Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Boat Ride with Uncle Scott

After a quick 24 hour turnaround at home Hannah and I repacked and headed north for the 2nd week of our holidays.  Oh how I’ve enjoyed spending 2 solid weeks with her!!!

Unfortunately Dad’s boat is taking it’s annual vacation at the boat repair shop so the only water action it has seen this week was as it was pulled back to the dock.  *sigh*  The good news is that we thought the motor had seized in it and it was a goner but it doesn’t seem quite that bad and ole ‘Blue Eyes’ may live to ride again.  Yay!IMG_6631

Thankfully Uncle Scott’s boat is in fine working order and he and Auntie Deb took us for a sunset ride one evening.


It was a beautiful calm evening and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!  We had spent over 3 hours in the lake earlier in the day and as it was now almost 9pm Hannah was fading fast.IMG_6657

Dad had gone back and forth all week about what to do about his boat.  It’s a lot of work for a short 3 week season at the cottage but he’s really missed it.  In past years he’s gotten up early to go fishing and that just didn’t happen this year.  Once Scott hit the throttle this is what I saw and I knew Dad wanted to get the boat fixed!  Look at that smile of contentment!IMG_6655

The girls on the boat.  Auntie Deb holding Joey, and my nieces Rebecca and Victoria.IMG_6661

Hannah loving the wind in her hair.IMG_6663


Thanks Uncle Scott and Auntie Deb!  We had a great time!!IMG_6660


  1. What fun! You girls know how to vacation!

  2. Oh the memories that your post brings back....summers at my grandparent's home no the lake. Those after dinner boat rides....I am so glad that Hannah is able to experience this. Those memories will last a lifetime.


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