Friday, February 29, 2008

Ready to LEAP into a New Year!!! Bring on 2006!!!

This probably seems like a funny title for a February post. It's not our 'normal' New Year. It's not even Chinese New Year. What New Year you may ask am I referring to. I'll tell you....

The next batch of referrals is just around the corner and it looks very, very likely that some January 2006 Log in Dates (LIDs) will be included!!! What more perfect time to Leap into 2006 than on February 29th?

Why is this so exciting you ask? we go.

The first batch of referrals that were sent out that included January 2005 LID's was in JULY of 2005! It took 2 years and 7 months to get through the files that were logged in 2005! Are you beginning to catch the excitement of seeing referrals for 2006? (Oh, and have I mentioned that my LID ends in 2006?!)

Another way to look at it is that when my file was logged in 23 months ago, LID's dated in May of 2005 were receiving their referrals. In those 23 months that my file has been logged, babies have been placed with 7 months of LID families. I'm sure you're quickly catching on to the '2006' excitement!

I truly believe that CC*AA is doing the very best that they can and are placing children as soon as they're able. It's just taking longer than I (and everyone else too) originally anticipated. I know that God's timing is perfect and it has never changed. My guesstimations were off but that's ok....He understands. He created me to be the person that I am with all my flaws and good points too and everything in between. God created me with a Mother's heart and he knows the desire of my heart is to hold my daughter close. I am just very, very thankful that God knows where Hannah is and that until my arms are able to hold her, He has others doing that job and that He will forever and for always be there for my sweet baby girl.

So, on this day that signifies a Leap Year....let's Whoop it up, pop the sparkling apple cider and
Welcome 2006!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

SO Ready for Spring!

The calendar says it's only February 27th. My brain knows it's only February 27th but I tell you, I am SO ready for spring this year!! I really should have no complaints as I was able to get away twice this winter but I'm just ready to shed the coat and boots! It's been fffrrreeeeezing here lately and snowy. Calling for more snow each of the next 3 days so there will be some good shovelling exercise going on. Yippee??

Most winters we get snow then it warms up and melts and then the cycle begins again. Not this year. We've had snow on the ground for the past 3 1/2 months with more on the way. (Dawn, I don't know how you do it living where you do! My hat's off to you!!) Add to that very few sunny days and it makes people go a little stir crazy. They were saying on the news last night that calls to travel agents is up 40% this year from normal with people just wanting to get away!

On Sunday, Pug Mama challenged each of us to find a way to summarize part of our week in 3 words. This week mine was 'Ready for Spring.' It was fun to see all that people came up with. Some beautiful, some whitty, some creative and some sad. Each of us going through life together yet facing our own unique situations, challenges and celebrations.

Tonight I decided to try out a little experiment. I'm sure the neighbours think I'm crazy but I don't care! It's all in fun. The news is saying that tonight is the coldest night so far this winter so I wondered how long it might take for tap water to freeze. I thought it would be fast but was surprised when it took but a few seconds!

Yes...small things amuse me!

Last night's video was dark so I tried to film another one this morning. It's not quite as effective but you can see how quickly my finger slides across the ice that was formed. (Yes, that's traffic you can hear behind me. I was sporting a stylish long nightgown and winter coat and boots. Oh yah....I was stylin! And I'm sure the neighbours are a talkin....again! :o)

Hope you're safe and warm where you are. Tonight I am thankful for my home, heat, electricity, water and a warm coat and boots. I can't help but think of those who are living on the streets. Praying they'll allow someone to help them out tonight and take them to a shelter to keep warm.
PS - Hope referrals begin to arrive soon. It's pretty sad when the big thing I have to post about and entertain you with is watching water freeze!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ni Hao, Kai-lan

We're a little behind our US friends as tonight was the first time that Ni Hao, Kai-lan was shown on Treehouse TV here in Canada. I set the VCR to tape it but since I was cooking supper at the time, watched the first episode while it was on. I must admit to enjoying it and trying out some of the Chinese words Kai-lan and her friends were teaching. I can now count to 2 (I think...even though they taught 1, 2 and 3) and I also learned the word for 'jump'...but I can't remember it! Languages are not my forte and I struggle to remember them. I'm sure Hannah will leave me in her dust when it comes to learning Chinese from this adorable little show!

Based on a Dora type idea with a Chinese-American little girl and her English and Chinese speaking animal friends, it was a fun, bright show that taught some really good lessons. Not only were some Chinese words taught throughout the show they also taught some good lessons on working together as a team and learning how to calm down when you're upset. Good lessons for pre-schoolers to learn in a fun environment.

As the premier show was based on dragon boat races they also taught the kids a little dance about dragons. Jumping up, crouching down, wiggling their seat and flapping their arms. I won't confess to doing that dance. Nope. Well...maybe just a little! I'll need to try it out with Hannah someday so it's never too early to learn.

Now....if I could just remember how to say the number 3 in Chinese we'd really be going places!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Rrroll Up Fun has Started!

Today was the official kickoff of Rrroll Up The Rim to Win 2008! Our little group at work has grown significantly and we even have a remote player amongst us in Mark from Waiting for Pumpkin! I'm sure he'll be a great addition to the group and he's already started participating in the bantering among us. When he joined he asked the rules and Ken quickly informed him that they were quite simple. 3 wins for him = 1 win for any of us so we expected him to do the math prior to submitting his winnings. Yes...we've only just begun!

Being the silly person I am I saved my first roll up cup of the contest today and didn't roll it up until I'd brought it home and taken a pic of it. Yup...Please Play Again. Oh well, things can only go up from here.

For all my fellow Canadians (and Americans) who participate in this winter fun...Let the games begin!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Celebrating 23 Months Closer to Hannah!!

Today is a day of file has been logged in China for 23 months! I took the girls with me to by the flowers this month and they choose these red carnations as they reminded them of Hannah and ladybugs. Great choice girls!!

Some months seem to go by quickly while others go quite slowly. This month has sped by, helped along I'm sure by the amazing week spent with Team Salsa! For those of you who are also waiting to meet your child(ren) I would highly recommend spending time with other adoptive families if you are able to. Hanging out with friends who have their children home is a huge boost to the spirits! Seeing love in action in these friends lives reminds me that someday it will be my turn and Hannah will be worth every moment of the wait!! Time and time again God is reaffirming that I am exactly where I am to be in the wait for Hannah. The peace He provides, and the many opportunities to spend time with friends far and near, are precious gifts from Him to be treasured.

This afternoon I enjoyed spending time with a friend. We initially got to know one another through a yahoo group and then have met together for lunch and/or tea a few times. It's been fun to see our friendship grow as we spend time together. This afternoon it was chatting over a cup of tea enjoying the sunshine. (My office has no windows so in the winter I sure do appreciate the sunshine on the weekends!) Today was a beautiful day! Thank you for the great visit Julie and also for your gifts!

Julie once again was extremely generous with things that she has saved to give to Hannah. A second Leap Frog toy has entered the house this week. What great learning toys while lots of fun too! (Yes....I've tried them...more than once!)

She also gave me this great high chair! I can hardly believe that there is a high chair in my house!!! It doesn't need to be upstairs right now but I think for the remainder of the weekend I'll enjoy it being in the kitchen area and dreaming of the day that my little girl is sitting there trying to beat the distance record for throwing carrots! Yes, what you see is correct. The layout of my home does not have an eat-in area in the kitchen and the place where we'll eat is carpeted. Uh oh! Maybe that's why everytime I go to Babies 'R Us I make sure that a floor protector is listed on my wish list.

Now...if they only made something to protect the walls and mommy from flying food we'd be all set!

23 months closer to Hannah and in it for the long haul. I'm willing to wait every single second it takes to hold my daughter in my arms! I love you Hannah!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Birthday Party Fun!

Tonight Rebecca, Victoria and I went to Joy-Lynn's to celebrate Breanne's 9th birthday. What a fun time we had! Pizza for supper with birth day cupcakes for dessert. Yumm!!

Rachel's birthday isn't until May but she wanted to practice for her birthday so we added a candle to her cupcake and sang to her too. She was as pleased as punch!

After supper we headed off to the movie's to see the 3D Hannah Montana movie. It was fun and very well done. It's neat how they film 3D movies and it feels like you're right there! In fact, Joy-Lynn and I felt so much part of the crowd that we'd clap along, dance along (as much as we could from a seated position) and then yell and cheer at the end of some of the pieces. The girls were pretty stoic at the beginning of the movie but loosend up after a while....well, after we began embarassing them they said. What?? Us?? No way! It was dark....nobody knew who we were and after our silliness, and them informing us that they were putting up an invisible wall, they loosened up and began to move just a little too.

Here is Joy-Lynn sharing some of the dance moves she learned from Miley. In the absence of an actual microphone she did the best she could and improvised with what was left of Breanne's sucker. Go Joy-Lynn! Go Joy-Lynn!

Here's a pic of the girls sporting their 3D glasses and showing off their best Hannah Montana moves. You look mahhhvelous ladies!

Happy Birthday Breanne! Thanks for inviting us to share it with you.

PS - Joy-Lynn, Looking forward to our next GNO! Hopefully soon!

The girls are just starting to settle for the night. Rebecca has officially renamed our sleepovers to 'partyovers' since she and Victoria don't get much sleep. I think it's a great name! I love the friendship these 2 share and am happy to host their partyovers! I'm guessing I'll be falling asleep tonight to the sounds of giggles, whispers and snickers down the hall. Ahhhh, sweet, sweet music to my ears. (Although, dare I say it? I just snuck downstairs to take this pic and they're starting to look a little...shhh...tired! Oooo...a girl can dream!)

**Update** It's now an hour later and the girls are tucked safely into bed. Sleeping? was all a plot and they're wide awake. Looks like they're not alone!
Rebecca and Victoria wanted to add their own message on the blog: 'Cuddel Buddies! We love Web*kinz! There is no room for us!'

Good night all....I hope!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen...Get Your Rim Rollers Ready!

I don't know about the rest of you but it's a pretty slow time for bloggy posts for me. Just the quiet times of mid-winter and not a whole lot happening except the moving of dust bunnies around the house as I've attempted to tidy some long overdue places in my home.

But...just when I needed something to blog about it was brought to my attention that next Monday is...are you ready??.....Rrroll Up the Rim to Win 2008!! Wahoooo!!! Ahhh, now I remember why I like February!

Those of you who have been hanging here for a while may remember my dismal showing of 2006! Final stats were just 4 wins out of 91 purchases.

2007 was a little better record with 8 wins for 65 purchases.

Will 2008 be my year? Probably not but I've been saving my coffee money for the past month so that I can go more often during roll-up times. Yup....I have a problem and I'm not ashamed to admit it! :o) (Truth be told, Norma has been on vacation for the last bit and I just don't tend to go for break when she's not around. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Miss you friend!!)

The smack-talk of our work group has already started and the fun is beginning! One of our guys is now working at an office 45 mins away so were not sure how we'll count his winnings lest he be tempted to cheat! Oh wait, he's in my China travel group so he won't cheat or it would show up on his police check. All is good!

So there you have it. The big excitement in Canada is Rrroll Up the Rim to Win! We're easy to please and a competative group to boot! My goal this year is just to finish in the competative group rather than then house league. My showing was so poor last year that I was demoted to the house league and sadly placed 2nd there.

For those new to the blog, either enjoy the silliness that will come forth (including weekly winning stats in my sidebar) or just pass by these crazy posts. Spring is coming so there will be more to blog about. Until then, I give you last year's demo of the official Rim Roller tool!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Funny Story and Honouring Prices

For those who have known me for a while in person you know that I like to treat people well but that I'm also not afraid to stand up for what I believe is right. I'll try to be kind about it but I will follow through with things.

Going back a number of years, I'll share a story with you of what I mean. (Not one of my shining moments in life but one that has given Sharon and I many chuckles over the years!)

Situation: Her home was on the market and an identical house up the street was also for sale...or so we thought and that's where the fun(?) begins.

It was a Sunday afternoon and the house up the street had open-house signs in the neighbourhood, at the corner of our street as well as one in front of their home. They even a 10' mini version of the company's hot-air balloon blown up on the front yard. The real estate signs read 'Open House BBQ.'

I'm not sure if you're like me but given the opportunity to view a home the same as mine and see how they've decorated it is always inviting. We hopped in the car (as we were going elsewhere after) and then stopped at the open house. We let ourselves into the home, checked out the downstairs bathroom, the laundry room and were in the family room when a gentleman approached us and asked us if he could help us. We said, 'No thank you. We're just looking right now.' He then asked us what I felt to be a kinda silly question given all the balloons and signs that were up in our neighbourhood. He said, 'Did you think this was an open house?' By this time Sharon's already half way to the front door but not me...I'm looking at him with a 'ya...what else would it be?' kinda look and said 'yes.' (Sadly, probably with some attitude. Like I say, not one of my 'shining moments.')

He explained that this was his home, he was a real estate agent and that this was an appreciation BBQ for some of his clients, not an open house. Oops!

Now, any sane person would have apologized and left quickly. This was Sharon's plan and a very good one I might add. By this time she had the front door open and her eyes were pleading with me not to say anything and just leave.

Did I do that?? Would you believe I looked him full in the face and said, 'But the signs say it's an open house!' (kindly....but really Cath....just leave already!) He explained again about it being an appreciation thing so we left (I think by this time Sharon was already slumped in the passenger seat of the car and she was silently pleading/begging me to get my butt in the car so that we could leave already!!!)

We did leave (of course with me still 'sharing' my thoughts with her about his improper signange) and we made our way home. Their home (where I was boarding at the time) was only about 8 houses up from the one with the 'open house' so if I remember correctly we took the l-o-n-g way home and I either parked the car around the corner or in the garage so that we didn't give ourselves away as being neighbours.)

Heh...there you have it! The 'But the sign says it's an open house' story. Sadly, it's a true story. LOL!

As you can well imagine, we've had many opportunities to share this story over the years since it happened. What's also come out of it is that I'll say to Sharon, 'I had to use my "What do you mean it's not an open house?" voice when maybe I've had to 'encourage' someone to understand where I'm coming from.

Fast forward to this morning when that little 'What do you mean it's not an open house?' voice arose once again.

Today's situation. After cleaning the house sitting watching some recorded TV shows from this past week, I made my way upstairs with the intent to actually begin cleaning. Ya...I started checking emails and blogs instead so still have much cleaning ahead of me...but I digress.

One of the new emails was the new 'Babies R Us' flyer that I decided to check out. As I opened that email what jumped out at me was an item (Prince Lionheart Two Stage Car Seat Protection) that Mary-Mia and Rod had highly recommended was advertised at 50% off! Wahoo! It wasn't an expensive item but I'm all about saving pennies where I can and $12.50 is $ tax! :o)

While making plans to head to Toys 'R Us this afternoon (yes, once again to avoid cleaning) and pick up the bargoon, something jumped out at me that I hadn't noticed at first. The sale dates were identified as Nov 10 - Nov 16. What? It's February and the flyer just arrived in my in box this moring! That's weird!!!

My first course of action was to call the 1-800 number listed on the flyer, explain the situation and see if they would honour the price. The girl I spoke with was very nice, agreed that it had their error and then after speaking with a supervisor agreed that they would honour the price but that I would be required to pay an additional $5.99 in shipping costs. Well, that would eat much of the amount I was saving so I decided, with her encouragement, to call my local store and see if they would honour the price.

I called my local store but they said that since the error was made by the online flyer they were not responsible to honour the flyer. Disappointed but yes, I couldn't really argue with their thoughts. The girl at the store recommended I call the 1-800 number back and ask them to absorb the shipping costs since it was their error.

Back to the phone I went and called again but this time had to use my 'What do you mean it's not an open house' voice with the supervisor and after about 15 mins. of negotiating he agreed to the advertised price and not charge me any shipping. Yeah!

I never raised my voice. I never said anything rude but I firmly and yes, repeatedly, reiterated that in reality I was doing them a favour by letting them know of the error they had made in their flyer mailing today. I wonder how many people will go to stores across Canada anticipating an item be on sale only to be disappointed and return home to see the error of the mailing? (A second mailing was received about 2 hours later - after my discussions with them - attaching the correct flyer but not mentioning that the first one sent was incorrect.)

It may be a little thing but I support company's that stand behind their products and their advertising.

Now, I'm off to Wal*Mart with my correct Feb 16th Toys 'R Us flyer in hand to pick up something for Hannah that I've had my eye on for over a year. The Leap Frog Mix and Match Fridge Farm Phonics. It's 50% off today too and since Wal*Mart price matches and is 3 mins away rather than 20, I'm going there.

I posted this adorable video of my nephew enjoying the Fridge Farm a little over a year ago. For those of you who missed it, this is what sold me on it being a 'must have' item for Hannah.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Great New Family and Friends Seminar Upcoming in Toronto!!

This is one you might be interested in if you're in the Toronto area.

Early in 2006 I had the priviledge of attending Sofie Stergianis' International Adoption Seminar. I learned SO MUCH and wrote a couple of posts sharing some of what I had learned:

Adoption Seminar - Part I
Adoption Seminar - Part II

Last week I received an email from Sofie letting me know that she has created a wonderful new seminar intended for Family and Friends of those who are adopting! She had mentioned at ours that she might do this in the future and I'm so glad that she is!!

Some of the topics that will be covered are:
- Adjustments of internationally adopted children
- Growing up adopted - What the child understands
- How family and friends can be supportive
...and more.

My parents and I will be attending and I'm hoping a friend might be able to come along too. Sofie indicated that this seminar is helpful for those who are still in the adoption process and also for those who already have their children home.

The seminar is in Toronto on Saturday, March 1st from 1:30 - 4:00 and the cost is $40 per person. If you think that you might be interested in attending and would like a registration form, I'd be happy to email you one. Also, more details are available at

Hope to see some of my bloggy friends there. It will be great to meet your family and friends and introduce you to my parents too! (Who think they're 'celebrities' *wink* since they got recognized at a restaurant recently from this blog. Too funny!)

I'm excited that my parents will be able to learn some of what I am in preparation for Hannah's arrival.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweet Friend!!!

Today is a day of celebration!!! It's Mary-Mia's birthday!!! If you'd like to hop on over to Mary-Mia's blog and wish her a happy birthday you can click here.)

Hope you and Rod had a super weekend celebrating your birthdays! How neat that you're only 1 day apart in age. Heh...I'm sure it was lots of fun being 39 when he'd already hit the big 4-0!

Happy, happy birthday friend!! Hope you have a great day! Love you lots and miss you bunches!!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Salsa Fun....Sadly It Was Time to Go Home :o(

How did the week pass so quickly?? I'm surprised too Rose and more than a little sady to say good-bye to all of you. All too soon it was time for me to say good-bye to these sweet little faces and make my way back home. (You may also notice that this day the girls were sure that they wanted to switch dresses so Marie is in the pink and Rosie is in the yellow! Guess it means I'll have to work harder on keeping them seperate, apart from their clothing hints. It was easier to tell them apart as the week went on and in person but pictures can still be tough at times.)

I was strong saying good-bye to the girls but did have few tears in the hallway hugging Wela and then in the van with Mommy. Good-byes are hard but they're worth it because it means we've had such a great time together! I love all of you and can't wait until we're all together again!! Until next time it's adorable videos like the one on Mary-Mia's blog and this one that will remind me of all the happy, happy times we shared together. Here the girls are doing what each of them does when they're super happy: Marie is hopping happy and Rosie is doing the happy hands.

The flights home were great and upon seeing Buffalo from above I was very glad to have extended my trip by the day. Unfortunately Buffalo had got more freezing rain than snow so getting my car in driveable shape took a bit of time. Glad I'd worked up the arm muscles carrying the girls as it took a 1/2 hour to scrape the ice off the windows of the car! Here's what the windshield looked like. That's about 1cm of ice on it! It's been many years (if ever) since I've seen ice this thick on my little car. I arrived home around 2am and was met with this beautiful, clear driveway. Thank you Carol, David and Jacob!!! Carol says she has pics of David shovelling the snow...and then drinking a coke he found in my garage. :o) Thank you so much friends! The day I left we had no snow at all left and this is what I came home to so you can see how much they did. Greatly appreciated!!

Snowbank across from my driveway....yikes! Anybody have a toboggan? It snowed more today, a really pretty fluffy snow and they're calling for another 10cm on Tuesday. What a beautiful, snowy winter!

Rose and's a little video Ca-in made for you this afternoon in the snow. Miss you, Mommy, Daddy and Wela lots and lots! I love all of you! xoxoxoxo

For those of you who have been chatting with me since I got home you'll know that somehow I lost my keys the night I arrived home. In my sleepy stupor I put them somewhere and didn't know where...until just a few minutes ago! Mystery solved. When I put my suitcase in the front hall I put the keys on top of it. I guess when I layed it down to begin unpacking it the keys slid into the little compartment where the handle zips in. Tonight when I finished unpacking it and stood it up to put it away I spotted something shiny and voila...there they were! Yeah! I'd searched high and low and couldn't figure out where I'd put them. (PS - Notice not only 1 but 2 'Heavy' tags on my bag. Oops! I've told you I'm a master at overpacking! Figure I took twice as many clothes with me to Mary-Mia's as I wore. Gotta work on that!)

Also, here's the little dress and sweater that I found for Hannah. Ahhhhh...still makes me smile!
Spending time with Rose and Marie this week that Hannah will be worth every moment of the wait! God is in control and I'm continuing to trust Him! Also, thankful for the 8 day batch we just had! Wahoo...that's a nice improvement and for the very first time since my file went to China 22 months ago I didn't need to adjust my guesstimation by lengthening it. It didn't get shorter but, it didn't get further away either. Right now still anticipating a July 2009 referral with travel in September of 2009. That works!!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Salsa Fun...Day 7!!!

Today was a bonus day as I was originally scheduled to fly home but was delayed due to the storm at home. My choices were either to be stranded at a hotel in Buffalo (if I could even find a room) or, spending one more day surrounded by some Salsa lovins! I think these pictures will help you see what I chose and what an easy decision it was!

Marie enjoying her snack after nap

Rosie intent on building her sand castles

Enjoying a pretend picnic at the 'sand park.'

Mary-Mia's gloves, circa 198? Heh...Guess I should have brought her some new ones from the Great White North. We laughed as she figures these were from her highschool days when her hands were a little smaller and all the finger tips were still sewn closed. Needless to say these beauties went to their final resting spot in the big garbage can this afternoon.

Supper was a yummy dinner of waffles and bacon. Oh yes, I fit in here just fine! I had my first lesson in cooking with two 2 year olds and I quickly realized you have to be accepting of the mess and enjoying the fun they're having. Supper was delicious and the preparation even better!
Rosie has an adorable face that Mary-Mia and Rod playfully call, 'The lip.' Today she sported 'the lip' when she'd finished all her grapes and wanted some of ReeRee's but Marie wasn't in the mood to give up her grapes. Rosie looked at me and asked for 'Mow gwapes pweeease' and then turned on 'the lip.' I tell you, who could say not to that adorable little face??

The girls have a number of little songs and videos that they like on YouTube. (Just ask M3 and I as an hour after the girls were in bed tonight we were still singing '5 Little Ducks' and seeing little yellow ducks floating before our eyes.) She has a number of favourites saved and decided tonight that it would be easier for the girls to decide what they wanted next if they worked the arrow buttons and mouse. Oh my, what excited and proud little girls we had as they took turns choosing their songs! It still amazes me how quickly little ones pick up on the whole computer thing! They were so patient with one another and careful with the computer too. I've honestly never seen two little ones who get along so well and work so well together!!! They're constantly working together, accomodating one another and cheering one another on. It's been a blessing and treat to see these two in action! Amazing little girls and as much as they won't admit it, a TON OF CREDIT goes to their awesome mommy and daddy! They're great, GREAT parents and I've learned so much from them by sharing this week together in their home. Thanks Mary-Mia and Rod! You're amazing people and I love you lots! Going to miss you tons!!!

As the day moves forward I've come to realize that the energy it takes to keep up with these 2 cuties wanes. I laughed tonight as I took this picture. You'll notice that Mary-Mia is hanging out on the floor of the girls room and I'm down for the count too so the pics are all from below. Those little energizer bunnies can go for hours! Us...not so much! (Rose in purple. Marie in yellow.)

Today Marie had one of those monster 3 hour naps so wasn't too interested in sleeping at bedtime. At first the sweet voice on the monitor was calling out 'Mommy...mommy' so Mary-Mia went up for a little extra snuggle time with Marie who was finding it tough to settle tonight. After she was back downstairs for a bit Marie called out again but this time it tugged at my heart-strings too....'Mommy....Ca-in.....Mommmy.....Ca-in' Oh yah...I had to go up and spend a little time rubbing little Marie's tummy because how do you say no to a little one calling out for you when you know by this time tomorrow you'll be half a country away? It just wasn't happening and I loved the extra bit of time we had together.

Good night sweet baby girls. Ca-in's going to miss you more than you'll ever know! I love you!! xoxo

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Too bad (not!)...Snowed in In CA! *updated*

When we were outside playing with the girls yesterday I teased that the sky looked like a storm was coming for sure...see???
It changed from this beautiful blue to these pretty, whispy clouds but it was our joke that I'd be staying longer due to the storm that most surely must be coming! :o)

What I didn't realize was that close to home a storm was in fact brewing and it was a doozey! Lots of snow and freezing rain. Normally this doesn't faze me but this time there were a few extra factors coming into play:
- I didn't want to leave!!!
- I was flying in to an airport 3 hours from home
- I didn't want to leave!!!
- The drive from the airport to home would be through a bad snow belt which would mean nasty driving
- The weater services were advising against driving unless absolutely necessary
- I would be landing at midnight and starting my 3...4...5 hour drive home then
- Oh yah, did I mention that I didn't want to leave???

After being advised by both my parents and a couple of friends who called me here that if I made it to Buffalo I'd need to stay put until after the storm passed it was an easy decision to call the airline as many flights were cancelled and/or delayed. My ticket was changed by a day so I'm here one more day and loving it!

Still sad to leave tomorrow but thankful for the bonus day of hanging out with Mary-Mia and the girls!

Yeah snow!!! Now...bring on spring!! So NOT looking forward to wearing my winter coat and boots again. Mid 50's works just fine!


Dad sent me these pics of the snow at their place. Oh yes, very pretty but glad I'm not trying to drive too far in that!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Salsa Fun...Day 6!

Today was our final full day together so we wanted to make the most of our time. We started the day with a little photo shoot (Rose l, Marie r)
and then Wela came over so that Mommy and I could enjoy a little girl time out.
We hit a bunch of stores, ate lunch at PF Changs and then headed back home to be with the girls. Here they're sharing a snack with pink nanee.

I was able to find a little dress and sweater for Hannah as well as shoes and jeans for myself. It was a fun day of shopping! The dress and sweater are packed to take home so no pics right now.

The afternoon was bright and sunny so even though it was a little on the cool side we enjoyed some fun outside.

It was quite funny when Rod, Mary-Mia and I were sitting around the kitchen table gabbing about the primary elections taking place today and eating Oreos that were stashed under a paper towel on the table. Sure enough, Rose caught us and jumped up on Rod's lap asking to 'See mouff daddy. See mouff.' Busted!! Oreos all round!

Bedtime is always one of my favourite times of the day and last night I was able to get a lesson in bathing squirmy, wiggly twins. They were great and in no time it was pj time and a time to all hang out together before bedtime. Marie all snuggly in her jammies. The funny thing about bedtime tonight was that the girls suddenly began to tease us telling us they were one another. Considering they had switched pj's from the night before, it wasn't hard to do. All of a sudden Marie would say, 'Dat ReeRee. I RoRo!' and giggle...and giggle. Teasing us and switching places already! Oh no!! They sure are smart little ones for only 2yo!

What sweeties! I sure am going to miss these adorable little ones and their mommy tons too!
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