Saturday, July 07, 2012

Honourary Twin!

Hannah loved, loved, loved keeping up with the big girls this week!  She was convinced she could do everything they could and did her very best to keep up with them at every possible moment.  I must say she did really well and the girls were AMAZING with her!  Not once did I hear any of them discourage her from being with them and they all worked hard to include her in their play.  Thank you Ro, Ree, H2 and S2

I find it quite amusing that Hannah seemed to easily differentiate each twin while the adults sometimes struggle with this when they weren’t their own kiddos.  For me, I was forever grateful that Ree’s hair is slightly shorter than Ro’s and that S2 enjoyed wearing necklaces while H2 preferred not to.  These were the little things I often found myself looking for to help determine who was who!

The girls also had some coordinating/matching outfits and Hannah enjoyed looking like the big girls too.

M3’s mom made these awesome 4th of July dressesIMG_6319

while Ro and Ree lovingly coloured a beautiful gift bag (which was repurposed as a candy bag at the 4th of July parade!) which they used to give their 3 guests fun matching Brave nightgowns and bears in!IMG_6307


Their final coordinating outfits were bought on our Target trip earlier in the week.  These pics sums it up!IMG_6435


Thank you Ro, Ree, H2 and S2 for taking such great care of Hannah this week and including her in your play!  I know she had a ton of fun with each of you too!!


  1. What fun!! So glad you and Hannah are enjoying your CA adventure!

  2. Safe travels to a super mom and her cutie. It was so much fun to spend time with you.

  3. What fun and cuteness for the weeekend!!!


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