Saturday, August 25, 2012

Disney 2012–Day 2, Part I–Magic Kingdom

After sleeping a full 12 hours Hannah and Mommy were ready for another day of fun in the Magic Kingdom.  We started our day getting a bang trim for Hannah in the Magic Kingdom.  So glad we experienced this fun event!IMG_7097
Yay!  She can finally see again.  She’s needed her bangs cut for a couple of weeks but I was holding off.  What a cutie!  Thank you Michael!IMG_7099
Getting ‘sprinkled’ with Pixie Dust.
This trip Hannah couldn’t wait to get her first pair of Mickey Ears.  I was tempted to buy them on past trips but I’m so glad I waited as now she wanted to wear them and was also able to choose the ones she wanted.  So cute!IMG_7103
This day we ended up taking a lot of time meeting characters.  I’m glad we have such a long trip which allows us the opportunity to meet the characters she loves so much.
Meeting Mickey and Minnie!IMG_7107
I’d read about these Nutella and Fruit waffles online and it didn’t disappoint!  Once again were enjoying the free dining that is offered with our trip and trying lots of new foods.  We share all of our quick service meals which stretches them twice as far and besides, there really is too much food for just one.IMG_7108
While we ate lunch the return time for our FastPasses came due so we headed back down Main Street to meet the Princesses.
Belle (heh…Hannah seems to be sporting this funny little smile in many pictures this year!)
Enjoying an archery lesson while waiting mot meet MeridaIMG_7139
All this fun and it was only early afternoon!  More to come but this mommy is bushed!  Night night!


  1. Wow! It sounds like you are having fun. If and when I am ever to complete my adoption, and have my daughter home I will be picking your brains about WDW deals. Enjoy the week. Hope you get to ride Splash Mountain.

  2. You are making me want to go back to Disney badly!!! LOL! Love the pixie dust in the hair!

  3. Love the pictures. Michael has cut both of my girls hair when we were at Disney!

  4. Wow! Off to a fabulous start. Charlotte is by my side looking at all the characters and talking about her friend Hannah. Charlotte's asking if she can go go there, too. I suspect we will be planning a trip a little sooner than we perhaps thought. We love Hannah's hair trim and the wonderful pixie dust. Boy, the Mickey ears have certainly come a long way since I bought mine, but it was 18 years old (just a few years ago, so not, but I hate to say just how long it has been). As soon as Charlotte saw the picture of Hannah sporting her princess ears, she immediately asked for a pair. Ohhh, I can hardly wait to share the Disney magical experience with my little beauty.

    Looking forward to hearing more this fabulous trip. Are you in Disney all 10 days?

    1. Yes, we're pretty much in the parks most days. One day we're going to Typhoon Lagoon which is a Disney Water Park but other than that we're enjoying the parks every single day. Hannah is a goer just like her Mom and we spend hours and hours each day in the parks.

  5. Wow! I had no idea that Disneyworld had a salon. Out of curiosity, can you easily get the "pixie dust" out of hair?

    1. The Pixie Dust was just sprinkled in and fell out within a couple of hours. Hannah didn't miss it at all as she was sooo excited about wearing her Princess Ears!

  6. Looks like you're having so much fun!!!
    Can't wait to show the girls that Hannah met Merida, they will shriek.


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