Sunday, November 19, 2017

8th Referral Day Anniversary

Better late than never…

August 21st is a special day to Hannah and I as it commemorates the day I received Hannah’s referral call on Aug 21, 2009!  She was just 5 1/2 months old at referral!!

A photo montage of referral day memories followed by our referral day videos at the end.

2017 (8.5yo)2017---8.5yo

2016 (7.5yo)2016---7.5yo

2015 (6.5yo)2015---6.5yo

2014 (5.5yo)2014---5.5yo

2013 (4.5yo)2013a---4.5-yo

2012 (3.5yo)2012---3.5-yo

2011 (2.5yo)2011---2.5-yo

2010 (10mos)2010---18-months

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Halloween 2017–No Surprises Here!

Big surprise….this is my pumpkin…with our pumpkin


and her chosen costume…Mulan!  She even did her own make up.


Which I will say is far more subtle than the first time she did her makeup at 4yo  in 2014!  Winking smileIMG_2410

We are Disney fans through and through as I’m sure you know so it was an easy decision of a costume and pumpkin pattern.  Secretly I’m SO thankful she’s still into a princess phase as sadly I know these days are numbered. When we found this costume at the Disney Store in the summer and she mentioned wearing it for Halloween I couldn’t say ‘yes’ fast enough!  *sign* I’m pretty sure it will be the last princess dress I buy for her.  Time passes far too quickly!

Back to last week’s activities!

Sunday afternoon we cleaned and carved our pumpkins.  Well, Hannah cleaned it


but then I kinda lost her when she got to the pumpkin guts.  She wanted nothing to do with carving and only wanted to squish and squash the pumpkin guts.  LOL – she even added sparkles to them!  Must say I’ve never thought of adding sparkles to pumpkin guts!


She’s come a looong way since this video taken in 2011 when she was 2 1/2.  Oh my heart!

Tuesday night we followed tradition and went trick-or-treating with her friends Noah, Grayson and Owen.


Upon returning home it was an adventure in sorting and recording her candy tally.  It was late but far be it from me to turn down the opportunity for some spontaneous math time!


Another Halloween is in the books and I can say with confidence that we were both happy to say goodbye to the scary decorations in the stores and welcome the beginning of the Christmas season with open arms!  We bought Christmas bows on Saturday and our home will be decorated (at least on the outside) shortly!

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