Monday, June 20, 2016

Hannah’s First Piano Exam

Hannah has been taking piano lessons for almost 3 years and this week was her first Royal Conservatory of Music piano exam and she was so well prepared!  She works really hard each week to prepare for her lessons and I believe did well at the exam.  (I wasn’t able to be in the room with her and didn’t hear much of the exam….not for lack of trying! Winking smile).   She’s a normal kiddo and practice can be a challenge at times but most days it’s a good time together.  We won’t discuss the other days!

We took a moment to take a few pictures before her exam.  IMG_1092



I snapped this one as she was holding her favourite stuffy and waiting to be called in for her exam.IMG_1102

Way to go Hannah!  Mommy is so proud of you!!IMG_1099

I asked her if I could record her pieces and it turned into this sweet little play-by-play of her thoughts.  Hmmmm….mommy can learn from this little video too.  Some things she is applying that we talk about…and yah, I need to watch how often I ask her to ‘hurry up’ and it’s definitely affecting her.  Lesson learned….and I’m working on it. 

Here you go.  Please enjoy Hannah’s mini recital!

Way to go baby girl!!!

Hannah’s Gymnastics Graduation

Hannah moved up to the age 7 & 8 girls class at the gym this session and her new coach was amazing!  Hannah always had young teen girls as coaches but this time her coach was an adult and she was awesome!  She paid attention to each of the girls and each of the details of what they were doing.  Literally within weeks of Hannah starting with Coach Alla I could see her improving on a weekly basis and she was enjoying her time in the gym a lot too!
Today she also mastered climbing the rope right to the ceiling of the gym and ringing the bell!DSC_1992
Here she was relaxing before the awards ceremony.DSC_1995 - Copy
Congrats Hannah!DSC_2001
Thanks for coaching Hannah Alla!  We are both excited to know she will have you as a coach for the next 2 years!DSC_2005

Friday, June 03, 2016

International Day at School

There is so much I enjoy about Hannah’s school!  One of the special days they celebrated this spring was an International day where the children were encouraged to wear clothing representing their ancestry.  The older children brought in a buffet of International dishes which were enjoyed by all.  Hannah was excited to wear one of the silk dresses we purchased when we were in China.  Oh my….this feels like just yesterday!!Hannah in China 2009

But, these pictures quickly show that our time in China was more than 6 years ago.IMG_0839

So grown up!  Oh how I wish I could stop time!IMG_0843

Love you with all my heart Hannah!  xoxoIMG_0842

I am thankful that Hannah still enjoys wearing her beautiful silk dresses.

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Etoile de la semaine/Student of the Week

Hannah was chosen to be student of the week one week in May.  She was excited to fill in the information she would share with her classmates as well as take in her collection.  She chose to take in a group of her stuffed animals and the class used them for graphing and more.

Check out her excited and proud smile!!IMG_0784

IMG_0788 - Copy

Precious memories being created daily!

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Children’s Choir

Each Sunday evening Hannah goes to the children’s choir at our church while I attend a small group Bible study.  At first it was a little tough to give up our Sunday evenings together but we soon connected with the people in choir and the small group and now look forward to this time!  Hannah enjoys the choir and we also take one of her little friends that she attended JK and SK with so it’s neat to keep up that friendship now that they go to different schools.  I am finding the connection of a small group to be wonderful and not only are the adults learning, growing and getting to know one another but the kids are too.  When we’re all together at a social there are over 40 of us and we have a blast together!  So thankful for these friendships that are growing for both of us.

The children recently presented their spring musical and it was such a treat to watch and hear Hannah sing!  She was nervous beforehand but I could tell by her face that she was really enjoying herself!IMG_0781

As summer draws near we’re enjoying our quieter Sunday evenings but it will be great to get back to children’s choir and small group in the fall.

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