Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Little Ditty that Sums it up Perfectly!

And we’re off!

Chat with you soon from the west coast!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hannah’s Gymnastics Graduation

Another term has drawn to a close at gymnastics so Hannah had her graduation ceremony last Saturday.  She has been taking gymnastics for more than 2 years now and still really enjoys it so I’ll continue to enrol her as long as she does.IMG_1890


Flashback to Gymnastics Graduation June 2011.  Little cutie!Hannah's Gymnastics Graduation   June 2011  2yo

We also had a graduation in January of this year but well…ummm…you can probably tell why I didn’t have enough pics for a post.DSC_0892

Everyone can have a rough day but it was all good before we left.  Love you, my little gymnast!DSC_0919

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Such a Beautiful Graduate

Last Thursday we celebrated Rebecca’s Grade 8 graduation.  Where has the time gone?  I was blessed beyond measure to be invited into the delivery room when she was born and she grabbed hold of my heart with her first cry and has held on to it  since then.  We share a special relationship and I love her like crazy!

Wednesday she invited me to go on a grad field trip to see The Wizard of Oz with she and her class.  We had a lot of fun together shopping at The Eaton Centre in Toronto and then going to the theatre.   I wasn’t sure what it would be like following 6 teens around the mall but they were awesome and we had a lot of fun together!IMG_1840

Thursday evening was so fun as I was now familiar with her classmates and could enjoy cheering for each of them as they crossed the stage.  I’ll be honest though, my loudest cheers and heart were all for one special girl.  Our Bec Bec!!IMG_1853

She graduated with honours and was also the recipient of the French Award.  (I’ll keep this in mind when Hannah moves into French Immersion in Grade 1 since Mommy doesn’t remember much French at all.)IMG_1856

After the ceremony Hannah found her Bec Bec to give her flowers.

Hannah and Rebecca share a special bond and as funny as it may sound, they have a great time hanging out together.  I think these pictures speak volumes.IMG_1861


Rebecca’s teacher was wonderful!  IMG_1863

Many of us went to celebrate this special occasion with Bec.  Her dad, my brother Ken.  The rest of the family was there too but I didn’t get an opportunity to snap a picture of them all together.IMG_1872

Grandma and GrandpaIMG_1867

Tor.  The girls became friends as babies and their friendship has stood the test of time.  I’m really glad they’ll be back in the same school next year!IMG_1869

Auntie Cathy.  So proud of our girl!!IMG_1871

The evening ended (for the family anyway) with the traditional first dance with Dad but this one ended up being a family affair.    So much love for one little girl!

A teasing post with Daddy.IMG_1880

Younger brother Keenan dancing under duress. IMG_1883

Grandpa.  I have a picture like this of Dad and I dancing at my Grade 8 graduation.  How neat that Rebecca has this privilege too!IMG_1888

Rebecca, You are a beautiful girl inside and out and we are all blessed to know you and be your family!  All the best in high school!!  WE LOVE YOU!!!IMG_1872 - Copy

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mmm…Ribfest 2013

A few weeks back Hannah and I enjoyed Ribfest with Grandma, Grandpa and Bec Bec.  Ribfest is an annual tradition that we enjoyed in 2011, 2012 and then again this year.

Hannah started the evening by having her face painted which is always a special treat for her.IMG_1587

Next….da food.  Grandma and Hannah brining back a Bloomin Onion.  Yum!!IMG_1591

Delicious ribs – no further explanation needed!IMG_1592


Bec’s not a fan of meat but she rocked the pizza.  Smile with tongue outIMG_1593

After supper we rode a few rides thanks to Grandma.IMG_1602


Buh-bye Ribfest.  See you next year.IMG_1625

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Mini Vacation with Nana

Nana was recently away on a business trip so Hannah and I hopped into the car and went to visit her for a couple of days.  My silly girl was in rare form as you can see!IMG_1831

Checking out her ice cream that was served on a bed of dry ice.  Cool!

Little Miss Personality ready for a swim wearing her ‘google goggles’ IMG_1826

25 mins in a car with stickers = adorable!IMG_1828

We may only have been away for 24 hours but you can see she made the best of it!  Hannah and I are both excited that soon we’ll be on vacation together!  Can’t wait to spend lots and lots of time with my amazing girlie and visit precious friends too!!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Father’s Day 2013

Last weekend we had a great time celebrating Father’s Day!  Most of the family was able to meet up at Mom and Dad’s for a time of swimming, fun and mmm…BBQ.

Some of the grandchildren enjoying lunch.IMG_1780

A couple more kiddos joined in the picture with Grandma and GrandpaIMG_1789

Dad said his best gift of the day was my brothers, me and our kiddos being there to share Father’s Day with he and mom.IMG_1782

Even though the pool had only been open a week, it was a beautiful hot day and many of the kids went if for a swim.   Hannah took a while to get in but Bec was happy to float her around until she went in.  I was excited to see that Hannah can touch the bottom this year.  Yay!IMG_1805

Shelby floated along too.IMG_1807

Hannah loves hanging out with her older cousins.  Tor is an honourary cousin and we love her.IMG_1823


My silly girl wearing Grandpa’s fancy wrapping paper.IMG_1785

We celebrated Father’s Day a week earlier with Papa.IMG_1548

Happy Father’s Day Dad!  We love you!  xoIMG_1796

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Precious Preschool Graduate!

My ‘baby’ is a preschool graduate!  Wednesday evening Grandma, Grandpa and Papa joined us at the church to celebrate Hannah’s graduation from Preschool.  Nana was away for the week but we know she was there in her heart.

The grandparents were on the ball and staked out the front row for our family.  Way to go!!IMG_1716

Entering to Pomp and Circumstance

The sweetest little Mama Pig ever!  Oh how I love her smile that lights up her entire face!DSC_1157

Bible Songs

Unfortunately it’s blurry but this is my little sweetie receiving her diploma

Celebrating with her friend Mya.IMG_1733 - Copy

Hannah and Ella.  They met day 1 of preschool and were friends from that moment on.IMG_1744

Group hug for the ladies.IMG_1734

Errr…maybe not so much!  Isn’t 4 a hoot?!!IMG_1737

More sweet silliness.IMG_1750

Hannah with her amazing teachers Mrs. Hebert and Mrs. DevittIMG_1746

We’re so proud of you Hannah XiaoFen!  Way to go!!!IMG_1751



Hannah, I know you are more than ready to begin Junior Kindergarten in September!  I’m glad your first year at school was such a wonderful success and am so thankful for all that your teachers taught you.  More than that I am thankful that they helped you fall deeper in love with Jesus!  You are a blessing sweetie and Mommy loves you more than she can express!  xoxoIMG_1749

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