Saturday, July 29, 2017

Cottage Time 2017 ~ Part I

July always means cottage time with the family and it’s a great time for us all to be together! 


This picture happens to show how Hannah’s teeth are moving apart as she grows and her mouth is making room for adult teeth.  Even though she’s 8 1/2 Hannah has only lost 5 teeth and there aren’t too many loose at this time.  I’m hoping all this room will mean we can skip the orthodontist later on but only time will tell.  And….Hannah still reacts to mosquito bites and with the wet spring and summer we’ve had there a mosquitoes everywhere.  Poor pet.  Her eye swelled up quite a bit even though the bite was up in her eyebrow.


IMG_5220IMG_5245 - Copy

Cottage time is always made tons more fun with the addition of golf carts!IMG_5246



Craft time at Nana and Papa’s.  Hannah’s infamous concentration face includes her bottom lip tucked in.  This is her concentration face, comfort faces and more.



Sunday, July 02, 2017

My Grade 2 Graduate!

Hannah graduated from Grade 2 this past Thursday! 


She was in a 2/3 split and did so well!  Her teacher was absolutely amazing and brought the very best out in Hannah!  Mme N took an interest in each child in her classroom, learned what made them tick and focused in on their personal needs and how each student learned.  Hannah’s confidence in the classroom grew by leaps and bounds as she went from a little girl who sat back and observed others to one who fully participated.  It was an amazing transformation as I had watched Hannah be an observer for all of her earlier years in school. 


I am blessed to have a job that allows me the option to work a little extra each day and then have every 3rd Monday off. 

IMG_5172On these Mondays I volunteered in Hannah’s classroom in the mornings.  It was neat to observe her grow as well as get to know her classmates and teacher too.  I often didn’t understand what was being said as everything in the classroom is done in French but it was amazing to see Hannah confidently fully participate in French and also make many new friends!

We went to the school fun fair earlier in June and Hannah enjoyed hanging out with many different friends from her class.IMG_4978


We are both very thankful for Mme N and are hoping Hannah has her for a teacher again next year!IMG_5121

On the last day of school each child was presented with a ‘Classroom Award’ and Hannah’s was perfect for her!!  She has always loved digging through the recycling bin in her classroom and making creations out of what she found.  (Mme would tell me that she’d bury things down in the bin so that Hannah and he little friend B wouldn’t find them as they’d both pull them out to make their creations.  LOL!)

IMG_5208 - Copy

Her award was accompanied by this adorable pic!


For now, it’s summer!!  Goodbye’s are hard but the break is welcome! 

IMG_5183 - Copy

I like to pick Hannah up little treats to celebrate her accomplishments on the last day of school.  This year is was Canada 150th Birthday Day Tic Tacs and water balloons.  I love how excited these little things make her!



Have a great summer Hannah!!

Grade 3….here she comes!

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