Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Please Vote for Hannah!!!

It's no secret that Hannah and I are huge Disney fans!  After our trip in 2014 I entered this picture in a photo contest with a website ( that I use often when booking Disney trips for us and others.

Last January they chose Hannah's picture to feature in their weekly newsletter!

This is where you come in.  If you have a moment, can you please go here and vote for 'January 27, 2015 "A Mulan Moment".

You don't have to sign up for anything and it will only take a minute.  Voting closes January 3, 2016.

Thanks for doing this!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Gingerbread Houses 2015

Since the kiddos were little we've had a tradition of getting together to attend a gingerbread class at a local grocery store.  We were thankful when we found a night when all 4 families were available again this year.

This year's group was Makenna and Hannah

my nephew Kallen

Maddie and Alyssa

Katelyn and Nathan.

As they're grown the kids are able to do more and more on their own and we were there as support and to hold things as they dry.  Oh yah, and possibly my SIL Trish and I ate some of the extra pieces Kallen chose not to use. 

It's neat to see how creative each child is and how each home is unique from the others.  This is Hannah's finished house as she sprinkled her house in snow.

The finished products!

To check out some of our prior year's gingerbread fun click here.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Skirt for Then and Now

In 2006 Sharon and I took her granddaughter Victoria (left) and my niece Rebecca to see 'The Nutcracker'.  It was an annual tradition to do something special at Christmas with the girls and to buy them matching outfits.  In 2006 it was these beautiful skirts.

And now, 9 years later Rebecca's skirt fits Hannah.  Awe!
I have a few of Rebecca's clothes tucked away for Hannah and it warms my heart to see both the girls wearing them years apart!

A Visit with Santa

Hannah was a little unsure about visiting Santa this year but decided Sunday that she’d like to try.  When we got to the mall it took her about 10 minutes to gather her courage but once she set her mind to the visit you’d never know she’d been nervous! 

For a look back at previous visits with Santa, look here.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

So Blessed!! Off to Our Happy Place with Nana and Papa!!

This year Hannah and I were blown away when Nana and Papa told us in late October that this year’s Christmas gift to Hannah and I was a Christmas trip to Disney with them!!!  We’re off for a few days of Christmas fun and will catch up when we get back.
Looks like Bobble Chippey is well aware of what’s happening.  He’s going to spend a few extra days helping Santa at the North Pole while we’re away.
Mickey, here we come!!

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Sentu (Santa) Letter 2015

Hannah wrote her first letter to Santa this year.  (A Santa letter was just one of those things that didn’t get done in years past due to the busyness of the season.  Oops!)   She was pretty excited to write one this year! 

It was so sweet to see how she filled out the form I printed out for her.  DSC_1902 - Copy

Here’s her letter – with interpretation. Winking smile

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year!

I have done these nice things:

1. I hloped mama fold loandre (I helped mama fold laundry)

2. Racraed levs at Nana and Papa (Raked leaves at Nana and Papa’s)

3. Maec the bed. (Make the bed)

My Christmas wishes are:

1. Shopkins 12 Pack

2. Mini tablit

3. Shopkins Book

4.1 gift crd to Masdmind (1 gift card to Mastermind)

I hope you enjoy the cookies and milk!

Love, Hannah

I loved sitting with her as she thought of what to write and then sounded out the words to determine how to spell them.  So sweet!  With her being in French Immersion I won’t get as many of these neat letters/pieces of homework with Grade 1 spelling so I was thankful she chose to figure out how to spell the words rather than ask me to spell them for her.  This is a treasure for sure!!  I’m going to make a colour copy of it before it heads off to Santa. 

I was going to recommend that we mail the letter to Santa but she thought it would get there quicker if Bobble Chippey delivered it so that’s what he’s going to do tonight.  Clever girl my Hannah XiaoFen is!

She wrote out an envelopeDSC_1900

What a treat it was to spend this time with Hannah as she wrote her Santa letter!  She’s pretty excited that Bobble Chippey is going to deliver it directly to Santa himself tonight!!DSC_1899

Monday, December 07, 2015

Welcome Back Bobble Chippey!

Bobble Chippey surprised Hannah by arriving a few days early this year.  She’d had a rough week and was a little under the weather so she guessed he came early to cheer her up.  So sweet that she thought of this.
He decorated the table to announce his arrival.DSC_1851
Something really sweet happened this year!  Bobble Chippey had arrived in the middle of the night, set the table and since my camera’s flash is broken he’d opened the curtains on the downstairs window so that Mommy could take pictures in the morning. 
Before going to bed the last thing I did was set Hannah’s Christmas Minnie hat on the arm of the couch, mere feet from the kitchen table. 
I woke up around 6:30 on the day Bobble Chippey arrived and looked over to see Hannah laying with her eyes closed….wearing the Minnie hat!  She could tell I was awake and asked how long I wanted to sleep but didn’t let on a thing.  I said until around 8:00 but by 7:30 I couldn’t do it to her any longer.  She still hadn’t said a thing!  I got up and while I brushed my teeth she went downstairs then ran back up calling out with excitement, ‘Mommy!  Mommy!  Bobble Chippey is back!!’  She had found him sometime before 6:30 but not said a word as she knew I liked to sleep in on Saturday mornings when I could.  What a sweetheart!
We quickly went downstairs and breakfast a la Bobble Chippey (BC) began.  This year he’d set out pancakes with crushed candy canes, bacon was in the fridge along with chocolate milk.DSC_1855
Before watching the new DVD BC brought she enjoyed the book.DSC_1859
Since he arrived BC has had fun finding a new place to sit each day.  It seems this year he pays attention to what we’re doing one day and the next day he’s often found in a similar location.
The day after Hannah received a box of books from a friend he was checking out one of them.DSC_1887
Playing with Hannah’s Princess LegoDSC_1889
When we unpacked this snow globe Hannah had made last year the snowman had come loose and now floats upside down.  BC thought it would be fun to hand out with the snowman.IMG_9141
Looking at one of our blog books.IMG_4792-2
This morning Bobble Chippey got into mischief for the first time this year.  Hannah loves the day that he decorates the tree and calls it a tradition! SmileDSC_1890
It will be fun to see what places Bobble Chippey finds to hang out between now and Christmas.

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Trimming the Christmas Tree 2015

Hannah and I always look forward to the day when we put up the Christmas tree!  This year was no different and it was a sweet time with my girl! 

First step was to string the beads.  Mommy started the boring way and then Hannah spiced it up!  Love her creativity – even if she does make me nervous as she climbs around!

Adding the angel to the top is always a fun if not silly moment with my overly ticklish little girl who giggles through the process every year.DSC_1878 - Copy

DSC_1870 - Copy

DSC_1875 - Copy

Unfortunately the flash on my camera  is broken so some of the pics are a little dark but it kinda helps with the mood.  Sunday evening we took time to take a few more pictures.IMG_9150





Our perfect tree for 2015, decorated with love by my amazing 6yo sweetheart!IMG_9134


Merry Christmas from us with love!  IMG_9137

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Disney 2015 ~ Magic Kingdom, Day 4

(Sunday, Sept 20, 2015)

I’m finally wrapping up our 2015 Disney posts.  Life just got busy when we got home and finding time to blog took a back seat to other things.  I’m hoping to find time to get things caught up now.

Our final day in the parks for Hannah and I was at Magic Kingdom, the perfect place to end or start any Disney trip in our books.  IMG_8974

We left a little later in the morning so had lots of room in the bus which doesn’t happen often. IMG_8970

Hannah used the travel time to draw a picture of Mommy.  I’d recognize me anywhere, wouldn’t you?IMG_8977

Hannah had patiently waited to purchase a new pair of ears this trip and she chose these cute silver sparkle ears.IMG_8979

One of our favourite rides is Seven Dwarfs Mine Train so we enjoyed one final ride on it this trip.  Look at that face! IMG_8999

Hannah waited patiently for our entire trip to meet Elsa and Anna.  Today was the day our of our FP+ reservations and it was time to meet these wonderful ladies.  IMG_9001


I love this sweet pic of Hannah with Belle.  Hannah played the part of ‘Mrs. Potts’ in Enchanted Tales with Belle and afterward she was able to meet her. IMG_9013

One of the characters we hadn’t met before was humble Gaston.  We stood in the heat for about 45 mins to meet him and then Hannah was outta there when it was her turn!  LOL – After all that time I didn’t want it to go to waste so mommy stood in and Hannah turned into the photographer.  Great job Hannah!IMG_9018

As we made our way to the front of the park on the train Hannah took advantage of this time to catch a quick nap.  I love the ease that Hannah has sleeping when she needs it.IMG_9028

Our final dinner of the trip was with Cinderella and friends at 1900 Park Fare.  It’s one of our favourites.   Mmm strawberry soup!IMG_9041

Hannah visited with Prince CharmingIMG_9030

Lady TremaineIMG_9037


Anastasia andIMG_9039



(The flash on my camera had broken by this time so I’m thankful the pictures turned out as well as they did.  Thankfully Canon has agreed to repair the flash and it’s in right now being repaired. )

All too quickly our trip came to an end.  To make leaving easier I had booked what is known as a ‘BounceBack Offer’ which is an offer you can book for your next stay while still staying at a Disney resort.  Hannah and I are booked to return to Disney next September and I was able to secure Free Dining for that stay which is a huge savings and my favourite deal when booking Disney.  Let the countdown begin!

Hannah bought this cute set of Princesses with the money she had saved for Disney.  They entertained her the whole flight home.  Mommy in turn napped. Smile IMG_9051

I know it’s taken a while to finish up all of these posts.  Thank you for following along and the great comments and questions you’ve shared.

Keep checking in as there is more Disney fun to come sooner than later!! Winking smile

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