Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It Wouldn’t Be a Trip to Visit the Salsa Family Without a Trip to Gilroy Gardens!

Gilroy Gardens is a much anticipated part of each of our visits and once again it did not disappoint! We dressed the girls in matching t-shirts and oh how cute they were (and also easy to spot!)  Each outing begins with the daily sun screen spray down.  It’s easy to see why M3 buys this stuff in bulk!IMG_6373
As we arrived at the park we gathered the girls together for a group pic.  They were excited to get on the rides but humoured the parental paparazzi with a few hundred pics.IMG_6383
Once they appeased us we hit the rides!  First up, cars.  Hannah was a great driver although considering she spent most of the drive looking for the other kids I think I’ll continue to drive us for at least the next while!IMG_6384
The girls and moms also enjoyed the flower pot boats.  When we sat down I jokingly said to M3 and K that if they heard ripping Velcro check Hannah as she might try to go for a swim.  We all laughed and dove for her as about 30 seconds into the ride she did exactly that.  She wanted to see the water!  Smile IMG_6389
Girls in boatsDSC_2515
LOL!  The PAPArazzi!IMG_6390
The little girls liked the look of the swing ride but alas, not this year.  I also found this pic from last year. They’ve all grown so much!
2011                                          2012IMG_0597IMG_6391
Pausing for a refreshing snackIMG_6397
Hannah’s favourite ride by far!  The Fishy Ride.IMG_6399
Hannah through the years
Fishy Ride video 2010
and 2012
The girls were given the option of either face painting or temporary tattoos at the end of the day.
Hannah chose to be a fairy.IMG_6432
S2 (left), Hannah and H2 all chose face painting.IMG_6433 - Copy
M3 snapped this pic just minutes after we left the park.  Heh….look who’s sleeping!  Oops!  SmileIMG_2062LR[3]
Another great trip to GG tucked away in the memory books.  Precious moments with even more precious friends!IMG_2037LR[3]
Mother and daughter.  Love!!!IMG_6387


  1. Fun day! Love the retrospective of Hannah in the fishie.

  2. What a fun day! Looks like a blast! The girls are getting so big. I love that first video where Hannah is smiling as a baby on the ride. I know I always say this - but she reminds me of Briana SO much!

  3. What a blast!!! Love when there are pictures of taken in the same spot each year, really shows you how much they've grown!

  4. How fun! You lucky duck.....The girls are darling. Love the outfits and they have grown. You are also lucky, besides seeing the Salsa clan, but you are so close to where my son is! It makes me happy to know someone I know is closer to him than I am......can you tell I miss him? One phone call in 6 months is tough.

    Have fun! Party hard!


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