Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas from Hannah and I!Dec 25, 2014 a

Dec 25, 2014 b

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hannah’s School Christmas Concert 2014

Hannah’s class did well at their Christmas concert and she was once again in her glory to be onstage singing her heart out!IMG_6003 - Copy

Hannah and her good friend from class, JenniferIMG_5995

This year she was excited when Grandma, Grandpa and Papa were all able to attend her concert!IMG_5999

Unfortunately Hannah’s teacher has been away ill the month of December.  We sure do miss you Mrs. C and are praying that you can return soon!  The kids did great pulling together a song and poem with their ECE and substitute teacher.  Great job kiddos!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Adventures of Bobble Chippey 2014–Part II

Bobble Chippey has been an adventurous elf and Hannah has such fun each morning looking for him.  I must say that as the month has progressed, he has gotten into a little more mischief!
Last Sunday morning Hannah woke up to find he had decorated our Christmas tree!!IMG_5977
One morning she found him hanging out of the baking accessories and candy drawer.IMG_5981
After a few days of rain in a row Bobble Chippey decided he better get prepared!IMG_5987
Puzzle timeIMG_6023
Lego timeIMG_6070
Hanging out on Hannah’s gingerbread houseIMG_6066
And finally this week, Bobble Chippey watched Hannah and I wrap all our gifts and decided it looked like fun!IMG_6077
Only a few more nights before BC flies back to the north pole until next December.  We’ll miss this cute little guy!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Work Station Decorating Contest

This year we were challenged to decorate our work stations for Christmas and it ended up being a fun, laughter filled experience.  There wasn’t one work station from our group that wasn’t a team effort.  Each person came up with their ideas then others fed into those and we all helped one another decorate.

My coworkers quickly encouraged me to go with a Disney theme and after a few days of planning  this was my final product.  IMG_5989

My friend Adeline is an amazing baker creating wedding cakes and more in her spare time so it was perfect that she chose a theme of ‘Mrs. C’s Bake Shop.’



Colleen won a prize too for her fun ‘Tacky Christmas Sweater’ display.IMG_6013

Some other fun entries were:

‘Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer’IMG_6025IMG_6008

‘An Island Christmas’IMG_6009

‘Reindeer Crossing’IMG_6010

and moreIMG_6011


Plans are already being made for next year’s contest after this year’s success!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Entertainment at the Piano

Hannah is working so hard at her piano practices, lessons and playing this year yet she still knows how to have fun too.  As you can see by these pics…sometimes more fun is had than practice accomplished.

She can play with her toesphoto 2

and her chin! photo 1

Once she gets her sillies out we can normally proceed with a good practice.  We’re consistently practicing 5 days a week, most days before school and this is a much better time for both of us!

This little performance highlights not only my hard working little girl’s progress but also her fun, outgoing, adorable personality that I love so much!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Adventures of Bobble Chippey 2014–Part I

Here is some of the fun that Bobble Chippey has been up to this year!

Hanging out on the frame of a canvas picture of HannahIMG_5970

Bobble Chippey got creative with the googly eyes and a SharpieIMG_5966

The day after the Santa Claus parade Bobble Chippey was found wearing Hannah’s antlers and trying his hand at twirling her baton.IMG_5953

Hanging out on the little Christmas tree.IMG_5923

This day Bobble Chippey was a tough little guy to find but she eventually found him peaking out of the pocket of her rain coat.IMG_5922

Waiting for the Christmas cards to begin arriving.  It’s a good thing he found this spot early in the month as cards have started to arrive and it would have been a bit more crowded in there!IMG_5920

Peeking outside watching it snow.IMG_5917

And finally posing with the portrait that Hannah created of BC.  I love the way she writes things right now.  If she runs out of room she just keeps on going around and around in circles.  Adorable!IMG_5915

I wonder what mischief this little guy will get up to in the next 12 days?  We sure are having fun with him again this year!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Worth Repeating! ‘How On Earth Did God’s Baby Sleep?’

Hannah’s pre-school Christmas concert in 2012.  She was 3 at the time and this song still brings lots of laughter and tears of joy to this Mommy’s face!!

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

A Visit with Santa

Hannah visited Santa for the first time this year when we were in FL IMG_5765and we went again last night to a local mall.  She surprised me yesterday morning by changing up what she said she was going to ask Santa for and then followed through in person!  Surprised smile  Not sure how Santa’s going to handle that one!

2014 (5yo)Santa 2 - Copy

And now the walk down memory lane…

2013 (4yo)Santa 2013  4yo

2012 (3yo)Santa 2012 3yo

2011 (2yo)Santa 2011 2yo

2010 (1yo)Santa 2010 1yo

2009 (9 months old)Christmas 2009  9 months old

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Hannah Twirling in her First Santa Claus Parade!

Yesterday my little twirler was in her very first parade and she did great!IMG_5926

The route was a long one but my little trooper marched, twirled and smiled from start to end!IMG_5940

Her little routine that she did over and over and over again!

Hannah had her own little cheering section when she passed by Grandma, Auntie Norma, Kaitlyn and Nathan and then later on Miss Julia, Mr. Danny, Molly and Isabel.  Thanks for cheering Hannah on!IMG_5941

Way to go Hannah!  You did such a great job and mommy is so proud of you!!IMG_5942

(Baton twirling was my activity of choice as a little girl too so it was so neat to walk alongside Hannah as she marched in her very first parade!)

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Bobble Chippey is Back!!

Hannah patiently awaited Bobble Chippey’s return and today was that day!  A few times over the weekend she commented, ‘Mommy, I wonder when Bobble Chippey is coming back?’ and we were pretty sure it would be soon!

I think he must have borrowed my camera after setting up our breakfast table and hit the ‘timer’ button to record his finished product.  Good job Bobble Chippey!IMG_5903

I like the more simplified version of the Elf breakfast that you created this year BC!  It was a hit with both of us.  Christmas Rice Krispies, Hershey Kisses scattered about the table and Disney Christmas Kinder Eggs.  IMG_5904

Hannah was pretty excited when she saw that BC was back!IMG_5906

Our little elf knows just where to find everything in our cupboards now, even the fancy Mickey glasses used for special occasions!  Today we filled them with ‘Christmas Milk.’  Yum!!IMG_5911

BC wrote Hannah note talking about how excited he was to be back and to play their ‘Can You Find Me’ game each morning!  He also said he’d heard that she’d begun to read so she could read some of the words in his Elf on the Shelf book that he’d brought back with him.  She couldn’t wait and tonight that was one of her stories.  When I began to read it to her she quickly stopped me and said, ‘Mommy!  Bobble Chippey said he wants to hear me read some of it too!’  Red heart  She did help me and was pretty proud of herself.  She is really close to taking off reading, I just need to make more time for her to read to me. Trying to change that up right now.

Part of the decorations that BC uses each year are these fun little place mats we made in 2012 with her then 3yo little feet and hands.  Tonight as I made dinner (can a quick hot dog before running out to baton really be considered a meal???) I watched her as she carefully placed her hands and feet over those on the place mats to see how she’d grown.IMG_5918

When I came home from work tonight Hannah asked me how to spell Bobble Chippey.  I spelled it out and then later on saw that she’d drawn this picture for him at Ange’s.  Adorable!!!IMG_5916

Welcome back Bobble Chippey!  It’s hard to believe that this is already your 4th year visiting us!  (2011, 2012 and 2013 - final year of her little puffy pull-up butt!) Hannah is beyond excited that you are back and I know you and she will have lots of fun each morning as she looks to find you in your new hiding spot!

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