Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Disney 2012–Day 5- Animal Kingdom

Our original plans were to spend today at Typhoon Lagoon but with Isaac still brining rain and clouds I moved our dining reservations around and today we headed to Animal KingdomIMG_7394
We had breakfast booked with Donald at friends at Tusker House so we headed to the Africa area of the park to meet them.
Donald greeted us when we arrived.IMG_7396
Inside the restaurant DaisyIMG_7397
and Goofy visited our table.IMG_7402
As with many of the character meals there was an opportunity for the kids to interact with the characters and as usual Hannah was all over that!  I love her spunky personality!  (Although if I’ve said, ‘Hannah, please don’t climb that.’ or, ‘Hannah, I need your feet on the ground.’ once this trip I’ve said it a hundred times!  Spunk comes with an adventurous spirit!!)

After breakfast we enjoyed a great bird show and then wandered to Kilimanjaro Safaris.  It was sunny and hot, hot, hot.  That’s one thing about visiting Disney in August, you need to be ready for the heat.  This morning it was over 90o with high humidity by early morning.  I allowed myself to be fooled by the weather and forgot about a golden rule of thumb – The skies can open at any moment!  Within 10 minutes of parking our stroller this was what we saw from the ride!  Uh oh!!  Needless to say Hannah sat on a rain poncho for the rest of the day when riding in her chariot!IMG_7427

We saw giraffes taking cover too.IMG_7415
Last year Hannah was invited to participate in the Lion King show.  She stayed out for a moment and then ran back to the safety of Mommy’s arms.  All year she talked about that show so we were super excited when she was invited to participate once again this year!  Heh….I think that we sat near the front and she jumped up and down and waved her arms in the air when they were choosing kiddos to help helped too.
Another favourite of ours here at Animal Kingdom is the Finding Nemo show.  It’s not to be missed!IMG_7430
A final ride on Kali River Rapids and time with some friends and we called it an early day.
Pluto and Goofy.IMG_7464
I decided we’d go for supper at the new resort that is right across a short bridge from our resort, Art of Animation.  We’re going to stay here for one night in November so it was fun to see what it was like.  IMG_7470You can see that the skies were getting ready to open up again and that happened while we took this picture.
As we were preparing to leave we bumped into our friends so we all enjoyed supper together before heading home to bed.  Another great day at Disney!!!


  1. You are having too much fun! When I decide to take Alyzabeth to Disney, I am going to book it when you come back! Are you interested in Universal (Harry Potter), that's where she wants to go too! Maybe next year we can copy your itinerary!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  2. I don't think I've been to either of the places that you visited today--looks like a lot of fun.

    Storms certainly brew up quickly in Florida, even when larger weather patterns are not visiting.


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