Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Gingerbread House 2016

We have gone to a gingerbread class with family and friends since Hannah was little and we were excited to go again this year although sadly we were missing a few.

Hannah, Makenna, Kallen and Nathan were the kiddos who were ab le to go this Christmas.DSC_2236

I think Kallen ate as much icing as made it onto his house.   DSC_2246

Faces always help when big decorating decisions are being made.  DSC_2249


Hannah and Makenna are the best of friends!  I love the friendship these cousins share.  DSC_2252

The finished product!  It’s beautiful Hannah!  DSC_2267

Cousin traditions are the best!  DSC_2270

Hannah Got Her Ears Pierced!!

Every so often Hannah has talked about getting her ears pierced.  Last Christmas I gave her some pierced earrings and told her we could go an get her ears pierced.  It took her a while to get ready but this fall she said she wanted to do it!

She took Baby with her for moral support.  Her lip biting and firmly clasped hands showed me she was a little nervous – and I didn’t blame her.  This was a big step for my girl! 


All smiles as they cleaned her ears. 


Dots – check! 


We chose this location as she could get both ears done at once.  My brave girl!! 

She checked herself out each time we passed a mirror and I couldn’t blame her!  So pretty! 


Way to go Hannah!! 


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Trimming the Christmas Tree

Hannah and I love sharing time together decorating our Christmas tree.  There are no rules and I love how fun and unique it is each and every year!  Here is this year’s creation decorated while wearing her adorable new Christmas pyjamas!


Tree trimming is always better when done while enjoying ‘Christmas milk’. IMG_2996

This is how you decorate your tree too, right? IMG_3001

Adding the angel to the top is always a fun adventure with tons of giggles!DSC_2199


Our 2016 tree.  A treasure created with loveDSC_2226

by two crazy (in love) gals!DSC_2230

A Visit with Santa

Hannah was excited for her annual visit with Santa!  We went to our local mall which was decorated beautifully.  IMG_3117


She was pretty quiet when it was her time to visit Santa but she did eventually open up and share her wishes with him. 


We tried out a new ice cream place in the mall afterwards and it was delicious!  I’m sure the shake we share would have got 2 thumbs up if her other hand was free!  It’s safe to say we’ll be back!IMG_3129

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Children’s Christmas Concert

Hannah has been singing with the children’s choir at our church for a couple of years now and she really enjoys it!  I can’t explain the feeling that comes over me when I look up and see MY daughter singing and praising the Lord!  I still have ‘pinch me’ moments and seeing her sing from her heart is another one of those moments!


Thank you Auntie Japhia for leading Hannah and the other children so well and helping them fall more and more in love with Jesus!IMG_3091

My sweet girl after the concert.IMG_3098


Friday, December 02, 2016

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Early in December we celebrated Grandma’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Grandma!!




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