the pool with her she had to wear them.

We’re at the mid point of our summer here and the kids have about a month before they go back to school and we’re enjoying spending lots of family time together.

Last night it was painting with water.  I love her creativity and how much she enjoys these simple activities.

Look Mom!  I dressed myself!  SmileIMG_6859

Ta Da!!IMG_6865

We hope you`re having a wonderful summer too!


  1. Looks like you guys are having a GREAT summer!

  2. I have been reading your blog often, but haven't been able to leave a comment. I was getting frustrated, but for some reason it let me leave one today. Love what you have been up to. She is so darling. So glad you have had a great summer.

  3. You certainly have been busy!! Glad to hear that you are enjoying the season!


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