Thursday, May 31, 2018

Month of May–A Little Bit of This and That

As we prepared for summer Hannah and I spent some special time together getting a pedicure together.  She looked adorable in her little nail polish leggings.

May h

For the past 2 springs the birds have built a nest on the ceiling fan above the deck in mom and dad’s back yard.

May i

Against all odds the birds laid eggs in this precarious spot.  They eventually hatched but unfortunately I didn’t get any pics of the sweet baby birds.

May g

This one makes me laugh.  I sit with Hannah when she practices piano and possibly ‘assist’ her.  LOL – I’m not sure she appreciates my help as much as I enjoy giving it! Winking smile

May j

We took a day and headed north with Nana and Papa and helped them open their trailer for the summer season.  It was our first time seeing their new room they added to the trailer.  What a beautiful addition!

May f

Seeding the lawn.  Mommy’s big helper!

May e

Time for spring planting.  Hannah loves to pick up the flowers she finds on the floor of the garden centre.

May cMay a

I receive precious notes like this all the time.  She melts my heart!!

May d

Dinner with friends – special times and a rare Mommy’s night out.

May b

When I got home she still wanted some cuddle time.  We cuddled for a bit but she just couldn’t stay awake any longer.  LOL – how can this be comfortable?

May l

Class trip to a local pioneer village.  It was such a treat to share this day with Hannah and her class in spite of the fact that it was stinkin’ hot.  It reminded me that not only did the pioneers not have AC they didn’t even have fans!  So thankful for the pampering options of 2018.

May n

May m

May p

The grade 3 portion of Hannah’s class

May o

One of the extra things I’ve done at work for a number of years is to be a volunteer Fire Warden and First Aid provider.  Wouldn’t you want to be a fire warden too if you got to wear this attractive outfit?! Smile with tongue out

May q

Celebrating Mommy’s birthday with her favourite person in the whole world!!

May k

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Early Morning Royal Wedding Celebration

Hannah and I were invited to an early morning breakfast celebration as we watched the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  We were up bright and early and as I started to get ready I popped on the TV to see how things were coming along in England.  You can imagine my surprise when a friend’s daughter was shown in the crowd on CNN!  She is teaching in London right now so after classes finished on Friday she took a couple of buses and walked close to the chapel, hoping to see portions of the wedding.  You’ll see that she sure did!!

Katie is the blonde gal with glasses and her hair pulled back in the centre of the pic.  So fun!

May 19b

Our car was in the shop this morning so my friend Carol (Katie from above’s Mom), picked us up around 6am and drove us to the wedding viewing.  We were dressed in our best pj’s and wore hats to the wedding of course. Smile  (Thanks for Hannah’s sweet hat Auntie Deb!)May 19d

The wedding viewing party dressed in our finest!

May 19j

We enjoyed watching the wedding together, Face Timing Katie at various times.

May 19k

I’m not sure Hannah and Payton were quite as interested in the wedding as the adults were but they had a great time crafting together.

May 19h

Breakfast was a delicious combination of English sweets and treats!

May 19fMay 19g

It was a wonderful morning of celebrations shared with friends!

Oh yah, and Katie?  Were all her travels worth it?  Um, yup!  Can you believe how close she was??  Great pic Katie!  So happy it all worked out for you to share in this amazing day and thank you for sharing your excitement with us!

May 19i

Friday, May 18, 2018

My Little Fashion Designer

I never stop being amazed at Hannah’s creativity!  I can copy ideas with the best of them but coming up with things on my own is not my forte.

She came up with this fun little outfit all on her own and I was pretty impressed!

May 18a

May 18b

May 18c

Later that day we went out to our favourite Chinese buffet for a special lunch together.  Special time with my amazing little girl!

May 18d

Monday, May 14, 2018

Nana’s Spring Piano Recital 2018

Although piano is not Hannah’s favourite activity (read: she would quit if I let her Winking smile ) it is something I know is good for her so for now piano lessons are a part of our weekly activities.  She plays beautifully although I will admit it really is a lot of work as it requires almost daily practice.  We do this together and (most times) practice is a good part of our day.

She looked so sweet dressed for Nana’s recital.

May 14a

She played one piece on her own

and also a duet with Nana.

You played beautifully Hannah!  Mommy is so proud of you and all the hard work you put into your piano practice.

A few of our friends from church also take lessons from Nana so it’s nice to share the fright fun of the recital together!

May 14d

May 14cMay 14b

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother’s Day 2018

Hannah made Mother’s Day 2018 absolutely perfect from start to finish!

When we woke up I was asked to stay in bed while she prepared breakfast.  She called me downstairs when her masterpiece was ready.

I was welcomed by a path of Hershey Kisses.  Chocolate?  Yes please!!

May 13b

She created a delicious breakfast for us to share!

May 13a

May 13c

After breakfast it was time for church.  I will say that Mother’s Day was one of the few days each year that I really struggled going to church before Hannah was born.  I wanted so desperately to be a Mom but since I had never married (I was not willing to settle for a guy just to be married and be a mom) so I spent many single years going to church with an aching heart on Mother’s Day.  My heart still goes out to other singles and couples who do not have children as I do not know if that is their choice or if becoming parents is a challenge for them.  Regardless, I think of them and pray especially for them on Mother’s Day.  Singles and couples without children are those my heart reaches out to on this day.

On Mother’s Day our church provides gifts to Mom’s in the congregation who meet different criteria each year.  This year one gift went to the mom with the picture in her wallet of her child that was taken the longest ago.  One mom had a picture in her wallet that was taken in 1945!! Hannah was selected to help hand out gifts to the moms who won each gift.

May 13d

May 13e

After church Hannah blessed me with a number of sweet gifts!  (Thank you grandma for taking her shopping at Dollerama the week before Mother’s Day!  Hannah looks forward to this traditional shopping trip with you before each special day!)

May 13f

So sweet!  Hannah created a number of ‘Sap’ Winking smile day coupons for me!  It will be a treat to use these coupons and spend special times with my girl.

May 13g

An annual tradition we enjoy is our dinner at a local restaurant with Grandma and Grandpa and then dessert together in their home. 

May 13h

We love you Mom/Grandma!!!

May 13i

Thank you Lord for my sweet Mom and amazing daughter!!!  I am blessed beyond measure and could not be more thankful!!! Red heart

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Take Your Parent to School Day

I am blessed to be able to help out in Hannah’s class a couple of times each month!  This day was special because it was ‘Take Your Parent to School’ day so I was able to slip off my volunteer hat (as much as I enjoy that too) and spend time with Hannah in her class.

Hannah and her friends enjoyed some math

Math skills

and science time with parents watching on and giving things a try for ourselves.  I will say that Hannah’s boat building skills put Mommy’s to shame and her boat held a lot more coins than mine did before sinking.

Boat building

Hannah has a wonderful group of friends at school!  Many of them were in the ballet performance with her.  Unfortunately YouTube is giving me grief so I can’t get the video to upload but I’m going to keep trying.

Yay!!!  I figured out how to upload videos (see next post) so here is Hannah’s ballet.  Thankful to the teacher at their school who taught the children ballet at lunch.


Hannah and her best friend Riley.Best Friends

Preparing for ballet

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