Sunday, July 22, 2012

Awe…I’d Forgotten

It’s a bit after 11pm and I’m working on returning some emails and doing a catch up vacation post for the blog.

Hannah just woke up so I went up to her.  She looked up at me and with a big smile just said, ‘Mommy’ and patted my side of the bed.  It was so sweet and it brought back SO many memories.

I’d forgotten that when she was a baby and not yet talking, when she wanted me to come to bed she’d do exactly that.  Stretch out her little arm and tap my side of the bed.

I just reassured my little cuddle bug that I’ll be up soon so will head up shortly.  Is tomorrow Monday already?  How come weekends speed by at lightening speed all the time?  Oh well, thankful for a quiet day with my girly today.  We surprised Grandma and Grandpa by going to their church this morning then after we had lunch together Hannah and I came home and enjoyed the rest of the day just hanging out together.  That doesn’t happen often so we sure did enjoy ourselves! 


  1. These are the moments that I try to stamp into my heart forever. Such a sweet memory...such a sweet girl.


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