Friday, July 08, 2011

Sun, Fun, the Beach and Friends!

(A long overdue post of a day of fun late in our California trip)

Friday was a day we had been looking forward to.  M3 and I packed the girls into the van along with everything we’d need for a day of fun at the beach!   We hit the road and made our way to Santa Cruz.  I’m fascinated by how much the weather can change in a short distance.  Around home it might change by a few degrees but in CA the changes seem to be much greater.  At one point we crossed over a mountain top and the temperature dropped 9 degrees in a moment of seconds!  We could also see the infamous Santa Cruz fog that covers the beach much of the summer. IMG_0946

I anticipated a day of fog since that’s what we had last year but this year the sun eventually came out and it was beautiful!

The best part about our beach visit was that Kayce and Cricket joined us for the day!IMG_0975

I met Kayce 2 years ago when we were both just months away from our referrals and our friendship has grown from there.  She’s the kind of friend where we just take up where we left off last year.  Love ya friend!  IMG_0969
It was wonderful to see how her little Cricket has grown and how much fun she and Hannah had together this year!IMG_0998


We brought a picnic lunch which was fun!  IMG_0957
I had to laugh though at the amount of sand that the toddlers consumed.  There was no question that we’d be taking some of California home with us.  Heh!IMG_0965

The waves were calmer this year so we were able to enjoy dipping our toes in the ocean.  It’s kinda fun to think that Hannah and I will have opportunities to visit both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans again this year.



Last year Hannah didn’t enjoy the sand and this year she couldn’t enjoy it more!IMG_0954



Practising her gymnasticsIMG_0967

She was tuckered out by the end of the day but wouldn’t give in and nap.  I can’t say that I blame her!



Ro and Ree were so patient with Hannah.  Here they let her pile on top of them with nary a whimper!IMG_0986

All too soon it was time to say good-bye for now.  We had shared a wonderful day of fun together watching our kiddos play and sharing our hearts with one another.  Friendships that can slip seamlessly between laughter and deep, heart-to-heart talks are few and far between.  I’m so thankful that this is the type of friendship that the 3 of us share.IMG_1013LR

Treasured friends – both mommies and daughters.



  1. Love the one of the girls hugging in the sand and of Hannah burying her head in the sand. Such a funny girl! It's wonderful that you have kept this friendship going, too, for the girls and for you!


  2. Fun, definitely worth waiting for the awesome post! Great pics (oh, will you send me that last one?). We just got back from Tahoe and I'm looking around at our disaster of a house wondering how I will ever get a handle on it... Oy...

  3. What a fun time, such cute girls. They have grown so much in a year!! Jen looks to be about the same size at Kate :)

  4. I giggled at the fact that the Canadians were in short sleeves and the Californians were in long sleeves! :)


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