Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Another Early Morning Means Breakfast in the Park

Friday morning Hannah and I were up a little earlier than the others so we decided to go enjoy a park M3 had introduced us to last year.  We picked up our traditional breakfast (although mixed it up this time and shared fruit and nut oatmeal and a delicious blueberry parfait) and then drove to the park.  IMG_6451


I love this park as it’s sunny and beautiful with the mountains in the background and is full of people walking, playing tennis as well as doing Tai Chi and other activities.

Hannah often had the playground to herself and when others showed up she played alongside them.  I love how quickly kiddos make friends with those around them!IMG_6453


2011                                           2012IMG_0730IMG_6467

The perfect way to start our day!  Hanging out with my amazing girl!IMG_6464


  1. What an awesome park. I love McDonald's yogurt parfaits (Sp?) too!

  2. Looks like fun! I love Hannah's face painting. Pretty and delicate.

    Love the matching tops on the 5 girls.


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