Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Let’s Go Blue Jays!

Last Saturday Dad, Hannah and I headed into the city to attend 2nd annual Toronto Blue Jays game.  Last year was the first time we did this and we declared that day that this would become an annual tradition!IMG_6103

We had a blast again this year!  On the way to the Rogers Centre we grabbed the traditional hot dog from a street vendor.  Mmm!IMG_1962

We choose to go on a Saturday as each Saturday is a Jr Jays game with lots of free activities and give-aways for the kiddos.  I’ve heard a baseball game is made up of 9 innings but so far in the 2 years we’ve gone I’ve only seen about 5 innings each year. Winking smile  I know that going in though and Hannah enjoys the break during the game to enjoy things like face painting,IMG_1965

a ball toss and,

balloon animals.IMG_1988

As ‘we’ were waiting in line for the balloon I had to giggle as Hannah stood enjoying the game while mommy watched it on the indoor monitors from the line.  IMG_1978

Jr Jays are a great opportunity to introduce children to baseball with activities set up inside and outside the stadium and running throughout the game to entertain the restless kiddos. 

Hannah enjoyed what we saw of the game although it was pretty toasty when we first arrived as we were in the sun for the first few innings.  Why sit in your seat when you can use it for shade while you snack?IMG_1968

Our view from the cheap seats. IMG_1993

I was playing with the zoom on my point-n-shoot camera and was impressed with the clarity!  You can see in the pic above that we were well up in the nose-bleeds but I was still able to snap this pic below.  Cool!   The camera I had last year bit the dust but Canon replaced is for free with this great camera!  (Canon G9-X)  I still need to learn more about how to use it but I’m slowly working on that and really impressed at all the features this little pocket camera has!IMG_1991

This isn’t the greatest pic but the only one I have that has the 3 of us in it together. IMG_1966

The game was a nail biter but in the end the Jays pulled it out beating Minnesota 8-7!  Way to go Jays!!!  I see another post-season in our future!  Woot!!! IMG_1981

PS – Hannah says we really must do something about Grandpa’s red shirt at a Toronto BLUE Jays game!  I think she’s absolutely right!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

7 Year Referral Day Anniversary!!

7 years ago today (Aug 21)  I received a call from Deborah at my agency and my life was forever changed in the most amazing, wonderful, awesome way!  I was a Mom and sweet Hannah XiaoFen (just 5 1/2 months at referral!!) was waiting for me in Hunan, China!DSC_2152

While parts of the day are a blur, some of it I remember like it was yesterday!!  LOL – could be because of the number of times I’ve watched these life-changing videos!!

Referral Video – Part 1

Referral Video – Part 2

Some other pictures from today’s photo shoot. SmileDSC_2113




And a walk down referral day memory lane…

2015 – 6.5yo2015---6.5yo

2014 – 5.5yo2014---5.5yo

2013 – 4.5yo2013a---4.5-yo

2012 – 3.5yo2012---3.5-yo

2011 – 2.5yo2011---2.5-yo

2010 – 17 months2010---18-months

‘The Lord has done this and it is marvelous in our eyes.’

Psalm 118:23


Friday, August 19, 2016

Cottage Time 2016–Part 2

Summer and time at the cottage offers us time to relax and enjoy things our day to day life just doesn’t normally offer.  Hannah enjoyed feeding the ducks when they would come by for a visit (and snack!) each day.IMG_1423

Snack time for Hannah too.  Seriously, can you beat that view looking out the cottage windows??IMG_1426

Enjoying a ride in ‘Bampa’s Boat.’IMG_1437

Thanks for driving Uncle Dave – aka ‘Captain!’IMG_1436


Any good ride in the boat has only one destination in mind….ice cream!!IMG_1439


Enjoying a refreshing swim after our boat ride.IMG_1457


We also tried something new called Goose Chase which is a glorified scavenger hunt using our phones and posting pics to win points.  We had so much fun!  Love all the time our family was able to spend together!!IMG_1461

IMG_1623 - Copy2

It was also a treat to have family who live a distance from us visit for a day!  Uncle Tim and Aunt Chris.IMG_1472

Their son, my cousin Sean and his kiddos.IMG_1474

Another great year at MBC! IMG_1519

We’ll be back…..

Monday, August 15, 2016

Cottage Time 2016–Part 1

Mom and Dad rented a cottage at the beginning of the summer which along with school ending signifies summer has officially begun!  IMG_1397My brother and SIL rented a trailer in the same location so there was lots and lots of family time!  (We laughed when we arrived at Kid’s Ministry to see that the girls were wearing matching outfits – especially since Trish and I hadn’t even bought these together!)IMG_5856 - Copy2

Later in the day we began playing Goose Chase and the girls enjoyed doing this to meet one of the challenges. Copy IMG_5859

Campfires are always a special part of cottage time.  IMG_1390Sometimes we enjoy Campfire Cones IMG_1410



and other times Smores!IMG_1489


Grandma and Grandpa enjoying time with their grandkids.IMG_1399

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Vacation Bible School 2016

One of the highlights of the summer comes the very first week after school ends when Hannah and many of her friends attend Vacation Bible School!  IMG_1372

This year’s theme was Deep Sea Discovery and as always the church went all out decorating for this great week for the kids!IMG_1359

There were over 500 kids in attendance and almost 200 volunteers!  I love this pic as it’s some of the Grades 6-8 kids who attended.  Such an important age group to still have involved!IMG_1362

The kids raised money all week by bringing in coins to help support and orphanage.  They met one of the goals so one of the leaders spent Friday sporting this blonde wig which the kids loved!IMG_1369

Friday morning parents were invited to attend a performance by their kiddos.   I love seeing my little girl praising the Lord!!


What a perfect way for Hannah to start her summer!

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