Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Disney 2012–Day 6–Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Part I

Hannah and I donned our matching t-shirts that we’d made for last year’s trip and were set for another day of fun.  Before our trip I’d had to move Hannah’s applique from a size 24 month t-shirt to a size 4!  What a difference a year makes!photo(2)
We began our day with a character meal once again.  Nicole and I both found this trip that the first part of our trip was the time to book breakfasts and then as the latter part of the trip came around we moved to lunches and suppers as it became more and more challenging to wake up early in the morning and arrive in time for a breakfast reservation.  At Disney Hannah and I are on very much of a vacation time frame and bedtime is often pushed a couple of hours later than normal.  That being said I am blessed to have a daughter who will sleep when she’s tired, regardless of where she is.  This trip she slept through fireworks, parades, bus rides, boat rides and shopping at Downtown Disney.  That’s my girl!  Smile
Upon arriving at Hollywood Studios we picked up FastPasses for Toy Story Mania (Hannah’s favourite ride of all the parks and one that she calls the ‘Pop Pop Ride!) we walked back to Hollywood and Vine and enjoyed dining with some the friends Hannah watches on Disney Junior.IMG_7510
Secret Agent OsoIMG_7489
June from The Little EinsteinsIMG_7492
Handy MandyIMG_7501
and Jake from the Neverland Pirates.
As with all of the character dinners there was an opportunity for the kids to participate.  This time Hannah enjoyed Dancing with June

After breakfast it was time to use our FastPasses and ride Toy Story ManiaIMG_7545
We also watched Disney Junior – Live on Stage and Voyage of the Little Mermaid.
We also had an opportunity to visit with Buzz and Woody.  This time they had a neat area set up that allowed us to take fun pics while we waited.  Hannah had a blast using Mommy’s camera to take pics too.
When it was our time to visit Buzz and Woody they didn’t disappoint.  When we arrived poor Woody was slumped in the corner but thankfully with soon perked up.IMG_7532
At this point Hannah asked to head back to the Resort for a swim and I thought it was a great idea!  She’s one smart cookie!  Coming soon….more of our adventures at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!IMG_7550


  1. Love the matching outfits. I think you said you got the appliques on Etsy--can you send me the link? I think I did some research a long time ago, but then got sidetracked. Hmmmm...that seems to happen a lot.

    What fabulous memories the two of you have created. We're really happy you're having such a great trip despite Isaac.

    Looking forward to another play date to catch up on all your adventures.

    Safe travels home.

  2. I want to know about the appliques too. I saw the link on Etsy but they are not personalized. Did the seller personalize them for you or did you do that yourself? Would really like to do this on our Disney cruise next month!

    Kim O

    1. Hi ladies, Since putting up this post I have been in contact with the seller I used and unfortunately she no longer personalizes her appliques. :o(

      If you go to the Etsy site and search for 'personalized Minnie Mouse applique' you may find other options that work for you.

      Hope this helps. Catherine


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