Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sprinkler Fun!

We have had an absolutely beautiful summer with lots of sun and hot, hot temps.  Sprinkler fun has been a great way to keep cool.IMG_1137

My creative girl sometimes wears goggles, IMG_1129

and sometimes finds an umbrella to be useful.IMG_1143

I love all the faces!IMG_1134


As long as there are sprinklers there will be kids running through them squealing with glee!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Hannah’s Last Day of Grade 1

June 29th was Hannah’s last day of Grade 1 in Mme J’s class.  She was a wonderful teacher and helped my timid English only speaking 6yo to become a confident 7yo who is easily able to carry on a conversation in not only English but French too!IMG_1015

Hannah was unsure about changing schools last September as she really enjoyed her former school but I knew this would be a much better learning environment for her as well as she would have the opportunity to learn French which will be an asset to her future.  It probably took until March before she stopped asking to go back to her old school but I’m thankful we made the switch as she has made many wonderful friends at her new school too.  We visited my cousin the other day who speaks French and I sat there in awe as Hannah was easily able to hold her own in a conversation.  What a wonderful gift a second language is!

Here’s Hannah on the first day of Grade 1.  This year she chose to wear the same dress the first and last day of school.  I will say I don’t notice quite as much difference this year as we have in the past.  I think next year will be a big one as her baby teeth will become grown up teeth!

Sept 8, 2015DSC_1729

June 29, 2016DSC_2022

We also had some fun taking some Mommy and Hannah pics together.DSC_2051 - Copy


One of the neat things Hannah’s school did this year was on the second last day of school they moved to next year’s classroom with their new teacher and new classmates so that they could meet one another.  Hannah is really excited to have Mme N for a teacher next year and I’ve heard great things about her too. I teased and said she won the Grade 2 lottery as she’s in both a 2/3 split and in a portable but I know she’ll do wonderfully in her new grade!  She only has 2 of her current classmates with her and she’s not really close to either of them but I have faith that my outgoing girl will make new friends quickly as well as enjoy time with her former classmates at lunch and recess.

Congratulations Hannah!  You did so well in Grade 1 and I’m excited to watch you grow and learn more in Grade 2!

Monday, July 04, 2016

Big Day!! Hannah’s First Lost Tooth!!

Hannah’s middle teeth top and bottom started getting loose almost 2 months ago.  I’ve been shocked how long it takes these little chompers to fall out from the time they start to move!

This morning when she woke up she asked me to check out her wiggliest tooth…which is something she’s been doing no less than ummm…5 times a day for about….oh yah, 2 months! Winking smile

Today when I wiggled her bottom tooth on her left it was wiggly…really wiggly.  I asked her if she wanted me to try and pull it out, fully expecting to be met with a resounding ‘NO!’  Instead she excitedly said ‘YES!’  I grabbed a tissue but just couldn’t get a good grasp on that little thing so I asked her if she wanted to try.  She grabbed hold and ‘pop’….it was out!  I think we were both surprised at how easily it came out now that it was ready!!!  It bled for a few seconds and then it was done.   She looked at me with her little tooth grasped between her fingers and smiled her first gappy grin; well…her first gappy grin in about 6 1/2 years!IMG_5793

Hannah showing off her first tooth that she got at 11 1/2 months old.  I was told the later babies get their teeth often the later they lose them and this has proven true for Hannah as she’s now almost 7 1/2 and has just lost her first one.Hannah Teething 2010

I can’t believe the baby above is old enough to be losing her teeth!  IMG_1344

Ready for the tooth fairy to come tonight.IMG_1345

Congrats baby girl!  What an exciting day today was!  IMG_1343

Canada’s Wonderland Adventure

Each summer Hannah and I like to visit Canada’s Wonderland for a day of exciting rides!  This year we chose to go on the final PA day of the year.  Oops!  Won’t do that again!  Oh well, we still had a ton of fun!


Hannah was a purple band again this year which is where she was at last year also.  Perfect for her!


We rode a few rides and then went to one of our favourite treat spots for some yummy, fresh kettle chips!  In the pic on the left a little ant had crawled onto Hannah’s leg and she was feeding it a chip!  LOL!  Hope it likes salt and vinegar!


Hannah was pretty excited that she was old enough to ride the train on her own.  (LOL – This is the only ride pic I took the entire day!  We rode a number of rides but were on them together this year as she enjoyed some of the adult roller coasters.  Woo hoo!!)IMG_1042

In the middle of the afternoon I mentioned to Hannah that we needed to go to the front of the park for a moment.  Michelle and I had cooked up a little surprise for our kiddos and this was their reaction!  Hannah and Benjamin were SO excited to spend time at the park together and she literally jumped into his arms!  They share a special friendship and I am so thankful for this!IMG_1045

Another dining tradition for our day at Wonderland is a funnel cake.  Mmm!  Need I say more?IMG_1052

I treasure the time I share with Hannah and these special days are gifts I don’t take for granted!IMG_1057

My girl….my heart!IMG_1063


We had a great day with you Benjamin and Michelle!  Now that we’ve gone to Wonderland 2 years in a row, here’s hoping an annual tradition has been born!IMG_1047

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