Thursday, July 26, 2012

Baby Hope is Here!!!

Congratulations Tawni and John!!!  Hannah and I couldn't be more thrilled for you!!!

Hop on over and congratulate this amazing couple on the safe arrival of their sweet baby girl!!

Hannah and I had the privilege of visiting this precious family in July of 2010 and now we celebrate the arrival of their precious baby girl, Hope!  God is SO good!!!


  1. A very lucky family considering China is now and has been for a while only adopting out children with special needs. Hope is beautiful, amazing and very obviously going to a very loving home.

  2. wantabeamum, while you're correct that China is doing many adoptions for waiting children they are still actively placing NSN children too. I have 4 good friends who have all traveled to China in the past month or will be traveling next month to adopt their NSN children, These families have had their files in China since Aug/Sept of 2006 so have waited almost 6 years for their children.


  3. Thanks for clarifying. I am striking out on all fronts. You can read about my adoption loss on my blog. Not sure where to go from here. All I know is that China will now only give single mums a special needs child. I am at a point where I'd considered a cross country move if things were different in Ontario than BC. Do you know why the long six year wait? Isn't the news on Lucy great? I first learned about Lucy back around Christmas on your blog.

    1. Can you send me an email? Also, what is the link to your blog? It's no displaying. Thanks


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