Thursday, July 12, 2012

Children’s Museum

I’ve always wanted to take Hannah to a children’s museum and have yet to have found one in the Toronto area so when M3 offered to take us to one we jumped at the chance.  What fun!!

We started in the bubble area and Hannah was excited to make bubbles as big as she was!IMG_6480

Next we headed to an area that had some dress-up and a diner where the kids could prepare meals for the adults.  IMG_6482


Our 3 adorable chefs!IMG_6489

Wearing the Clifford hat she made.  Heh….glad I snapped this one quick as it was in the 0.5 seconds it was on her head!IMG_6487

Look Papa!  I worked in the Post Office just like you!  She took her job very seriously too!IMG_6494


The children’s museum was lots of fun and it makes me wish once again that we had something like this close to home.  Oh well, it will just be another fun thing to keep an eye out for when we travel.

It’s safe to say that all the play left Hannah one tired little girl!IMG_6503


  1. Ahhh, the Clifford exhibit! We saw that at the Winston-Salem Children's museum a while back, and my kids LOVED it! So glad you got to enjoy it with friends!

  2. If you're ever in Philadelphia, they have an INCREDIBLE children's museum in a spectaular old building :)

  3. The Children's Own Museum (COM) is committed to providing play-based learning experiences which stimulate the development of young children. The concept of the museum is simple: to reflect the geography, culture and values of the city of Toronto through physical design, exhibits, staffing and programming. Our target audience includes children from birth through ten years of age and their parents, families and caregivers. COM is a not-for-profit charitable organization, based in Toronto.

    It is our goal to ensure that all children are able to enjoy our facility. At the Children's Own Museum, children play to learn and adults learn to play!
    Contact: Phone: (416) 360-1266
    23 Roberta Drive
    Toronto, ON, M6A 2J6

  4. It's twice as tiring when you are playing like a 6 yr old when you aren't really 6 LOL.

  5. Two alternatives Museum of Play in Rochester, Children's Museum in the Museum of Civilization if you are ever in Ottawa.

  6. You're not too far from Rochester, NY. Check out the Strong National Museum of Play. It's terrific! My kids are 6 and 8 and they love it. In fact, we have a membership.
    Kate in Geneva

  7. Children's Museum - Ottawa


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