Friday, July 13, 2012

We Began with a Swim and Ended with a Swim

Sadly Saturday arrived all too quickly and it was time for us to say goodbye but not until after another full day of fun!  I find taking the redeye home when traveling west to east helps switch our clocks a little faster.

We enjoyed the day at the pool and swam our little hearts out.  We we pleasantly surprised to see how quiet the pool was.IMG_6528

Once again my little fish swam and swam.

The girls enjoyed some final moments of play together.  IMG_6536

Beautiful, silly little girls!IMG_6541

Playing the Velcro game with Auntie M when she took Hannah out of her car seat. IMG_6544

Thank you M3, Uncle TubaDad, Ro and Ree.  We had an amazing visit and can’t wait until next year!  DSC_5579LR[3]

We love you!!


  1. So glad you had another great visit. Everyone just seems to click when you all are together. Hope the time change gets switched quickly for both of you. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Hey we did begin and end with a swim - fun!! Love that our girls are all little fish. And we had perfect weather this time. Remember last year it was 95 to 102 every day. Whew. See you soon, my friend!

  3. You have a little fish just like I do! :) Looks like another great visit with the Salsa fam!


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