Monday, July 23, 2012

Swimming at the Cottage = Great Family Fun!

Along with my parents, my brother and his family were also up at Muskoka Bible Centre earlier this month and we had so much fun together!  From the time we arrived, we’d all meet at the beach in the afternoons for lots of swimming, sand castle building and fun family visits.  In the past I’d seen many friends and their families enjoying family time together at MBC and this year it was so neat that it was our family spending this time together!IMG_6582




Uncle Dave and Aunt TrishIMG_6640

On the last day that we were all together Rebecca and Victoria joined us too.IMG_6717

Swimming at the beachIMG_6633

and in front of Grandma and Grandpa’s cottageIMG_6720

Whoosh down the slide!!


What happens after an afternoon of fun, sun and swimming?IMG_6651

And mommy thought she had a really good idea!IMG_6652

We love cottage time!


  1. Where does the time go?!? Just look at your big girl playing soccer and swimming with the big kids! I love the picture of her with the 2 little soccer boys! Especially the surprised little guy removing her hand! He is missing out on loves from a very sweet little soul isn't he! Hugs! Mary

  2. Looks like a fun time my friend!!!! (adding a comment without signing in to see what kind of info comes through)

  3. Just up in the hotel room for a sec and couldn't see my previous comment using IE (it said there was one, but wouldn't show it to me if I clicked), anyhow, it does show it to me if I use Firefox. Have to run now, but will check again later. xo, M

  4. How wonderful that you were all together enjoying the cottage life for a few days! (The comments section has changed. Not quite sure what is going to show up here)


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