Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Being on Ontario Time = Target Fun Bright and Early!

Even though my super traveler was up for almost 20 hours straight on Monday, her internal clock still woke her up early on the Tuesday morning.  She slept until 6:30 CA time which I cannot complain about at all!  Knowing that Ro and Ree sleep until close to 9 during the summer we got ready and headed out for some early morning shopping.  Destination:  TARGET!  Wheee!!

Hannah’s Uncle Mark loves Target shopping too so every time we go to a Target store Hannah has to hop on the red ball outside, throw her arms in the air and yell, ‘Uncle Mark!!!’ 

Uncle Mark….this one’s for you!IMG_6243

Hannah also reminded me of another Target tradition we have and being a Mom who relaxes our eating choices on vacation I happily gave her popcorn for breakfast at 8am!  (Her body was still on Ontario time so it was 11:00 there.)  Regardless, it was popcorn time and oh how she enjoyed it!IMG_6245

Her current favourite stuffy is an adorable little Hedgehog named Gumdrop.  They are pretty much inseparable right now so he came along for the ride and enjoyed being in the kiddie cart with Hannah.  Have I mentioned lately how much I’m loving her being 3?  SO fun and such a happy, happy little girl!

There was hula hooping fun as well as lots of books to check out and toys to look at.  It was wonderful to spend this time together wandering the store for almost 2 hours. IMG_6247

We arrived back at Auntie M’s in time to…go back to Target again.  Works for us!  This time Hannah enjoyed spending time with her new friend H2 and not only shared a cart with her IMG_6249but took her up on her offer of a piggy back ride too.


Hopefully we’re within a year of Target finally opening it’s doors in Canada.  What a treat it will be to have these stores so close to home!  Hmmm….will have to wean her off the ‘popcorn at Target’ expectation!


  1. Looove Target! E is quite fond of the pop corn too :)

  2. You are such a laid-back traveler and considerate house guest. No wonder you have so many friends! Everything is an adventure with you and Hannah!

  3. Fun!! The Salsa's must have a house full!


  4. What's wrong with popcorn for breakfast?

  5. Wow, it is wonderful to visit with you and your little sweetie. She gives the best hugs. I'm done baking!!

    1. Mmmm...Apricot dream bars! Think I might need another one as a bedtime snack and then one for breakfast too! After all...they're fruit!

      Thank you so much for your baking and for the beautiful dress you made for Hannah! She looked absolutely adorable wearing it!

      Love you so much! It was great seeing you again!

      c xoxo

  6. Are you sure Hannah is really awake in that first picture - she looks a little bit grumpy - the rest of the shopping she looks HAPPY - the first picture not so much...but THANK YOU HANNAH

    Uncle Mark

  7. I Lurv Tar.get!!!
    And spoil the eldest niece with their popcorn every once in a while too :)


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