Monday, August 27, 2012

Disney 2012–Day 4–Magic Kingdom, Part II

We parted ways with Susan and her girls after visiting for a fun couple of hours.  Hannah and I noticed there was a show in front of the castle so we took the time to enjoy it.
After supper Hannah and I shared a bag of Cracker Jack’s.  One of Grandpa’s favourites!
After supper Hannah asked to go back on one of her favourite rides:  The Barnstormer.   Hannah’s character of choice this trip is Goofy so it’s fitting that his ride is the one she enjoys the most!IMG_7351

From the Barnstormer we boarded the Walt Disney World Railroad IMG_7356and made our way to the opposite side of the park.  Hannah had had a change of heart and she was ready to ride Splash Mountain!!  Wheee!!!  She’s talked about this ride for months now so I was glad she was finally able to enjoy it!  The only down side for her was that the safety bar (that is wet and smells ‘stinky’) was right at nose level for her.  Other than the smell she loved it although this pic snapped by the ride camera going down the big hill isn’t as convincing. IMG_7370
Other than the stinky bar she’d love to ride it again.IMG_7371
The other ride my thrill seeking 3 1/2 yo (1/2 Birthday that day!) rode not once, but twice was, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!!  For those of you who have not been to WDW, Thunder Mountain is a big roller coaster that frightens many adults, but not my adventurous 3yo!  As soon as we got off the first time she looked up at me and exclaimed, ‘Let’s do that again!’  So…we did!

IMG_7367It was now after 8 so we made our way back to the Castle and staked out our spots for 3 night-time events:  Main Street Electrical Parade; The Magic, The Memoires and You plus, Wishes!  I remember seeing the Main Street Electrical Parade as a teen and then they retired it for many years.  So glad it’s back!
While we were waiting Hannah and I shared some yummy snacks IMG_7373
and Hannah played hop scotch with some new friends after the cast members set up a hop scotch pattern with masking tape to entertain the kids during the wait.IMG_7376
Hanging out after a long day, waiting for the shows to begin.IMG_7380
LOL!  Can you tell from this video that Mommy gets as caught up in the moment and magic of Disney as Hannah does?

Hannah crashed after the parade and before the other 2 shows but she stayed asleep through them (including the fireworks!) plus the bus ride back to our resort and me changing her into her pj’s.  Sleepy Shaoey.
Another magical day at the Magic Kingdom!!


  1. LOVE the Splash Mountain picture!

    We were there a few months again and Thunder Mountain AND Barnstomer were both closed. I guess we will just have to go back!

    Looks like you are having a great time!

  2. I agree, the Splash mountain photo is hilarious!

  3. You are an awesome mommy. Go Hannah!!!!

  4. Wow! What a great recap of another wonderful day at Disney. I, too, remember the electrical parade and found it hard to contain myself, even as an adult about 8 years ago. Disney certainly knows how to engage young children and more mature children with quite a few years experience. Glad to see that the rain is not spoiling your time. I didn't realize that there are so many places to eat where the characters visit.

    Wow, Hannah certainly is a brave little girl--Thunder Mountain twice.


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