Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas Tree Trimming 2014

Tonight was one Hannah and I look forward to each year – time to trim the Christmas Tree.  We started with candy cane hot chocolate.  Yum!IMG_5852

This year Hannah took the lead and it was such fun to see how she organized the decorating.   First, she started with sorting the beads into colours and shapes which is what she’s doing at school too.  It was fun to see her transfer those skills here.IMG_5854

I love how over the years our tree is gathering more and more ornaments that Hannah has made for us and also ones that reflect her current interests.  Two new ones this year are a Sailing Mickey and Minnie that we purchased on our first Disney cruise in FebruaryIMG_5897

and then a Frozen ornament.  (Surprise, surprise!)


This is one Hannah made last week and I already know it’s a keeper!  LOL!!IMG_5899

Our tree, a work in progressIMG_5862

Trimming the tree with the love of my life!IMG_5864

The finishing touch ~ our angelIMG_5891 - Copy

Hannah sharing our finished tree.  It’s absolutely perfect in this Mommy’s eyes!!IMG_5896

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Fall Fun

As our friends to the south celebrate Thanksgiving today (Happy Thanksgiving!) I realized that I’d forgotten to post our Thanksgiving pictures last month.  It was a beautiful, warm sunny day and we enjoyed such a wonderful day together!  The leaves we showing off their beautiful colours and the girls had such fun raking them, jumping in them and tossing them in the air!DSC_1349



Hannah and Makenna are so close and I love the friendship these cousins share!DSC_1335

Add to this cousin love big cousin Bec Bec and they are a happy crew!IMG_2250

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Daytona Beach Meet Up with Old Friends!

After leaving Sam and Margaret we drove a few blocks away to meet up with bloggy friends we’ve met in Daytona Beach a couple of other times.   (see posts from 2011 and 2010 – funny wave video included). 

We hadn’t seen Don and JMei in a few years and it was SO good to connect again!  (Alyson and Ford, we missed you!!  Hopefully next time!)IMG_5750

The other times we were together the age difference seemed bigger between the girls because they were so young but now 3 years later they had lots in common and were quickly goofing off and having a fun time hanging out together!IMG_5745


So glad we shared this time together!  Until next time Don and JMei!!IMG_5754

This is our final post from The Villages 2014. It was a wonderful week once again!  So very thankful for this week of family time together!!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Daytona Beach Meet Up Number 1

A couple of days before we left FL we headed to Daytona Beach.  We spent lunch and the afternoon with friends from home who were also in FL at the same time we were.  Sam and Margaret are friends from church and it was neat to spend time with them at their beachfront hotel and get to know them better.IMG_1996

Hannah entertained herself during lunch at IHOP (yum!) but taking pics of GrandmaIMG_2480


and Olaf!IMG_2542

After lunch we made our way to the beach.  The weather was supposed to be a bit cooler that day and packing Hannah’s bathing suit never crossed my mind.  Doh!  This is a situation I would change next time.

Shell collecting started within moments of Hannah’s feet hitting the sand.  We collected shells together for a while then I wandered down the beach a bit leaving Hannah with Grandma and Grandpa.IMG_5717




When I met up with Hannah a short time later I knew we were in for fun (and later a search for a dryer) when I saw this:




She was soaked but had such a great time in the waves that I didn’t care.  We changed her out of her wet clothes into a towel and hoodie and hung out in Sam and Margaret’s room while we tossed her clothes in the dryer at their hotel.  It was all good and a ton of fun!!IMG_5740

It was great spending the afternoon with you Sam and Margaret! 

Daytona Beach….we’ll be back.IMG_5737

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Supper Serenade

One night we went to one of the local country clubs for dinner knowing that it was home of the singing servers.  What fun!


Their first set began with ‘Be Our Guest’

Just before we ended our evening one of the guys sang ‘Let It Go’ for Hannah.  Here she finds out they’re singing a song just for her!  (She was the only little one in the restaurant and a huge hit with her Mulan dress on.) 

Unfortunately my camera battery died shortly after he started singing for her but thankfully Nana’s iPad captured a bit more.

It was a great way to enjoy dinner together and such a different experience.  We’d do this again for sure!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Hanging Out in ‘The Villages’

After the Christmas party, the next few days were wonderfully low key.  Breakfasts on the lanai.  IMG_5696

We enjoyed tooting around in the golf cart IMG_5654

plenty of shopping and Hannah enjoyed tons and tons of time with her grandparents!  Craft time IMG_5680

game night IMG_5705

and cuddle time.IMG_5782

We love the relaxed atmosphere in the villages and it’s great to step aside from daily routines and just share time together. 

Our favourite tree.  It’s so beautiful and it’s so different from anything that we have at home.IMG_5666




Hannah found a new friend when we were shopping but mommy and nana said, ‘no!’ Surprised smile  I didn’t budget for an extra plane seat for Olaf! Winking smileIMG_5700

This story still makes me laugh!  On the Saturday when we were driving home after touring all over The Villages, the cart shuttered a bit and I looked down to see this:IMG_5770

Although we were only about 10 minutes from home I was pretty sure we weren’t going to make it, especially with 4 of us in the cart.  Oops!!oops

I called dad and he came to rescue us by brining the charger…and lots of digs to rent a (NOISY…ick!!) gas cart next time.  Um…nope!get a gas cart

We needed to plug in for a bit so dad took Hannah and Larry back to the house while Sharon and I waited for the cart to charge up…tucked into the entrance of a closed bank as it was the only outlet we could find.  Larry and I asking, ‘What were we to do?’who us

Sharon and I made the best of it but catching some last rays before flying home.  Thankfully the sirens we heard went elsewhere.  Phew!!IMG_2573

Once we were charged up and Sharon had helped navigate me back to the road I suddenly shouted, ‘I’m outta here!  See ya!!’ and floored it!  LOL!  I looked back to see her doubled over in laughter!  Yes, I am my father’s daughter!!


Oh how we love this family time together!!IMG_5779

I am so thankful Hannah and I are privileged to spend this time with her grandparents!

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