Monday, October 31, 2011

Twick or Tweet Pwease!

Hannah had fun practicing ‘Trick or Treating’ all weekend.  Each time she found a bag, basket or container I’d feel this sweet little fist gently knocking on my leg and hear ‘Twick or Tweet pwease!’   I’d excitedly ask her to tell me about her costume and then would drop pretend candy into her container of choice.  Whenever I asked her about her costume she’d excitedly tell me she was a strawberry or, strawberry shortcake.  She found last year’s costume and said right away that she wanted to be a strawberry.  That made life easier for sure! 

This year DSC_9213


Last yearDSC_5596


It’s fun to watch Hannah’s little personality constantly emerging and one thing I’ve realized lately is that once she sets her mind to something she doesn’t tend to waiver.  The week after we returned from Disney she said she wanted to have a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ birthday party when she turns 3.  It’s now 8 weeks later and she hasn’t changed her mind even once.  I know this determination will take her far in life!  (Hmmm…someday when we’re butting heads and she’s showing that determination, I’ll need to remind myself that it’s a good thing! :)

We started the night by enjoying supper with Ange and her family and she made these cute little pepper pumpkins with spaghetti in them.  What fun!DSC_9197

Baby Grayson wasn’t going trick our treating but he dressed for the occasion anyway.  Even though I see him every day I can’t believe how he grows and changes each week!DSC_9200

I don’t think he was too impressed about being left home from the funDSC_9203

Hannah and Noah waiting patiently to go out.  Hannah looks none too impressed that mommy wants her to pose for pics when there is candy to be had!  Oh how I can’t wait for the day when she wants to look at the camera again and dare I hope….smile?DSC_9217

Pirate Owen.  Argh!DSC_9229

Our pumpkin collection.  Love the Disney theme we had going on here!DSC_9223

Let the fun begin!  It took the kids all of 2.5 houses to figure out how all this worked and they were off!  Running from house to house and even though each of them took at least 1 stumble in the dark they just brushed themselves off and kept going.DSC_9235

Hannah made me giggle each time the door opened.  She’d step right up into the doorway and I think had she had the option, gone right in to ensure she got as close to the candy as possible.

Last year I held Hannah’s hand and walked her up the steps to each door.  This year my independent gal happily ran up the steps to each door on her own.  *sniff*  (See my cute shoes, Auntie M?)DSC_9242

More than once I had to call out to Hannah to slow down as she just wanted to run from house to house to house.DSC_9245

I’ll admit to not being a fan of scaring kids at Halloween.  (I’m not a fan of scaring kids….or anyone, at any time.  I know….boring!)  We went to one house and upon climbing the stairs found a pretty yucky skeleton guy on the dark porch and the woman answering the door was pretty made-up too.  Unfortunately that kinda set Owen off for the rest of the night.  He was pretty much ready to go home after that but stuck with the other kiddos for the last few houses.  His daddy came and helped him at this house and then all was right in his little corner of the world.

Hannah even Trick or Treated at Ange’s place when we got back.  Baby Grayson was sleeping peacefully in the Ergo.  I guess he’d gotten over his disappointment of being left behind.DSC_9244

A couple of treats were enjoyed then it was time for us to head home.


We stopped at Nana and Papa’s for a quick visit then attempted to Skype with Grandma and Grandpa who are on their way to FL and then it was off to bed.  Even though Hannah had enjoyed some sweet treats, all the walking and climbing tuckered out my adorable little strawberry and she was asleep practically as soon as her head hit the pillow. 

And now, my favourite pic of the night!  Hannah and Noah sitting on the stairs for pics, waiting patiently for it to be their turn to go out and then, the doorbell rang.  I love the look on their beautiful faces as they looked to see who was at the door.DSC_9214

Sweet dreams my little strawberry…….

Pumpkin Guts? No Way!

Hannah`s really adventurous so I was sure she`d enjoy digging deep into the pumpkin to pull out all the slimy, gooey pumpkin guts! 

Yah….not so much!  :o)

While she napped I`d prepped the pumpkin by cutting the top off and scooping the gook off the sides and bottom but leaving it in the pumpkin.   (Thankfully in the morning I’d taken a quick look at our pumpkin in the garage as I realized that it rotted and a quick trip back to the pumpkin farm was needed to buy a replacement.  Note to self:  Next year leave pumpkin outside as the garage isn’t cold enough.  Oops!)

When she woke I she was excited to see her pumpkin on the counter and quickly ran to get the little one she`d coloured at daycare last week.  I took the top off and asked if she wanted to pull out the guts?  She took one peek, and sniff and declared that pumpkin guts are yucky!  Heh….so much for Mom’s photo op she’d planned!DSC_9155

She didn’t mind me digging it out and eventually tried to hold a couple of pumpkin seeds but wasn’t really into the whole cleaning out the pumpkin thing.  That was ok.DSC_9152

She lost interest pretty quick which in reality worked okay as I needed to carve our image.  I’m sure Hannah’s choice will come as a surprise to none of you! 


I haven’t carved a pumpkin in a number of years but it went ok.  The pic above had lots of details that I ignored but the finished  product made Hannah happy and truly that’s all that matters! DSC_9159


Hannah posing with her first pumpkin!  Cuteness abounds!DSC_9170

(I was blessed to be chosen by Lisa as a winner of one of her great photography classes intended to help people with DSLR cameras get out of the Auto mode.  Umm…yah, that was me.  I’ve had the camera for 2 1/2 years and still took 95% of my pics in auto.  I’ve only had one class and am also trying out a new lens so please ignore some of the fuzzy pics.  I love the blurry background but I’m still working on how to keep the subject as crisp and clear as I want it.  I’ll get there.  Just more practice needed!)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

China Travel Group 2 Year Reunion!!

2 years ago today my parents, Norma and I boarded a plane in Toronto….destination Beijing, China!

Truly I cannot believe that was 2 years ago!  Where has the time gone??  I’ll write more about our official 2 year Family day when we celebrate later this week.  Today’s post is all about the reunion we shared today with some from our China travel group!

2 years ago this coming Wednesday we were blessed to become parents to sweet babies and toddlers ranging in ages from 8 months – 22 months.  Today we were surrounded by fun, busy, active, chatty, delightful 2 and 3yo’s! 

Dad captured it well when he commented on the memory that 2 years ago we were surrounded by cries of fear and distress while today the house rang with laughter and shouts of excitement!

Jianna showing us her Halloween costumeIMG_2838

Meigan (L) and Emma cooking up some yummy lunchIMG_2841

Knight Adam (Jianna’s big brother who was in China with us)IMG_2844


Kayla (L, Kristy’s big sister), Jianna and KristyIMG_2868

Hannah and Grandpa (the tables were covered with paper for colouring which was a huge hit with our toddlers!)IMG_2889

Cute little panda cake pops.  Thanks Anna!IMG_2886

Emma and Hannah were in the DaoXian SWI together for the first 8 months of their lives.  I’m so thankful our families are able to keep in touch!IMG_2851

As you can well imagine, getting a group pic is no easy feat!  We tried but this was about the best I could get.  (Left to right: Meigan, Kristy, Jianna, Emma and Hannah)IMG_2858

Even though this year most of the girls moved around (ok, Hannah moved around Smile), it was better than last year’s attempt.  (Left to right back row: Meigan, T, S, Jianna. Front row: Hannah and Emma)DSC_5570

My guess is next year might be easier right?  Or, am I just kidding myself?

Comparison pics are always fun!  Here are the ones I have where I can compare what these special families looked like 2009 and now look like in 2011

Peter, Anna, Adam and Jianna

Imported Photos 00003  IMG_2910

Mary, Robert and Emma

Imported Photos 00071 IMG_2904

Marge, Tony, Kristy and Kayla

Imported Photos 00005 IMG_2901

Becky and Meigan

Imported Photos 00063 - Copy IMG_2899

Hannah and I

Imported Photos 00007 - Copy IMG_2883

Hannah and I with Grandma and Grandpa

Imported Photos 00015 IMG_2906

It was wonderful to see everyone today and see how our sweet daughters are growing!  What a blessing to have these special people in our lives!!  We love all of you!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Seriously….Could She Be Any Cuter??!!!

Today you’re going to catch a glimpse of my amazing Hannah in action!  I am blessed to be surrounded by her sweet personality all the time but this time it was captured in video form for all of you to enjoy.  This is one of those videos you may want to bookmark for those days when you need a little pick-me-up!  I know I’ll be doing that.


This coming Friday is Grandma Dale’s birthday and we celebrated at lunch on Sunday.  Saturday afternoon Hannah and I made a card for her using her sweet little hand and footprints.

Getting her supplies readyIMG_2804

Green toesIMG_2807

Orange fingersIMG_2810

The finished product before Hannah’s awesome personalizationIMG_2829

It takes many to blow out the candlesIMG_2823

Happy Birthday Grandma Dale!  We love you!!!  xoxoIMG_2825

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