Saturday, August 04, 2012

Dinner with an Great Friend

I love those friendships that don’t depend on spending a lot of time together.  They’re just there and whenever we have the opportunity to spend together we pick up like no time has passed.  I have a couple of those friendships with girls I went to Bible College with the year after high school. 

Recently Della was in town and was able to come over for supper with us.  It was an exciting visit as we heard all about her recent wedding (Congrats Della and Emerson!!) and got caught up on what had happened since we’d last seen one another.  It was also her first opportunity to meet Hannah! 

If you’ve been around the blog since the beginning you may remember the AMAZING GIFT Della created for Hannah!  Oh how fun it was to put those precious, beautiful booties made with such love, on her feet when we were first home from China!

We had fun taking some pictures using the timer on the camera.

Happy to see one anotherIMG_6752 - Copy

I cannot begin to count the number of silly times Della and I shared together!  Our rooms were next to one another at Bible College and we were the best of friends there!  So many great memories!IMG_6749 - Copy

Sadly all too soon our visit came to an end.IMG_6755 - Copy

Hurry back Della!  We miss you already!

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  1. Those are the best kinds of friendships--you just pick up where you left off, despite the length of time. The two of you could pass for sisters, in my eye, at least.

    I love reading your posts and watching Hannah grow.

    When do you leave for Florida? It's been so hot here; I can't imagine how hot and hummid Florida might be. But no matter the weather, Mickey and his gang will do their very best to keep your mind off of it, I'm sure. There's no place like Walt Disney World. I can't wait to visit and experience all the lands through Charlotte's eyes, especially "It's a Small World."

    I keep forgetting to send a message to let you know that Dave got 4 12-packs of Cherry Coke Zero for you. I'll send you a message on your private e-mail.


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