Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mother’s Day 2017 ~ Blessed

Hannah and I joined mom and dad for our annual Mother’s Day dinner and it was such a wonderful evening!  We enjoy spending time together.

We attempted to take pictures in our normal location at the restaurant but due to the recent heavy rains and flooding the area was closed off so we waited to take pics back at mom and dad’s house.

We love you mom/grandma.  Happy Mother’s Day!IMG_4879


On this day of celebration I was acutely aware the many mother’s days in the past when my heart ached as I longed to be a mom.  For those whose hearts are longing to be a mom, please know I prayed for you.  For those who spent this day only being able to remember times with their mom, please know I prayed for you too.  So many dear friends have lost parents recently and my heart aches for you.  Lifting you up in prayer.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mother’s Day with Hannah 2017

Mother’s Day was a great day from start to finish!  Hannah made breakfast  and offered to serve me breakfast in bed.  Although it would have been a treat, thinking about food and drinks being carried up stairs on carpet only a couple of weeks old led me to join her downstairs for breakfast. Winking smile

Hannah had created a sweet menu to introduce all the pieces of the meal she had planned.IMG_4871

The delicious meal included cranberry juice, a sweeeeeet treat, a brownie cut in the shape of a heart and then in two and milk.    IMG_4872


I love all the care Hannah took to make every part of this day special!

Hannah is super creative as you can tell from our breakfast and her gifts were precious too!  Grandma took her to the Dollar store and allowed her to choose things and it was amazing to see what she created with her choices.

A beautiful cardIMG_4889

A bag that contained little drawings of she and IIMG_4891

a butterfly terrariumIMG_4898

as well as a sweet key chain that she’d made at school.IMG_4892


It means so much to me that so many of her gifts are pictures she’s drawn of she and I together!!   At daycare she made this sweet mug with a plant in it.IMG_4947


Thank you for making Mother’s Day soooo special Hannah!!  Mommy loves you!!!!  xoxo

Monday, May 15, 2017

Hannah’s Piano Recital

Tonight Hannah played in Nana’s piano recital and she played so well!  So proud of my girl!!


She works really hard at her practices and it is evident in how well she is doing!

Way to go Hannah!  Mommy is so proud of you!!

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