Thursday, April 30, 2015

You Never Outgrow Bubble Wrap!

Papa surprised Hannah on Sunday by brining home a sheet of bubble wrap.  She hadn’t had one of these to play with in a long time and  had a ball!  Many of the pics are blurry but they were too cute not to use.  Check out that height!!



Even Nana and Papa got in on the fun!IMG_7230


Bubble wrap….a guaranteed time of laughter and entertainment!IMG_7225

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Disney’s Frozen on Ice

Hannah and I went to Disney’s Frozen on Ice with her cousin Makenna and my SIL Trish.  It was a great girls time enjoying supper at our favourite Mexican restaurant.IMG_3368

The show was in Toronto near the CN Tower so we took a moment for a photo op.IMG_7025

I treasure every moment I get to spend with my amazing daughter!IMG_7031

On with the show!  I think I enjoyed watching Hannah almost as much as the show!  She had a blast!!!IMG_7039






I have seen a few Disney on Ice productions and this one by far was my favourite!    Also, the girls don’t know but we purchased tickets for another Disney on Ice show at Christmas this year as they were offered at 1/2 price that night.  That was our budget!IMG_7108

Thanks for such a great evening Makenna and Trish!  I know we’ll have fun doing this again!IMG_7109

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

March…A Month in Review

Back to Canada after our cruise meant jumping back into winter and all these layers of clothes.  Hannah is amazing at getting herself ready for school while I finish packing lunches and getting myself ready.  Somehow it’s often a cram to get out of the house on time on school mornings.IMG_6977

Piano lessons with Nana.  Sit quietly at the piano?  I wish!!IMG_6981

We enjoy working on her Princess Lego together.  It’s a far cry from the stuff I used to make!  Anyone want to join me in creating a rectangle house with possibly a door and window?  That’s the extent of my Lego skills.  Not so much my girl!IMG_6989

Nana’s raspberry cheesecake birthday cake.  Surprisingly easy to make!  IMG_6990

Happy Birthday Nana!IMG_6997

Woot, mommy got a new office at work!  I crave sunlight, especially in the winter so when a couple of prime desks on the atrium had sat empty for more than a year I put forth a suggestion to the Employee Engagement Committee that possibly we could hold a lottery for those interested in moving to the atrium.  (Many don’t like these offices as they can be quite noisy at times.  Me, I had wanted one for years.)  Only about 9 people put their names forward for the lottery and the first name they drew was mine.  Woot!!  Moving on up!!

Old IMG_7013


March was Grandpa’s birthday too.  Happy Birthday Grandpa!IMG_7018

Spring cleaning has begun and I love that Hannah is excited to clean alongside Mommy.  We’re making great progress as we tackle little projects each week.IMG_7111

Hannah and I were also excited in March when my cousin and her 6 amazing kids came to Toronto and we met up for supper.  Love these guys!!  So glad we were able to get together Bridge!  Love you!IMG_7020

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easter Celebrations 2015 ~ Easter Sunday and Hop, Hop, Skip!

Easter Sunday before church was a fun morning of chocolate and gift hunting.  Hannah was pretty excited when the Easter Bunny brought her a watch as she’s eager to learn how to tell time.IMG_7165

He also brought her a  new Disney Princess magazine which is always a treat.IMG_7166

There were chocolates and a little more.  I think she found her final eggs late Sunday afternoon.  The Easter Bunny is getting better at hiding!IMG_7167

My hopping sweetie.  Poor lamb!  Her reaction around the 20 second mark is Hannah through and through.  She’s amazing!

All dressed for church.IMG_7171

Afterwards we stopped in at Urgent Care with what I figured would be a ‘She’s okay, it’s just a little sprain’ visit but the doctor ordered x-rays for the following day just to be careful as she was concerned about the swelling and tenderness when she touched it.  Here she is waiting for the doctor and looking oh so cute!IMG_0369

(I must say, if you need to go to Urgent Care, a holiday is a great time!  Winking smile  We were in and out of there in 15 mins!  That never happens!!)

I tried to calm my busy girl’s activity a little bit at the doctor’s recommendation but that’s a big challenge.  In the end she’d slow herself down when she pushed it a little too much and sit quietly and read or watch tv for a bit.  We also played games together which was not only fun but a good quiet activity for her.

Monday afternoon our family doctor was going to be in Urgent Care so we went for x-rays early in the afternoonIMG_0328

and then waited to see him in UC from about 75 mins.  Ah yes, that’s more normal, especially after a long weekend!  Once again I thought it would be a quick ‘she’s fine’ response after he read her x-rays (based on the running, skipping and hopping she was doing) but nope, he saw something he didn’t like and showed it to me.  I saw it too.  He was concerned that she had pulled part of a ligament off.  If that was the case she would be casted for a bit while it healed.  This was the first we’d heard about a cast and she was pretty excited!!  (LOL – Like mother, like daughter!  I was exactly the same as a child.)  Dr. Fitz sent her x-rays for a second read by a specialist and thankfully it came back that she was okay and no cast required.  No gym or baton this week but other than that and she was good to go….slowly!

It’s now a week after her bad jump and she is pretty much back to normal.  I still see her little hop, hop skip occasionally but I think that might be habit now or that she just moves the wrong way sometimes.   So thankful it was just a bad strain and my busy girl is once again busy….even though she’s told me at least 20 times that she wished she’d got a cast….

and ‘crunches!’  LOL!!

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Easter Celebrations 2015!

I do believe spring has finally arrived and what a blessing it was to have a long 4 day weekend to share 100% with my girl!!!  There’s nothing better than time with Hannah!

Friday morning we went to an Easter musical at our church and then went out for lunch with a friend.  After that it was time to enjoy the warmer temps and try out her scooter skills!IMG_7114

A cute little market in a neighbouring area has baby chicks to hold Easter weekend so we popped out there.  This sweet peeper was only 1 day old!  IMG_7122

Look at the glee on Hannah’s face!IMG_7120

A fun little Easter tradition that we’ve done for the past few years is that Hannah plants jelly beans on the Saturday.  This year she had some ‘Frozen’ themed jelly beans to plant.IMG_7130

Sunday morning Hannah awoke to find that not only had an all day lollipop had grown but it was a FROZEN lollipop!  SO cool!!


Colouring Easter Eggs.  I’m almost embarrassed to say this is the first time I’ve ever coloured eggs with Hannah.  I’ve had the best of intentions each year but always run out of time.  Thankfully this year she was able to colour them and had a great time doing so!IMG_0326

Saturday afternoon we headed to my parents for a family celebration.  The kids are growing up and this year there were only 3 little ones to hunt for the treats the Easter Bunny had hidden.IMG_7144

I can’t wait until we see the first signs of the grass turning green and the trees budding.  Yes it’s like straw but straw is much better than SNOW!! Smile



This is such a sweet pic of Hannah sharing an egg with Kallen.  I tell you, these 3 sure do love each other!!IMG_7140


The girls spent a long time under this table as we prepared Easter dinner.  They can colour and colour and colour!IMG_7151

We had a great dinner of ham, potatoes and all the fixings and dessert was birthday cake to celebrate Dave and Trish’s birthdays!  FullSizeRender

Unfortunately after dinner we had a mishap when my sweet girl jumped down a few stairs and badly twisted her left ankle.  I couldn’t see the kids when it happened and her cry was one so intense and different from what I’d ever heard before that I had to ask Trish who was crying!   Poor pet!


Hannah still struggles with night terrors sometimes (although they have greatly decreased in number since she was younger) and this night she had a doozy at mom and dad’s before we headed home.  I always feel so bad when she goes through these and it’s hard on all around who feel so helpless when she’s in the middle of one.  Thankfully we helped her through the other side and she was none the wiser for most of it.   I got her home and a time of sweet cuddles had her drifting back to sleep for the night.  That’s good because the Easter Bunny was on the way….

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Disney Cruise 2015 ~ Time to Say Goodbye

(Tues, Feb 24, 2015 and Wed, Feb 25, 2015)

After returning to the ship from Castaway Cay we washed up and I dropped Hannah off at the Oceaneer’s Club to prepare for a parent’s presentation in the Walt Disney Theater.  I used this time to accomplish more packing as our suitcases needed to be outside our door by 10:00pm. 

At 5:00 we made our way to the theatre to see our girl in action.  You need to know that before I dropped her off she was a little hesitant as she’s ‘shy’ (LOL!!) and wasn’t sure she wanted to go on stage.  Looks like she overcame her ‘shyness.’


Hannah was beaming when she came off the stage and there were high 5’s all round!IMG_6872

After the presentation it was time for our final dinner, this one located in Animator’s Palate once again.   The cover of our menu was cheery but still made me sad.  We were not ready for this wonderful family vacation to end!IMG_6886

My cherry monster.  I think she at her body’s weight in cherries this cruise!  Like mother, like daughter is all I can say though!  IMG_6890

Hannah with our wonderful servers Rolly and Beata.  We found out this night that this had been their first cruise together as a team as Beata had just returned to the ship after a break at home.  They had worked together like a well oiled machine and their newness was lost on us.  They started out as a team who helped us make decisions and offered meal tips and ended up as friends!IMG_6893

We went to the final musical in the theatre and then after some souvenir shopping Hannah and I made our way to the main atrium for a final visit and farewell to the characters.IMG_6896



My sweet, tuckered out princessIMG_6915

All too soon morning had arrived and it was time for breakfast, a final few pictures and then our flight back home.  Noooo! IMG_6923


We had a fabulous trip and shared precious family time together.  Oh how we love cruising with Disney!!  It was hard to head back to the ice and snow but knowing we have a future cruise tucked away in our back pocket in another couple of years made leaving slightly easier.  See ya real soon Mickey!IMG_6917

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