Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Phew….that was awful!!!

As many of you noticed, I installed a commenting system a couple of weeks ago and it ended up being a nightmare. There is a spineless reader of this blog who I am working on (and much closer to) flushing out and getting rid of as they leave inappropriate comments.  If only they knew their comments only led me to pray for them as they must be a very unhappy person to want to leave such cruel comments.  I have comments on permanent moderation so none of you need to read their nastiness but I’d just prefer this person leave for good or at least have the courage to say who they really are.

Anyway, I have a program installed to help me weed out this person and initially that program affected who could leave comments and how the commenting system worked.  I was able to get rid of that portion (thankfully!!) and move the program that will help me discover more about this person to something behind the scenes.

So, if you’ve been having problems leaving comments over the past couple of weeks that should be in the past now and the old version is back.  Thanks for sticking with me during this transition.

Happy commenting!  I love reading your encouraging and supporting comments.  Troll….move on.  Unless you want me to continue to pray for your heart.  I may not know who you are but God does and if you choose to continue to comment as you have then it will just offer more opportunities to pray for you.  If that’s what you want, continue to comment.


  1. You are the brightest light, Cath and nothing anyone can say will ever change that. You are beautiful (inside and out) and we are all SO VERY lucky to have you in our lives. You make me want to be a better person, a better mother and a better friend. I love you!

  2. Ugg...sorry you have a troll...don't people have anything better to do??

  3. I don't understand why some people are negative and nasty.
    You are wonderful and so is Hannah......don't take it to heart.

  4. Sorry to hear you still have that person hanging around, I guess it is called trolling. Hang in there, you'll figure it out.

  5. Catherine, I am so sorry that you have had to deal with this. Hopefully this person will get a life and leave you alone. I love reading your blog posts!

  6. I found your blog through the Salsa blog and have followed you through your adoption of Hannah. I love reading your blog and what you are both up to. I rarely comment, but I hope the troll disappears. And yes, keep praying for them. :-)


  7. Hey Catherine,
    Glad we can comment again. Although we live so close and I see Hannah quite often, you and I don't see each other often and I like the opportunity to say hi through here and comment on the fun things you are doing and experiencing.
    For the life of me I cannot understand why someone would read a blog they don't like or feel the need to leave nasty comments. If I come across a blog I don't enjoy, I simply stop reading it. Interesting idea?!?!?
    Keep writing and sharing.

  8. If people don't like what you say on YOUR blog, why do they continue to read? You are wonderful and if people don't see that then they should most certainly take you off their reading list.

    I feel sorry for your troll. They must have a very sad life.

  9. Hi Catherine! I've read your blog for many, many years, but have never commented before. You have such a loving heart, have a beautiful blog, and are a beautiful person. Thank you so much for sharing with us all. xo

  10. Hi Catherine and Hannah!

    Although I am not a blogger I do enjoy reading lots of different blogs. I have followed your blog also through the Salsa family as my family can relate to both of yours! My youngest sister and her husband adopted a baby girl 6 years ago from Kazakhstan and she is the APPLE OF EVERYBODY'S EYE!!!!! LOVELY LITTLE GIRL!!! SHE HAS ADDED NOTHING BUT PURE JOY TO OUR FAMILY!!!! WE HAVE INDEED SPOILED HER WITH LOVE!!!!! (I apologize for all caps/exclamation points but that is just how I feel about our Abby-Grace!!!!) I am so sorry that you are having this problem with a not-so-nice person but please do not let that keep you from posting about your beautiful family!!!!! HANNAH IS A LIVING DOLL AND I SO ENJOY ALL OF YOUR POSTS!!! I CAN TELL THAT YOU ARE A WONDERFUL MOTHER THAT LOVES HER DARLING GIRL DEARLY!!!! Keep the posts coming!!! Much love and hugs to you and your family from Arlington, TX!!! My husband and I were in Vancouver in November of last year - LOVE LOVE LOVE that place!!!! Take care!!

    Holly N. Madugula
    Arlington, TX

  11. Sorry to hear that this is happening to you. Hugs you are a great mom and person.

  12. Hi Catherine,
    Sorry to hear that the troll still continues to plague with his/her awful comments and distateful and unfriendly opinions. I'm glad to hear that you are a little closer to finding out who this terrible person is. I'm with your other readers--if you don't like something, then don't return. I wonder how many other blogs this troll plagues. It's too bad there isn't a moderator to intervene on your behalf and shut this person down. If this individual acts like this on your blog, I have to wonder what he/she is like in person. God knows...the day of reconning will come for this individual.
    You and Hannah are wonderful people and I feel privileged to call you friends. Please don't let this troll discourage you from writing from your heart. Keep praying for this individual--clearly he/she needs it.
    Sending a big cyberspace hug to you and Hannah,
    Debbie and Charlotte

  13. I think that people that leave nasty comments are truly convicted by blogs that show a godly life-style and lots of love. They are intrigued and that's why they keep coming back! I have followed you since you brought Hannah home (don't remember how I found you!) and you are a wonderful mother. Hannah will have a wonderful life filled with much love and joy. Keep up the blog posts that show your life and your faith. It will convict others! Oh, and BTW, I bought the "Devotions For Toddlers" book that you highlighted awhile back. My two little boys from China love it and we read it every night before bed!

    1. Thanks Anne! Hannah really enjoys these too and each night scurries to the night table to pick up our 'Bible Stories' book. A precious time which also leads to wonderful bedtime conversations! Glad you're enjoying them too.

      Post: http://catherineschatter.blogspot.ca/2012/05/moments-to-remember-bedtime-devotions.html


  14. Amen, Catherine! I don't get why trolls like to stir things up. Been reading your blog since shortly before Hannah came home, and I can't believe how big she's grown! Where does the time go? My own daughter is entering third grade, and it seems like yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital.

  15. Hi from MaLeah & Marin in Nashville, TN. I have been reading your blog since before your referral and you are truly an inspiration to me. On the days that Marin is driving me crazy, I just hop on over to your blog and your positive spirit always puts things in perspective! I wish our kiddos could be friends! :)

    If you guys are ever in Nashville, we'd love to meet!


  16. WOW ! I can't believe some people. I have been following you as a fellow Canadian for a very long time and I love all your updates and your adventures (long time follower of those adorable Salsa ladies too). I am so glad to see you are a much bigger person and don't let them get to you. Take good care and keep posting !

  17. Oh, Catherine....I am sorry to hear that someone continues to try and be nasty and get to your heart. I don't have a blog, although have wanted to start one for awhile now. I found you through the Salsa Blog a few years back and followed as you journeyed to Hannah. It is such a joy to see her growing up (too quickly) and to see the love radiate from you as her Momma. I hope that the troll will be gone and that the love you have for the LORD continues to let all who read your blog know of God's goodness. Thank you for sharing with us readers. You are an amazing Momma and Hannah and may Hannah and you continue to be blessed.

  18. Hi Catherine,
    I started following your blog somes years ago when you had not long arrived home with Hannah. We were in the process of waiting for our little girl from China and following other peoples blogs was one of the things that got me through that long wait. We have had our little girl for two years now and I have stopped following all the other blogs but I continue to drop by yours. I was thinking the other day I wonder why this is? I think it is because you have such a great time with Hannah and such a positive outlook on life. Things might get tough, as life does tend to throw its' challenges, but you don't whinge, you just get on with it. I fail to see why anyone out there would want to leave nasty comments. If they feel that way why don't they just stop reading your blog? Thank you for sharing with the world your moments with Hannah, you both are so blessed to have each other.


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