Sunday, October 27, 2013

Applefest 2013

We live in an apple growing area and my best friend in high school lived on an apple farm.  We spent countless hours together on her farm and I have fond memories of sitting in the chilly storage area surrounded by crates of apples as high as the high ceiling just chatting and enjoying hanging out together.  As I think of these precious memories I can almost taste the cider and smell the sweet smell of the apples that were around us!  Looking back I think JoAnne’s family were ahead of their time as we had a chilled vending machine in our school that was filled with nothing but apples.  I think that was pretty rare in the early 80’s.  Unfortunately she and I don’t see each other often now but when we do it’s great to catch up on one another’s lives and I am thankful for the friendship we shared at such an important time in our lives.

Recently an annual celebration called Applefest was in a nearby small town so Hannah, Mom and I decided to go in spite of the cool, rainy day.  Mmmm…hot apple donuts from a local mill.  IMG_1119We had a great time and as it is with small town events it was fun to bump into special people.  This time it was family we came across and shared visits with before going in our separate directions.  My beautiful niece Bec (left) and 2 of her great friends.  3 special girls! IMG_1120

My brother Ken (Bec’s dad) with Alesha, and 2 of their other kiddos Keenan and Shelby.IMG_1128

Hannah had fun trying out some of the little games and rides.IMG_1122





Hannah and I enjoyed this time with Grandma as Mom and Dad are now in FL for the next 6 weeks.  We’ll be visiting them there soon (yay!!) but they’re still gone a long time.  Regardless of the weather we had a great time together!  And…one final blast from the past, fries from a local chip truck.  Just as yummy now as they were when I was in high school!IMG_1127

Monday, October 21, 2013

Buh-Bye Babyhood!

At 4 1/2 years of age Hannah said goodbye to much of her babyhood a long, long time ago.  For me those baby and toddler years flew by in the blink of an eye even though I tried to appreciate each and every moment.  The realization that my ‘baby’ is in school fulltime and flourishing quickly reminds me that I am the mom of an amazing, spunky, fun, beautiful, wonderful little girl who is no longer a baby and every bit a sweet little girl!

In the past week a couple of changes have taken place that also signify the final departures of babyhood.  Even before I received Hannah’s referral I was blessed by friends who had a baby shower for Hannah and gave her her car seat that she used from the time she was 18 months of age.Big girl car seat Aug 2010

Here she is serenading Mommy after gymnastics last weekend while enjoying one of her favourite DVD’s.  I love her spirit!!

Even though she still fits the height and weight limit for this seat it will be a bit of a struggle once she is in her winter coat.  I had purchased a new seat for her last year that we had in Mom and Dad’s van so this weekend we switched it up.  IMG_1144

Hannah has reached the 40lb mark and at more than 43” she does not ‘have’ to be in 5-point harness any longer but for me safety is number one and I plan on keeping her in a 5-point harness as long as I possibly can.  Maybe when she’s 16 and driving I’ll consider taking her out. Winking smile

The other big change is one Hannah and I have been talking about for a bit and had decided that at 5 we would say goodbye to this but last Friday she decided was the day.  Hannah was finally ready to say goodbye to her little bedtime bottle and she hasn’t looked back since.  IMG_1153

Quite a while ago I took her down to just about 3oz. of milk but she still really ‘needed’ this transition time at night.  I tried to take it away this past summer and it caused her such turmoil that it just wasn’t worth it.  She just wasn’t ready.  I knew in time – in her time – she would give it up and a week ago last Friday was that night and she hasn’t looked back.  Our routine hasn’t changed much as we still have devotions together and after that she still has a small glass of warm milk, sitting on my lap.  From there it’s upstairs to go to the bathroom, brush teeth, change into her pj’s and then cuddle time in bed while we say our bedtime prayers.   I knew this change would be a big one for both of us but truly it really hasn’t been.    Once again when she was ready she let me know and together we moved on to the next step.

No longer a baby and now a young girl whom Mommy loves like none other!  I love you Hannah XiaoFen!  xoxo

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Our Week With The Village People

They say it takes a village to raise a child and recently our village kicked in to high gear!  Ange and her family went on a well deserved vacation to Disney.   (Wouldn’t you need a vacation after spending 5 days a week with 6 young kiddos under your care for the summer?  I know I would! Smile)  While they were away I needed to find alternate care for Hannah before and after school.

Enter….our village!  Mornings I would drop Hannah off at Nana and Papa’s house IMG_1022

and after some playtime Papa would walk her to school.IMG_0905

After school Grandma and Grandpa helped out.  IMG_1099 - Copy

Grandma picked Hannah up at school or from the bus each afternoon and they hung out together until I got home from work.  ‘Go Fish Grandma.’IMG_1028 - Copy

Thank you for all your help Grandma and Grandpa, Nana and Papa!!  Thank you for being our Village….all the time!  We love you!  

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Princess Party

Hannah’s cousin Makenna celebrated her 5th birthday last Sunday and Hannah couldn’t wait to celebrate with her cousin!  The fact that it was a princess party made it all the better!

When we arrived I smiled when I saw all the girls dressed up.  There was a little note on the invitation that the girls were welcome to dress up if they wished and I guess it’s easy to see that 5yo’s are often at the Princess stage!IMG_1091 - Copy

The girls began with craft and game time in the gym.IMG_1086


As the girls moved upstairs to the party room I noticed one of the cute things school has instilled in Hannah.  The girls were asked to line up to walk through the gym then up a flight of stairs to go to the party room.  Hannah made me smile when I saw her like this.  Heh!  Cute little princess!IMG_1092

Happy 5th Birthday Makenna!!IMG_1096

Monday, October 07, 2013

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

Saturday Hannah and I celebrated a belated Mid-Autumn Moon Festival with old friends and new!  A wonderful family opened their home and threw open the doors to more then 30 people!  Thanks J&D!!

As families were arriving we spent time at a great park located just down the street from their home.  How fun to have this so close to them!  Hannah would love that!!  She ran from place to place not really sure where to start!  She found this fun wibbly, wobbly plank and asked me to come help her out a bit. 

Some of the kiddos.IMG_1041

Once back at the house we enjoyed a delicious pot-luck dinner and then the kids made fish lanterns to take on our moon parade.IMG_1052

Once outside little Izzy was happy to lead the parade!IMG_1062 - Copy

Hannah in the parade.  IMG_1072

It was fun as others walked by and asked what the children were doing.  We went around the block and the kids did great!  Last year our group only made it about 5 houses before the meltdowns started so we could see their maturity this year.  This year we were almost finished before Hannah reminded mom with her actions that it was almost bedtime.  Winking smileIMG_1075

So many great kids!!  Thankful we were able to celebrate this special festival with them!

IMG_1078 - Copy

Hannah originally wore one of her beautiful Chinese silk outfits but we quickly changed it up for play clothes when it was time to hit the park.  A few ‘before’ pics of my beautiful, amazing daughter!!IMG_1031



IMG_1034 - Copy

Happy Mid-Autumn Moon!

Friday, October 04, 2013

Church Fun Fair

Hannah had a great afternoon at our church’s fun fair last weekend.  The weather was gorgeous and the perfect compliment to the many games and events.  We were there for 2 hours and I don’t think she ever stood still!  Well…except to have her face painted.  She always sits still for this treat.  Today’s choice a cute little dolphin.IMG_0974

There were more games than she had the time to play.IMG_0983





She chose the little horse on the handlebars of the trike as her prize.  This little guy ended up with the big name of, ‘Little Horse, Baby R’ which is a pretty big name for such a little guy.  IMG_1002

There were 5 different variations of jumping castles and she ran from one to the other.IMG_1008

There was also the company who had been at her preschool family fun day in June.  I was surprised (although by now you’d think I’d get used to!) her walking up to cages of animals we saw in June and calling them by name!  She remembered that the snake was Dolly and the spider was Charlotte.  I was just thankful this time she didn’t want to hold any of the snakes!!IMG_0984

LOL!  She was going up and down and through this one and I had trouble keeping up to her on the ground dodging the parents enjoying watching their kiddos.


All good fun fairs include fair food.IMG_1004

As with last week’s party Hannah ended her day on the back of a pony.  A hit once again with my fun loving little girl!


It was such fun to spend another wonderful afternoon with Hannah watching her run from event to event with a huge smile on her face!  So thankful that our church offers this to the community.

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