Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter Sunday Morning 2014

Saturday evening as I put Hannah to bed she asked me to come to bed early so that the Easter Bunny could come.  Sweet!  She took her own advice and was soon sleeping peacefully.  I love to watch my baby sleep.IMG_3373

Sunday morning I woke up to the sweetest voice saying, ‘Happy Easter Mommy!’  Oh how I love her!!!

We quickly jumped out of bed and made our way downstairs.  She started collecting eggs but then things ground to a halt when she spotted her gifts.  One of the perks of being an only child is that you can stop the egg hunt at will and get swallowed up in a new ‘Sophia the First’ magazine.


Back to the egg hunt.  The Easter Bunny is going to have to make things tougher next year.  She’s a pro Easter Egg finder!!

I’ll admit Hannah was moving so quickly that all my pictures are blurry so there aren’t any this year of the actual hunt. 

‘It was a pretty fun morning wasn’t it Anna?’IMG_3401

Anna, Elsa and Olaf hanging out together.IMG_3411

Circle of ‘fwiends’IMG_3415

Breakfast before going to church, surrounded by her Easter treats.  IMG_3417

From here it was time to get ready for church.  It was an exciting morning as it was resurrection morning and Steve Green was there to celebrate with us!  More Easter celebrations to share with you soon.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Good Friday 2014

Hannah and I shared an amazing Easter weekend together!  It began Friday morning when we went to the Good Friday service at church.  I attended a musical that was outstanding and Hannah went to a special Sunday School class where she was reminded of Jesus dying on the cross and then rising again 3 days later!

After church we headed to my parent’s place where we celebrated Easter with them, my bothers and their families.  Hannah, Makenna and Keenan ready for the hunt to begin!  IMG_3207

Kallen said, ‘I may be little but I’m all set too!’IMG_3208

Triple checking is always a good option!  (Look at the grass…there are little bits of green in it!  Wheee!)IMG_3233

Found one!IMG_3223

Me too!IMG_3215

The girls decided Easter dinner was best enjoyed with tea.IMG_3246

Kallen decided instead of eating his yogurt he would make a bunny nose with it!IMG_3252

At one point all was quiet….too quiet.  Dad found Kallen.  Hmmm…I wonder where he’d been?IMG_3254

Once again the girls played with their kiddie make-up.  I’d like to say their skills are improving but yah, not yet! Winking smile  (And yes, this is outfit number 3 of the day if we’re counting)IMG_3255

After a day of play what better way to end it than in Grandma and Grandpa’s bubble tub?IMG_3265

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Quick Catch Up Post for March

I’ve had such fun posting about our cruise that our day to day posts were put on the back burner.  Here’s a few things that we were up to in March.

Birthdays abounded!  I can’t believe that my ‘little’ niece Rebecca turned 15!!  (Seen here with her wonderful friend Janelle)IMG_2058

Grandpa celebrated his birthday in mid March.  (The girls did their own makeup.  Betcha couldn’t tell!! )IMG_2997


We’ve spent some fun times with my brother and his family this past month.  The consistent theme for the girls are their princess dresses.  Love this age!!IMG_2996

Nana celebrated her birthday too!IMG_2985


At the end of the month Hannah enjoyed a wonderful afternoon celebrating at one of her little friend’s birthday at a party where they painted ceramics.  She loved this!!IMG_3096

Cuddle time with Papa. IMG_3007

St. Patrick’s Day


Hannah took her Baby Simba to Show and Share at school.  She is to prepare clues about her friend to tell the class to help them guess.  Her clues were: 

  1. He is a boy
  2. He is yellow
  3. He has paws
  4. He has a tail


Hannah and Makenna also found out something really exciting in March!!


This evening my brother Dave babysat the kids while the mommies went out to plan our dining for our trip.  SO much fun to be making plans to be at Disney with my brother, SIL Trish, niece Makenna and nephew Kallen.  2 other families that we’re friends with will also be there the same week so we have bits of time planned with each of them too.  A wonderful combination of time with family and friends plus lots and lots of Hannah and Mommy time alone, something Hannah and I both cherish!

March in a nutshell.  Now, to work on April posts.

Easter Fun at a Local Farm

Saturday Hannah and I went to a local farm to enjoy the many activities they offered.  We’ve been a couple of other times and always enjoyed ourselves!
We started the morning decorating an Easter basket.  It was really neat to see how Hannah chose to decorate it.  I can say it was far more creative when she did herself than it would have been if Mommy had helped!  I was impressed to see that she cut pieces of ribbons and glued them on pieces of papers to spell her name.  Yup….I wouldn’t have thought of that one!  She’s my creative girl for sure!!IMG_3312
Face painting is always a hit with Hannah.IMG_3314
She tried out a few of the riding toys.  It’s neat to see how much her coordination and strength has changed this past year.  There are scooters in the kindergarten pen at school and it seems that’s her favourite thing to do each lunch hour.IMG_3322
The kids had such fun on this slide that was bumpy on the inside.  Heehee!
We eventually took a wagon ride out to a field where the kids could visit with bunnies and gather eggs.IMG_3325
Getting comfy on the wagon rideIMG_3328
Our time at the farm was a great way to share time together celebrating spring.  Easter is a 4 day weekend for us as work is closed for both Good Friday and Easter Monday and we cherish every single moment of this time together!!  Easter 2014
And, a blast from the past…
2011Easter 2011  2yo
2012Easter 2012  3yo
2013Easter 2013  4yo
I love that while Hannah and I can enjoy time at the farm, hunting for Easter eggs and more, if you asked her what Easter was all about she would confidently tell you about Jesus dying on the cross for us and then rising 3 days later and now living in heaven with God!  Yes, she gets it and I’m so thankful we can celebrate Easter in many ways!

Friday, April 18, 2014

A Play Date with Auntie Japhia

Recently Auntie Japhia invited Hannah over for a play date and oh what fun they had!!  She’s a ‘Frozen’ fan too so we made cookies to take to her.IMG_3041_thumb

Hannah helped Auntie Japhia bake muffins that we later enjoyed for lunch.IMG_3044_thumb

Mmmm…licking the spatula.  Yum!IMG_3049

One of Mommy’s favourite parts was when Auntie Japhia asked Hannah to sign her recipe book showing that they’d made the recipe together and what date it was.  What a great idea!!IMG_3050_thumb

Auntie Japhia also had a couple crafts for Hannah to do while the muffins were in the oven.IMG_3052


One of Auntie Japhia’s piano students gave her an Anna doll that she wasn’t too sure what to do with…until Hannah came over and brought her Anna doll.IMG_3064

Thank you Auntie Japhia for inviting me over for a play date!  I had such fun with you!!  Can’t wait until we do it again!  Love, Hannah xoIMG_3061

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