Saturday, May 30, 2009

Operation Basement Tidy!!

Have you ever been faced with an overwhelming task that desperately needs to be done but you just don't know where to start?

This has happened with me when it comes to the amount of things I have accumulated for Hannah. As I've been preparing for my precious baby girl over 4 years, it has been a fun time of gathering things she will use. Also, people have been amazingly generous as is evidenced by the picture below and I also must admit that mommy had purchased her share of things too. (This pic shows a small portion of what I have. There is still more in her room and the nursery furniture is not in this pic. Wow! A baby sure does use a lot of stuff!!)

Today I was given a HUGE gift!!! Mark and K2 as well as my friend Norma and her hubby John came to my home for 'Operation Basement Tidy!' In less than 5 hours they were able to accomplish what I have not been able to do in 4 years! To say I was overwhelmed by their gift of love would be a huge understatement!!

Sometime last winter when I was at Mark and Michelle's I mentioned about the state of the basement being beyond me. Almost before I finished the sentence Mark offered to come over and help me organize it. Little did I know how serious he was and how others would jump on board to help out too. (My parents offered to come over this morning but it's not a big space so I'll use their help later on! ;o) Mark and Michelle, K1 and K2 arrived this morning and within minutes the doorbell rang and Norma (the friend who will be accompanying me to China) was there as a surprise and John was not far behind her. WOW!!!

I have the most amazing group of friends and I am SO thankful for each and every one of them!!

Here are some before and after pics showing the fruit of our labour.


Some action shots...

Michelle and K1 were also at the house, holding down the fort upstairs. They were a great help preparing lunch and cleaning up afterwards. Today was a true group effort and I am so thankful for each of these wonderful friends!!

Operation Basement Tidy was a HUGE success. The next task on my list is to go through the items stored below the steps and then begin to tackle her room. More Hannah prep pics to come! This is fun!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Celebrating 38 months Closer to Hannah!

Saturday I celebrated my 38th Hannah~ versary!! What a wonderful day it was as I was spending the day with family, seeing referrals of friends arrive and knew that at the time we were within hours of friends meeting their precious little ones for the very first time!! 38 months is a long time to wait but knowing that 39 should be the last time I celebrate a Hannah~versary before seeing my sweet baby girl's face, it was fun and exciting!

As we were in Windsor for a couple of family get-togethers, mom and I hopped across the border to Detroit where it was time to shop for Hannah....and mommy too. I now have a Diaper Champ and bottles added to the collection of items I'll need before she comes home. It's so neat to be purchasing things that my sweet baby girl will use! And SOON!!

Congrats also goes out to 2 friends who are now holding their daughters in their arms and close to their heart! Lisa and Tate!

T, J and Emerson!

Exciting days with more and more excitement to come this summer!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

6 Days of Referrals Sent....ONLY NINE Remain!!!

This week CCAA sent out 6 days worth of referrals (March 9-14, 2006) which means there are only 9...count 'em...NINE days of files to be covered before I'll see Hannah's face for the very first time!!! Can you believe it?!!

This keeps me on track for a July referral with travel in September. A friend from work will be travelling with my parents and I when we meet Hannah and I asked Norma how she felt about celebrating her birthday atop the Great Wall of China!! She thought that sounded just fine! (Sorry John, I might be borrowing your wife for one birthday...thanks for all your support in her coming with me to meet Hannah!)

Take a look at the jars! The glass beads are flying out of there now and there are not enough to even have them touching one another. Can I get a Woo Hoo???

It's hard to anticipate when the next batch of referrals will be received because of this month's delay due to the flu. We had heard rumour late in April that the referrals would reach the 14th so it is quite possible (but not definite) that what was received this week was early May's files and that CCAA is already well on their way to preparing the next batch. Regardless, I'm holding on to July and my tummy is flippy floppy with excitement!!

Hannah's referral pictures have been taken and are getting ready to head to Beijing. pictures were taken almost 4 years ago. I'm guessing she'll wonder who this old gal is who is picking her up! ;o)

Hold on Hannah....Mommy will be there soon. Praying for you daily baby girl. I love you more than I can say!! Love, Mommy xoxo

Monday, May 18, 2009

Duck, Duck...Fox!!

Tonight Sharon and I went up to visit Grandpa. We went for a walk in the park and even though it was chilly out we enjoyed an ice cream while watching a baseball game.

On our way back the hospital we were shocked to see a fox walk right in front of us! The hospital is in the middle of the city and this is the first fox I've ever seen anytime in my life!

I captured this video while we were wondering what he was up to.

We soon found out that he was looking for a bedtime snack and sadly a duck was his latest catch.

On to better times...Sharon shares a hug with her dad before we left for the night. Love you grandpa!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Referrals on Hold??

Although an official announcement has not been made, it appears that CC*AA is holding referrals due to H1N1.Rumours abound as to what 'might' be happening but realistically we don't really know. What I do know is that it has now been 40 days since the last referrals were sent out and other than during SARS, referral batches have never reached this duration between them.

When they will begin to be sent out again, nobody really knows. Also, the question of whether more days than normal will be referred is also anyone's guess. After SARS CC*AA sent out larger referral batches so this may happen again.

Since I have no real answers my heart is still preparing for a July referral with travel in late August/early September!!! Ooooo....SO close!

One thing that makes me smile on a daily basis is people asking about Hannah's referral. Rather than asking about referral dates, etc. I'm often asked, 'Have you moved any beads lately?' I love that the visual of the beads moving from one jar to the other is so helpful for people! It is for me too as daily I gaze at the jar on the left with the bottom showing and only 15 lonely beads in it! YES!!! Unfortunately none have moved lately but when they do I'll be shouting it from the roof tops!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Waiting Moms...Plus Their Mom's...Dinner!

This month's waiting mommies dinner fell on Mother's Day weekend so we decided to switch it up and open it up to multiple generations. It was a wonderful treat for our mom's to meet some of our adoption friends and also some of the babies already home! I'm sure this will become an annual tradition but as one gal said, next year we might want to consider moving this particular dinner to Chuck E Cheese's with all the babies and little ones that our group is celebrating! Yay! That's what it's all about!! After a number of dinners with little/no referral information to share, this is changing and each dinner is one of celebration!!

My Mom and I

Diane, her mom Donna and daughter Grace. LOL! Can you tell Gracie has 3 older brothers who encourage all her adorable antics?!
Andrea, her mom Sally and daughter Sarah
Sharon and Nathaniel
Christine with her Mom and Mother-in-law. Christine and her hubby received a referral of a wonderful baby boy in Vietnam just last week!
Robyn and her Mom Heather. Robyn is also a new Mom as she and her hubby received a referral of an adorable baby boy inVietnam, last week!
Bev and Benjaminh
Grace (l) and Sarah getting to know one another.

This year was my last Mother's Day before Hannah is home and she was never far from my heart, thoughts and prayers! I love you sweet baby girl!! Next year we will celebrate this extra special day together as MOTHER and DAUGHTER!!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa's 65th Wedding Anniversary!!

Today we celebrated a beautiful occasion that few have the privilege of celebrating: Grandma and Grandpa's 65th Wedding Anniversary!!

The girls decorated Grandpa's hospital room last night and Grandpa had fun being in on the surprise for Grandma! Grandma, Sharon, Joy, Japhia, her son Daniel and I enjoyed a time of celebration this afternoon. A few pics of our time together.

Grandpa ready for the festivities to begin

Grandma and Grandpa

Sharon and Grandpa

Whispering 'sweet nothings' into Grandma's ear ;o)

Cutting the cake

Grandma and Grandpa and their girls. L to R: Sharon, Grandma, Grandpa, Joy and Japhia

The evening visitors. L to R: Chris, Joy, Grandpa, Grandma, Me, Gord, Larry.

My gift to Grandma and Grandpa

Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa. We all love you so very, very much. xoxo
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