Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hannah’s 9th Birthday!

Hannah celebrated her 9th birthday late in February!  (No, we are not mentioning or discussing the rumour that she will be in double digits next year!  La la la la la….I can’t hear you!)


The weekend before her birthday was a weekend of celebrations starting with her birthday party with friends at a local pottery painting store.    Hannah truly does have a wonderful group of friends!  So thankful for these girls!


Hannah and her cousin Makenna.  They are the best of friends!


The girls’ creations turned out so well! 


The party hosts at the pottery place helped Hannah create this beautiful keepsake plate. 


It has her handprint in the centre and the fingerprints of each of her friends around the outside.  A treasure for sure!


After we left her birthday party with friends we headed to Grandma and Grandpa’s for a family birthday party.  Mommy totally forgot to take family pictures.  D’oh!!



The following afternoon we celebrated her 9th birthday with Nana and Papa!





My sweet 8 yo who would wake up (lol….earlier than I’d anticipated!!) as a 9yo!


Hannah woke up at 4am and then was too excited to go back to sleep!  What’s one to do when you’re open at 4am on your birthday?  Why, open presents of course!!  Her eyes about popped when I asked her if she wanted to open her presents in the middle of the night!  Smile



Hannah’s final birthday celebration was supper at her favourite restaurant with Grandma and Grandpa on. her birthday



Happy 9th Birthday Hannah!  You are loved by so many and are such a blessing to us all!  WE LOVE YOU!!! xoxoxoxo


Monday, March 12, 2018

Fitting a Week’s Worth of March Break Fun Into a Single Day!

Although Hannah was off school for a week in March, I had to work each day except for Monday so we decided to fit a week’s worth of fun into a single day and we had a blast!

The morning started with breakfast and board games.


Next we headed to an early showing of Beauty and the Beast and enjoyed the newly refurbished theatre that included these great recliner seats!  Oh yah!!


After the movie we hopped across the parking lot and tried out the glow in the dark mini putt Hannah had been asking to go to.  It was really neat and we’ll go back!


Our final part of the adventure away from home was enjoying ice cream for supper.  LOL, went with the popcorn for lunch! Angel


Evening was for baking cookies together.



IMG_1313The next day we were both sad to go back to reality as I took her to daycare and I went to work.  Thankfully she enjoys her daycare and she made my return to work early by sending ‘Baby’ to work with Mommy! Open-mouthed smile (My coworkers are quite used to walking into my office and seeing Baby or an assortment of stuffies helping me with my work. )


The following weekend we decided to end March Break with some family fun.  We met my brother, SIL, niece and nephew for supper followed by an evening of Rock ‘n Bowl.


Thanks for a great day Hannah! 

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