Monday, July 02, 2012

Almost Swimming!

It won’t be long now!  As we have more opportunities to go swimming in the summer, Hannah’s confidence is growing.  Sometimes she has too much confidence for Mommy’s liking! Winking smile   Ben’s little pool is the perfect size for them. 

Here;s my little fish in action.

I’m guessing we’ll spend time in the pool at Auntie M’s place this week so who knows what she’ll be doing when we leave?

Now I’m off to put on my suit and join the kiddos!


  1. Wow. She's totally ready to go!! If you're ever close to us, drop in and come swimming with us!

    Brill has taught herself to swim in our pool. She too, is fearless!! Must.Be.Watched.Very.Closely!!!!

    Enjoy this gorgeous weather!!
    Sunshine 11 Viet Nam
    Brilliance 6 China

  2. Oh wow she'll be swimming for sure once she sees Ro and Ree doing it. She's a fish.


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