Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Big 4th of July Par*tay!

Hannah and I love being at Auntie M’s house on the 4th of July as that equals a party unlike any other and catching up with friends we’ve made through the years. 

The planning began weeks ago and Auntie M was ready for the big day with enough glow sticks to brighten much of California!IMG_6256

Their neighbourhood celebrates on July 3rd and we spent the afternoon preparing food while the girls set to decorating the back yard.  They did a great job!IMG_6259

Hannah (and quite possibly Mommy Winking smile) were napping during the party decorating time.  The first words out of her mouth when she woke up were a sleepy little, ‘Dey leave decorating for me too?’  Thankfully she found some ribbons, a pair of beloved scissors and tape and she was in her glory!IMG_6274

IMG_6282BobBob and Wela were the first to arrive and Hannah quickly introduced them to her beloved Gumdrop.  Wela also made the awesome dresses that the girls are all wearing!  (The Salsa family also had another wonderful family visiting this week.  D, K, H2 and S2 were in town from further north.)


Soon friends began to arrive and the party was quickly in full swing!  Check out all the kiddos!IMG_6289

Hannah and I were both super excited when Jenny arrived with her Mommy and Daddy!  I first met Kayce and Mike in 2009 as we were both just months away from receiving our referrals for our daughters!  We talked about how fun it was going to be when we could finally be together.  That happened in July of 2010, 2011 and then again this year!!  Hannah and Jenny spent much of the evening together cruising the back yard, IMG_6286

walking hand in handIMG_6287

and dining together.IMG_6293

Sadly our visit with these special friends ended far too quickly.  Until next year Kayce…Hannah and Jenny

While we enjoyed our little reunion together and gazing lovingly at our girls, the party continued and oh what fun it was!  TubaDad manned the BBQ IMG_6291

and everyone enjoyed his grilling!bbq

The night capped off with the distribution of that plethora of glow sticksIMG_6299 and then we all wandered down the street enjoy the fireworks!



What a great day of celebration and there was still the actual 4th of July to enjoy!


  1. sounds like you guys are having a blast in CA!!!! You're missing quite the heat wave here too! Have fun!

  2. Love it! How cool you all get together, and how cute are the two littles together!!!


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